Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Dance with Dragons Gets a Release Date

I know, I know, I have been a bit slow in updating Vintage Blogs, but to make up for it, I'm having a flurry (okay 3....tops) of posts in the upcoming days. The first one is relating to a a monumental event that took place last week.: George RR Martin and his publishers (Bantam in the US) announced a publication date for A Dance with Dragons and it is July, 12, 2011.

Friend, family, or a fine reader of an ever finer blog, there is a very good chance that I have raved about A Song of Ice and Fire series to you. Though, I have told the story before, I'm going to go ahead and tell the tale again (My editor, who always accused me of being quite verbose, is shaking his head in dismay right now). When I first began to read the series, I got with a horrid sinus infection, which meant that I was bed ridden for days. It was during that time that voraciously devoured every brilliant page of this excellent series. Two weeks later (you better believe, I milked that sinus infection) I had read over 4,000 pages. That is what you call a personal testament to the greatness of a book series. Unfortunately, there were a few drawbacks to reading a series that fast, and I'm not referring to the feeling (it was like detox for a heroin addict) I had when I was done with the 4 books. No, the major drawback for me was the feeling of helplessness I had when I realized that there was no A Song of Ice and Fire for me to read. It was during that time that I turned to the interwebz in the hopes of finding out when I could consume more ASoIaF goodness. To my surprise, I found out that there thousands of other people who were going through the same thing, and it was even worse for them because they had read the fourth book back in 2005. I had found kindred spirits who anticipated the release of A Dance with Dragons, which is the 5th book in the serious, just as fervently as I did. For me the wait consisted of checking George RR Martin's, Not A Blog, on a consistent basis for the long awaited announcement of the completion of A Dance with Dragons, constantly checking Winter is Coming for any news on the TV show being adapted by HBO. I think in some ways, the show became a substitute for the 5th book since it seemed closer to completion than the actual book. However, when the news broke on Thursday, everything else sort of ceased to matter. This was the announcement I had been waiting for the past few years. As much as I loved getting more from the Kingslayer's perspective in the 4th book, A Dance with Dragon finally unites us with beloved characters such as Jon and Tyrion (for me) and Daenerys (for others). Of course, it also brings us one step closer to revealing that vast labyrinth that is the A Song of Ice and Fire series.

Here are a few points that might interest you in relation to A Dance with Dragons:
  • First thing, you should know is that the book hasn't been completed by Martin as of yet. However, the author has revealed that he currently has somewhere around 1,500 pages in manuscript written. He expects the final number of manuscript pages to be somewhere in the vicinity of 1,550 pages. That means that A Dance with Dragons will be longer than A Storm of Swords, and Martin has 50 pages. Barring some sort of cataclysmic event (Dear Fantasy Gods, No Heart Attacks, PLEASE!!!) Martin should finish the book soon. As for the length, if this book is anywhere near as good as A Storm of Swords, you likely will not see me blogging, or socializing after July 12th since finishing A Dance with Dragons will become priority #1 in life for me.
  • Those of you who have been waiting a long time for this to be released, I can see you shaking your head right now. You are thinking that Martin and his publishers are getting your hopes high for no reason again since he isn't even done with the book yet. Don't worry, he only has a few more pages left to write. Moreover, the editing process on this book has been long ongoing so there shouldn't be any delays on this one. By the way, I frantically knocked on wood as I typed that.
  • Despite the length of the book, we may not see any Sansa chapters until The Winds of Winter, which is the 6th book in the series. Normally, I would be extremely happy with less Sansa in my ASoIaF but this means that we won't get to see what's going in the Vale with Littlefinger (currently jousting with Jaime Lannister for who my favorite series in the character is) which saddens me.
124 Days to Go!!!

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