Saturday, March 12, 2011

My 1st WrestleMania

I popped my proverbial WrestleMania cherry at the dawn of the millennium for the historic WrestleMania 16 aka WrestleMania 2000. As a young, innocent stark raving Rock 'n Sock fan, I was anticipating the "one night only" return of the retired Mick Foley challenging Triple H for the WWE Championship along with Big Show and The Rock. Since the sinister McMahon-Helmsley regime was abusing their authority against all the fan favorites, my naive fandom (I don't use the term "mark") compelled me to beg the folks to test out this pay-per-view extravaganza. Despite being forced to go to bed at 10pm and watch the remainder of Mania on VHS the next day after school, WrestleMania 16 changed my life and addicted me to the wrestling business.

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