Sunday, August 1, 2010

Smackdown Rundown

I apologize for not updating the wrestling section of Vintage Blogs as much as I used to. However, that's about to change, because of my friend, JD, from Wackbag. He has graciously allowed me to post his reviews (from Wackbag's wrestling section) on here. If you are familiar with the name that's because JD also helped me compile the matches for the Shawn Michaels induced trips Into the Wresting Vault.

JD's reviews are always entertaining, insightful and provide more laughs than any of mine ever did. I would like to thank JD for allowing me to post his reviews, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

  • I'm glad I didn't watch Kane's promo live, I'd have been bored. But he's done a good job with this angle...clearly Rey didn't attack Undertaker, instead 'Taker was going to say that Rey Mysterio was trying to save him or some nonsense like that
  • Christian-McIntyre wasn't bad, couple of nice spots in it. Sweet shoulder breaker on the stairs by Drew. I like that McIntyre worked on the shoulder/arm all match, good story-telling there. Great inside cradle from the Future Shock. Since they're not going to elevate Christian to the World Title level, they should at least get these guys into the IC picture
  • Yeah, these "Dashing" vignettes are awful. Even the Narcissist wasn't that bad of a gimmick in comparison. This isn't a Johnny B. Badd type of hit to his career, but it's not going to help him get over with the crowds
  • Oh good way to keep the crowd hot, go from vignette into commercial into yet another vignette. Alberto Del Rio needs to get in the goddamned ring already
  • SES vs Big Show, huh? Sucks that they've gone from being the best and most important thing on Smackdown to only a periphery angle. Get Serena in the ring, put the Women's title on her, get Mercury & Gallows into the tag division and go for the titles. Pick up another member, have him go for the IC title, and put Punk back in the WHC picture.
  • I liked the beat-down by SES on Show & his hand...decent reveal of Punk being okay to come back to competition (at least I'm assuming that's what him tossing the arm sling in Show's face was all about)
  • Kofi-Dolph has been a nice little feud. Way to break out the Hulkster tights Kofi. Solid match, at some point Ziggler is definitely taking the IC strap from him. I love that he lost it and beat the shit out of Ziggler, next week he loses the strap to him thanks to outside interference by Vickie
  • Oh, they're by the Gulf of Mexico. Clearly Swagger winds up in it by the end of the night. I wonder if Chavo got thrown in during a dark match
  • Holy shit did Kelly's tits look amazing. she's back as the GM whether we like it or not. Smart move though, by putting Michelle in against Tiffany it saves us from an abortion of "Jackie Gayda on Raw" proportions. As for the match, the only good part was Tiffany knocking down/out Layla and then yelling "Stay down!"
  • I'm guessing Teddy's going to put them head to head, or possibly in a triple threat match. Either which way, I'm incapable of giving a shit.
  • ANOTHER fucking vignette for Alberto Del Rio? Fuck this guy and his "mental constipation." The only way I won't change the channel is if he's un-fucking-real in the ring.
  • I hate when Rey's in No DQ matches, or some sort of gimmick match where "there's no chance he can win!" Because, without fail, he fucking wins every single time. Amusing point by Striker, saying how the ref waived the countout rule too...I miss when they'd announce a match as No DQ/No Countout, instead of just having it happen arbitrarily. Aaaand splash goes Swagger...yawn. How many times have we seen this? "I can't swim! Help me, I'm drowning!" At least Kane tossed Rey in this time. Completely predictable and boring.
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