Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wrestlemania XXVII Preview: Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole

You can view Johny C's Wrestlemania XXVII Preview , in its entirety, by clicking on the hyperlink. You can also do the same with my Part1 of my Wrestlemania XXVII Preview by clicking on the hyperlink as well. I wanted to try something new with this particular PPV Preview which is each of the matches that are a bit more significant or the ones that we look forward to with greater anticipation are getting their own posts.

Michael Cole vs. Jerry “The King” Lawler
Singles Match with Stone Cold Steve Austin as the Guest Referee

Neither I nor Johny C have made any bones about just how much we despise as a color commentator. The fact that he is the so called “Voice of the WWE” is a fact that bothers us every time we watch WWE programming. Whether it was pointless hate of Daniel Bryan, his irksome ass kissing of The Miz or his general disposition, it would be fair to say that we wished for Michael Cole to get cancer of the tongue. If you still need proof of our hate for Michael Cole, you should know that we named our blog, Vintage Blogs!, in sarcastic response to Cole’s over usage of the word. Having said all that, I actually find Cole the manager to be enjoyable . He draws a tremendous amount of heat from crowds everywhere across the nation as a consequence of his douchebaggery behavior. Moreover, he has actually managed to make Jack Swagger actually relevant again, which in itself is quite an accomplishment. There is no doubt about it, people will actually pay in order to watch Jerry Lawler wring Cole’s scrawny neck, which is exactly what you want from your heel manager. There is no doubt that Lawler will get to beat the shit out of Cole, but I’m curious about what they do with Cole once this match is over. Rumors around the interwebz say that Jim Ross will be coming to call some matches at Wrestlemania 27. Here is hoping that he will stay and keep on calling matches for the foreseeable future because Cole is better suited in his role of a heel manager as he can do wonder for someone like Swagger who can’t talk but can wrestle like no one’s business.

Prediction - Jerry Lawler Wins His Debut

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