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Wrestlemania XXVII Preview (Part 1)

After Johny C returned with an excellent preview of Wrestlemania XXVII, the gauntlet was thrown down and it was up to me to respond. Not one to back down from a challenge, Zazzy G decided it was time to say Fuck It to being a professional, which resulted in me canceling important meetings and blowing off significant people to write the Wrestlemania XXVII Preview. After all, we are a total of days 2 days away from Mania, and we have already had the go home Raw. So strap in boys and girls, because Zazzy is about to take you on a blogosphere ride that will have you laughing/crying/questioning the meaning of life or will at least equal John's in terms of entertainment. Either one works, I'm not really picky.

To get in the mood, I'm currently playing Written In the Stars by Tinie Tempah (the official theme song of Wrestlemania this year) and it's not that bad after hearing it a couple of hundred times on various WWE programming.

The first thing I want to mention when it comes to Wrestlemania 27 is that it's always going to have a special place in my heart regardless of how it turns out. Most of us loved the Attitude Era of wrestling, but we realize that it's long gone as guys like Austin and Rock have moved on to other careers and more enticing projects. However, for one night, it seems as if we get to revisit the stars that made wrestling oh so popular during the late 90's. Certainly, there is a nostalgia factor to it but it almost feels like ECW One Night Stand 2005. The diehard ECW fans never really expected all (Fine not all but the majority were present) the stars to return under one roof, but Vinnie Mac made it happen. This seems like a very similar situation. Speaking for myself, I didn't really expect The Rock and Stone Cold to be at the same wrestling event, much less have an onscreen interaction, for a while. Hell, I was still marking over this little exchange from a couple of years ago (video below) but with Stone Cold and The Rock actually being on the same show, there will definitely be some kind of interaction and I can't wait to see it. In some way, that is exactly what Wrestlemania is about, it's about those moments where you won't forget exactly where you were. I still remember watching Shawn Michaels descend from the rafters when he faced Bret Hart, I can vividly recall watching each and every one of Austin's Wrestlemania matches whether they were against Bret Hart, or The Rock. I can go and on about watching The Rock and Hogan face off, the first MITB match or the TLC matches.

The point is that Wrestlemania is meant to inspire some great moments both for both the wrestlers and the fans watching. With the likes of The Rock, Stone Cold, Triple H, The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, and Edge & Christian (all major superstars during the Attitude Era) being under the same roof, this Mania has he chance to be something special. Will it be? I have no clue, but you should read on to find out!


The Corre vs. Kane & Big Show & Vladimir Kozlov & Santino Marrella

Eight Man Tag Match

Honestly, I would rather watch Big Show & Kane vs. Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater. That’s right I said it, ain’t nobody scared (You bet I made a reference to the great Abraham Washington) . Why? A match for the Unified Tag Team titles would have been better than this clusterfuck will turn out to be. I do like what they have done with the Corre, they now hold 3 major titles, and with a win over Show and Kane, they would have solidified themselves further. With a 8 man tag, I suppose the WWE is thanking Kozlov and Santino Marrella for their efforts over the past year but a match for the Tag Titles would have been better suited for the occasion at hand.

Prediction - The Corre continues to assert their dominance


Sheamus (Champion) vs. Daniel Bryan

Singles Match for the United States Champion

Remember when Sheamus became the King of the Ring? It seems like only yesterday when Johny C, I, and our friend Kevin went ventured to watch Monday Night Raw at the Wells Fargo Center, in Philadelphia, in order to witness the Irish Fella being crowned as the King of the Ring. Subsequent to that, the Irish Fella became the Irish jobber which seemed strange considering he had a series of great matches with John Morrison especially their Ladder’s Match for the Number One Contender’s spot. I only bring this up because earlier plans called for the first ever Irish born WWE Champion to face the King of Kings at Wrestlemania 27. However, it seemed as if somewhere along the line plans changed because when Triple H returned from his hiatus he buried Sheamus faster than you could say WWE Corporate employee. Of course, that brings us to this United States Championship matchup at Wrestlemania. Ever since Daniel Bryan has come back from his unlucky firing, he has put up some fantastic matches particularly with the likes of Dolph Ziggler and The Miz. For Bryan, this United States Championship match is a form of a pat on the back from the E. It’s almost as if they want to say “We are sorry for not having anything better for you right now, have a good match here, and we’ll get you somewhere down the line. I think we will see Daniel Bryan win back his United States Championship here and move on to a feud with someone like Ziggler or Morrison after he is done with Sheamus. However, for the sake for this program to continue, Sheamus is probably going to win.

Prediction - Sheamus Retains the United States Championship
Laycool & Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guerrero vs. John Morrison & Trish Stratus & Snooki

3 on 3 Mixed Tag Match

Poor John Morrison, he has to fight with the likes of Snooki, and I couldn’t be sadder for him. The guy has absolutely killed himself over the past year to try and earn a place in the main event, instead he has to put up with wrestling in a match with whores. Seriously, look at his resume from the past year, he has had great matches with Sheamus, he put up a Match of the Year contender with The Miz, and he has taken some absolutely insane bumps. His reward is to fight on Snooki’s team. Seriously? That is what you call a gross miscarriage of justice. I would have liked to see Bryan vs. Morrison for the US Championship instead he is stuck with this shit. Oh and I would also like to disagree with John calling Morrison the “Jannetty” of the Miz & Morrison’s team. Am I disappointed that he is in his current predicament? Of course, but I believe Morrison’s talent will rise. Another superstar that has to be let down with his current situation is Dolph Ziggler. He went from winning the World Title to not appearing on Raw for weeks, and then being involved in this clusterfuck. Both Ziggler and Morrison deserve better.

Prediction - John Morrison & Trish Stratus & Snooki win -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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