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NFL Playoffs: Conference Championship (New York Jets vs Pittsburgh Steelers/ Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears)

Welcome to another week of football playoffs! The conference championship is a pretty bitter sweet pill for me. On one hand, this is the Final 4 of the NFL season, this is where we find out who is going to be competing for the Super Bowl. On the other hand, this is the weekend where the realization that you are no longer going to be watching football on a weekly basis begins to sink in, and it's an awful feeling. This year that feeling is particularly exasperated because of the whole NFL collective bargaining agreement situation. I can't imagine the possibility of there being no football in my life for the entire upcoming year, I honestly don't know what I would do with myself. For the love of God, you fuckers need to stop being greedy, and sign the fucking thing so I will have sweet, sweet football to occupy my Sundays. However, I can worry about that when the time comes, but right now is the time for some predictions for the NFC and AFC championship games.

New York Jets (6)

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Pittsburgh Steelers (2)

The New York Jets are a team that defies every law by being in the position to be in the Super Bowl. They have a QB who is consistently inconsistent, they give more bulletin board to other teams than any other team in the nation. For their very first match up, they drew Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts... they were able to persevere. For their second match up, they drew Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, The Jets had to go into the dragon's lair and beat them there. Did they show any fear? Absolutely not. On the contrary, with their trash talk and guarantees, they ended up intimidating the Patriots. The Jets swaggered into Foxborough and kicked Brady and Bellichek's teeth right down their throat. Now, they only have one injury riddled team standing in their way. Moreover, it's a team they already beat earlier in the year. The Jets have the momentum, and all signs point toward their victory. And really all the signs should point towards a Jet victory, they were in the AFC Championship game last year and barely came up short. During the offseason, they made key off season acquisitions like Santonio Holmes, Antonio Cromarties, and LaDanian Tomlinson just so they could get over this very hump. It would be insane to pick against yet that's exactly what I'm going to do. For Sexy Rexy and the Jets last week was their Super Bowl, they spent an inordinate amount of energy on beating the Patriots. I think the Jets will come out flat in the beginning of this game, and Pittsburgh will take advantage and take the early lead. From there on out, Big Ben will show why he should be in the discussion for best QB in the league. Chalk it up to my hate for the Jets, but I don't think they can gets past the Steelers on Heinz Field. However, if they do get past Manning, Brady, and Roethlisberger in consecutive weeks (on the less) then the New York Jets (this is painful to type) will be deserving of a Super Bowl. Until then, I will stick with the better QB.

Better than Mark Sanchez

Winner - Pittsburgh Steelers
Green Bay Packers (6)

Chicago Bears (2)

The Playoffs are about making a legacy for yourself especially if you are a quarterback. Aaron Rodgers took that lesson to heart, since the man is playing at an unbelievable level. After last week, he has put the fear of God in opposing teams and coaches. Hell, he has also managed to put the fear of God into people who might potentially want to pick against him. Sure, the Bears defense is stout, and they have shown that they can contain the explosive Packers offense. In fact, you can say that the Bears offense may be a bit underrated as well, since they had the second best offense in the league yet no one seems to be talking about Cutlerfucker and Company. However, all of that is moot against the force of nature that is currently the Green Bay offense which is led by a legend in the making: Aaron Rodgers.

Winner - Green Bay Packers
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