Saturday, August 28, 2010

Emmy Picks

TV's biggest (and longest) night is Sunday SUNDAY SUNDAY! The 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards will air live coast to coast without Space Ghost. As somewhat of a TV extraordinaire, I will post my Emmy picks and thoughts regarding Sunday's awards gala. For the record, the Emmy's are my favorite award show of the year. YEAH!

Jimmy Fallon is hosting so the public will finally see him perform because no one stays awake for Late Night.

Outstanding Voice-Over Performance

Archer- H. Jon Benjamin as Sterling Archer
Disney Prep & Landing- Dave Foley as Wayne
Robot Chicken- Seth Green as Robot Chicken Nerd, Cobra
Commander, Movie Narrator
The Simpsons- Dan Castellaneta as Homer Simpson, Grampa
The Simpsons- Hank Azaria as Moe Syzlak, Apu
The Simpsons- Anne Hathaway as Princess Penelope

Johnny's Pick: Seth Green (He is a former RAW Guest Host. I may not have hustle or respect, but God damnit I have loyalty!)

Outstanding Animated Program

Alien Earths
Disney Prep & Landing
South Park

Johnny's Pick: South Park (I have no idea what the other two are. South Park remains a smash hit; therefore, they kill Kenny as well as their competition.)

Outstanding Original Music And

Family Guy
How I Met Your Mother
Nurse Jackie
Warehouse 13

Johnny's Pick: Family Guy (Alls you see is violence and movies and sex on TV...Where are those good old fashioned values...It's a catchy theme that makes me smile everytime I hear. Mission accomplished Roastmaster General Seth McFarlane)

Aaron Paul as Jessie Pinkman – “Breaking Bad”
Martin Short as Leonard Winstone – “Damages”
Terry O’Quinn as John Locke and Man in Black – “Lost”
Michael Emerson as Ben Linus – “Lost”
John Slattery as Roger Sterling – “Mad Men”
Andre Braugher as Owen Thoreau Jr – “Men of a Certain Age”

Aizaz's Pick - This would be toughest category to pick from if it weren't for Lead Actor......Though his performance has earned him him praise before, this is the year that Aaron Paul really broke out as Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad. Whether it was the darker place his character went to or the wonderful monologues he delivered, Paul was simply outstanding as Jesse Pinkman. However, he might be hurt by a man who might have worked the hardest since he acted for two extremely different characters: Terry O Quinn. His performance as John Locke in the alternate universe were endearing as always, but his scary turn as the MIB on the island was brilliant as always. That's the kind of work you just can't ignore on Emmy night.

Terry O Quinn

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series

Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper-The Big Bang Theory
Larry David as Himself-Curb Your Enthusiasm
Matthew Morrison as Will Schuester-Glee
Tony Shalhoub as Adrian Monk-Monk
Steve Carell as Michael Scott-The Office
Alec Baldwin as Jack Donaghy-30 Rock

Johnny's Pick: Alec Baldwin (Parsons is a contender, David will be Curb(stomped), Glee is for major beef is how they butchered Don't Stop Believing, Isn't Monk off the air?...Steve Carell is second choice. But Baldwin is the funniest primetime actor currently so he deserves the nod.)

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series

Breaking Bad: Bryan Cranston as Walter White
Dexter: Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan
Friday Night Lights: Kyle Chandler as Eric Taylor
House: Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House
Lost: Matthew Fox as Jack Shephard
Mad Men: Jon Hamm as Don Draper

Johnny's Pick: Hugh Laurie (Dr. House is the boss of TV. End of story. I just wouldn't want him as my doctor, but Aizaz probably would.)

Aizaz's Pick - Not only would I want House as my doctor, I would pay good money. While treating you, House gives his patients a free psychoanalysis, so two for the price of one. Anyway, Lurie would be deserving of the award just for this season's pilot, but this is the toughest Emmy category. Everyone nominated is deserving of the award, and 5 of the 6 nominees (Kyle Chandler should be a content with a nomination) have a real shot. Though, I didn't particularly enjoy Season 6 of Lost, I can admit Matthew Fox was great as Jack Sheppard earned his redemption. With this being Lost's final season, voters might reward Fox. Next up is the man himself: Don Draper. Jon Hamm has been nominated for Best Actor every year that Mad Men has been on the air.....Unfortunately for him, his counterpart on Breaking Bad (Bryan Cranston) has taken home the awar. Though, Draper is deserving of the award, this is Cranston's category to lose. Last but certainly not the least is the man who plays America's favorite serial killer: Michael C Hall. Dexter is coming off its best season since Season 1, and a large part of that is due to John Lithgow (who played the terrifying Trinity Killer) and Hall. Combine that with the fact that Hall won the Golden Globe and is just coming off a bout with cancer, and I think the man playing Dexter Morgan wil be taking home the Emmy tonight.
Michael C Hall

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Comedy Series

Glee: Lea Michele as Rachel Berry
The New Adventures Of Old Christine: Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Christine Campbell
Nurse Jackie: Edie Falco as Jackie Peyton
Parks And Recreation: Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope
30 Rock: Tina Fey as Liz Lemon
United States Of Tara: Toni Collette as Tara Gregson

Johnny's Pick: I'm intrigued by best buddies Fey & Poehler competing in the same category so I'll choose Poehler for the win. (Parks and Recreation is a hilarious show mostly due to Amy's naive yet sarcastic humor. Thursday nights are smothered in comedy with Community, Parks, 30 Rock, Always Sunny and The League.)

Aizaz's Pick - Tina Fey has been taking the home the Emmy for the past few years, and Toni Collette stole it last year. But with the emergence of Glee, and a much better effort by Parks and Recreation, this has become another tough category. Nurse Jackie has won a lot of awards (some of which have been undeserving) and once a trend is set at the Emmy, you might as well ride it. I'm going with the formerly annoying Mrs. Soprano.

Edie Falco

“Breaking Bad”
“The Good Wife”
“Mad Men”
“True Blood”

Aizaz's Pick - I just want it on the record - If Lost wins this category, this will be a travesty of epic proportions. This was probably the weakest Lost season so far, and don't you dare give me nay bullshit about how it was great. It was confusing, had a ton of pacing problems, and could basically be self masturbation by Lindelof and Cuse (creators of Lost) on a TV Show. True Blood should not win since Season 2 isn't better than Seasons 1 or 3. While we are at it, we should probably eliminate The Good Wife from contention as well. It's a good show, but it's not nearly on the same level as Dexter, Mad Men, or Breaking Bad. Just as Bryant Cranston has owned the Best Actor category, Mad Men has ruled this one, and it will be a tough task for anyone to knock them off that perch. however, if anyone can accomplish that task, it will be Dexter or Breaking Bad. The latter had an amazing season with the menacing Cousins from across the border, the rise of Gus, and the deterioration of the partnership between Gus and Walt. However, Dexter is coming off it's own terrific season where Dexter was pushed the ;limits and taught with a few lessons in humility by the mastermind serial killer known as Trinity. Moreover, they weren't afraid to kill of important characters while doing so, which made for a riveting season. I think Mad Men's crown is in danger.



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