Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wrestlemania XXVII Preview: CM Punk vs. Randy Orton

You can view Johny C's Wrestlemania XXVII Preview , in its entirety, by clicking on the hyperlink. You can also do the same with my Part1 of my Wrestlemania XXVII Preview by clicking on the hyperlink as well. I wanted to try something new with this particular PPV Preview which is each of the matches that are a bit more significant or the ones that we look forward to with greater anticipation are getting their own posts.

CM Punk vs. Randy Orton
Singles Match
Let me just put it plain and simple: CM Punk needs to win this match. He has been made to look like a complete idiot in the build up to this match up. The New Nexus, which absolutely dominated the first half of the Royal Rumble and cost Orton the title at No Way Out, has been taken out with ease. Every week, it was the same fucking thing, the Jizzbucket known as Randy Orton punted another New Nexus member in the head and the rest of the group watched on as a bunch of cuckolds. Punk did get some modicum of revenge on the past two weeks of Raw as he injured Orton’s knee and terrified his wife. Nevertheless, it wasn’t enough for Punk to earn his heat back especially with the horrid dismantling of the New Nexus. For those of you that will argue that the story of the match is asking whether Punk can get it done on his own against Orton, I say this. While it is a good idea, from a storyline standpoint, you have sacrificed the credibility of the New Nexus, a group that had the potential to be a faction for the anticipated future. By having Orton take them apart in a matter of weeks, they won’t seem like a threat. It’s also unfortunate because Punk loses his reliability as the diabolical mastermind because of this match up. As for the match up, I think it will be a decent one but I don’t expect a classic which is a shame because a performer as talented as Punk should get to have the opportunity to steal the show at Wrestlemania. He was robbed of that opportunity with Mysterio last year because those two were only allotted a six minute which continues to be travesty. Making matters even worse, no matter how much Punk needs this match, the E will have the Jizzbucket known as Randy Orton win the match. 
Prediction – The Jizzbucket Wins
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