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Wrestlemania XXVII Preview: Undertaker vs. Triple H

You can view Johny C's Wrestlemania XXVII Preview , in its entirety, by clicking on the hyperlink. You can also do the same with my Part1 of my Wrestlemania XXVII Preview by clicking on the hyperlink as well. I wanted to try something new with this particular PPV Preview which is each of the matches that are a bit more significant or the ones that we look forward to with greater anticipation are getting their own posts.

Undertaker vs. Triple H
A No Holds Barred Singles Match

First, I would just like to acknowledge the WWE’s attempts to give their match at WM17 the Benoit treatment (erasing the match’s existence from the WWE’s history). Second, I would like to ruin the aforementioned attempts, which is why I have embedded the video of the match below. I understand why the WWE is hell bent on not acknowledging the match’s existence since it’s tough to build Triple H as “the largest threat to the streak” if the majority of the audience already knows that HHH lost to Taker at Wrestlemania. Also, I would like to take a moment to recognize the absolute burial that Hunter has given most of the roster during the build up to this match. It was bad enough that he buried Sheamus as soon as he came back, but by lambasting the entire roster during his promos, Hunter once again showed that he is the master of burying wrestlers. On the other hand, Taker cut several promos as well which built the hype for this match up yet he has buried absolutely no one. It just goes to show why Undertaker has been the leader of the WWE locker room for the past 20 years while HHH is despised by a ridiculous number of wrestlers in the industry. Oh and it also puts the debate of, just who buries people more between Taker and Hunter, to rest. Alright, on to the actual match, I don’t think it should go on as the last match of the even because I doubt it will top either one of the Taker vs. Michaels match ups at previous Mania in terms of quality. Let’s face it, both Taker and Michaels are coming off injuries, each individual is their 40’s, and neither one of them is Shawn Michaels. The people expecting some sort of instant classic from these two are in for a major disappointment even with the No Holds Barred stipulation. Moving on to a prediction, I think it’s very unlikely that Triple H ends the streak. The sheer outrage would be too much for the WWE to handle. Moreover, I think the WWE is building up to Undertaker vs. Cena at Wrestlemania 28. It’s one of the last dream matches that WWE Universe has left, and it would make Vince a tremendous amount of money. With Cena showing more heelish tendencies, I think the WWE is poising Cena to stop Taker from going 20-0. 

Prediction – Undertaker goes 19-0


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