Thursday, August 5, 2010

Exciting News for Vintage Blogs: Expanded Coverage and A New Member

When John and I first came up with the idea for a wrestling blog, I always dreamed of expanding our coverage to more than just wrestling. With the dismal state of wrestling these days it has gotten harder and harder to come up with original and entertaining stuff. Hell, John hasn't even watched the WWE since May. Consequently, I decided the time was right for me to visit upon my original idea for more coverage on Vintage Blogs. After a rigorous search, we have decided to add a new member to the Vintage Blog team, who will cover our newly made sports section.

His name is Matt, and his knowledge of Sports is a little scary but in a good way. Matt is a friend and former coworker of mine, and as I mentioned above he knows a lot about what goes on in the world of sports. Hell, most of your conversations centered around that and those conversations could have gone on for a long time. Anyway, I thought Matt would be a perfect fit since he knows a lot about sports, and he is eager to share his opinion. The newest member of our team assures me that he will have a decent update rate with something in the vicinity of at least two posts in a week. He is so damn dedicated that after being a team member for only a day or so, he already has a post about his thoughts on who came out the victor or loser after the MLB Deadline. Check it out!

I believe Matt will inform you a lot about what's going on in the world of sports, and he will do so in an entertaining fashion. I hope you guys enjoy his readings as much as I enjoy my conversations with him.

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  1. Try making the blog more interesting. And more original. It's almost a carbon-copy of other wanna-be blogs on the Internet.