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Wrestlemania XXVII Preview: Edge (Christian?) vs. Alberto Del Rio

You can view Johny C's Wrestlemania XXVII Preview , in its entirety, by clicking on the hyperlink. You can also do the same with my Part1 of my Wrestlemania XXVII Preview by clicking on the hyperlink as well. I wanted to try something new with this particular PPV Preview which is each of the matches that are a bit more significant or the ones that we look forward to with greater anticipation are getting their own posts.

Edge (Champion) vs. Alberto Del Rio
Singles Match For the World Heavyweight Championship

The build up to this match up has been one of the most puzzling lead ups to a match that I have personally witnessed and it’s because of the duality of the buildup. On the one hand, Del Rio and Edge have had an extremely formulaic lead up seeing as how the usual clich├ęs of wrestling (contract signings and the implementation of the no touch rule) have been used to promote the feud. On the other hand, there is an extreme wildcard in the form of Captain Charisma aka Christian. Ever since, Christian returned at No Way Out, he has been the proverbial wrench in this feud. Hell, from a booking stand point, he has been booked to look stronger than both and Del Rio and he is not even a part (technically speaking) of the match. You look at the fact that Christian has beat Alberto Del Rio in a Steel Cage match, and a singles match. Moreover, Christian has actually escaped (he grabbed the ropes) from Del Rio’s Arm Bar, a feat no one else has achieved. With all these factors, there is no doubt that the Pontiff of the Peepulation will be involved within this match. Now, the only question that remains is just what Christian’s involvement will be like within this matchup. Is he going to be in Edge’s corner or will he make this a triple threat match. For anyone who has followed the blog, you already know that I have very strong feelings for the lack of push for Christian over the years. Not only is Christian one of the most talented in ring performers on the roster, but he is also quite talented on the mic. The fact that he hasn’t won a WWE or World Heavyweight Championship is another fact that knaws at me. Obviously, if there is a chance that Christian gets to be involved in a Wrestlemania main event, I want it to happen. Furthermore, from a surprise standpoint, it would be absolutely marvelous to have Christian as a third participant within this match. At an event that has such deep roots within the Attitude Era, having Edge and Christian (the most successful tag team of the Attitude Era) be involved in the main event would just be a special moment. Here is hoping that the WWE, and more importantly Vince McMahon (rumored to be one of Christian’s biggest detractors) recognizes just how big this will be. Of course, it would be remiss of me not to talk about the official challenger in this match: Alberto Del Rio. “My name is Alberto Del Rio, and it is my destiny to win the Royal Rumble.” With those words Alberto Del Rio made his presence known to the WWE Universe whether one be a Raw or Smackdown fan. After his astonishing win at the largest Royal Rumble ever, Del Rio let the fans know that he was here to stay. And that is what marked Alberto Del Rio as different than everyone else (I’m looking at you Drew McIntyre) who has claimed that it was their destiny to become champion. As for predicting this match, as much as I, along with millions of peeps, would want Christian to be involved in a Wrestlemania main event, I think Christian will just be in Edge’s corner just to cost The Rated R Superstar the match. The only thing that keeps me from being bitterly resentful about it is the fact that Christian will finally get to be a heel, a role he is far more entertaining in.

Prediction – Alberto Del Rio wins his First World Heavyweight Championship

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