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Analyzing Team WWE (Cena's Avengers) Before Summerslam

If you missed the July 19th edition of Monday Night Raw, I would suggest you watch the video (above) before proceeding to read this column. I will wait.......... still waiting....done? Good.

For the past few weeks, Monday Night Raw has been terrorized by a group (consisting of six jobbers and one decent guy) calling themselves Nexus. Though the group was in the middle of the controversial Daniel Bryan firing and are saddled with a horrid name, they have still done a pretty decent job of wrecking havoc on Monday Night Raw. Night after night, the collection of jobbers along with Wade Barrett have attacked the superstars of Raw including Evan Bourne, John Morrison, Mark Henry, Edge, Chris Jericho, they even put the former GM of Raw (Bret Hart) into the hospital. While the attacks on other superstars could be called collateral damage or be defined as Nexus sending a message to the Raw locker room,. However, the attention that Nexus focused on the fan favorite of the WWE Universe (John Cena) can be described as nothing but personal. Nexus has continuously made a target out of the "Champ" even going as far as costing Cena his coveted WWE Championship............. on multiple occasions.

On Monday night, things came to a head between the former WWE Champion and NWO wannabe group as they faced off in the ring.......7 on 1. Wade Barrett offered Cena the opportunity to join Nexus, and it looked as if the biggest babyface in the company was actually considering it. With all the rumors swirling around of Cena turning heel to lead Nexus, millions of kids in the WWE Universe watched hoping against hope that their hero wouldn't turn to the Dark side. In typical Cena manner of choosing the boring option, he didn't join Nexus instead he walked away in a move more cowardly than Courage the Cowardly Dog.....But wait

Cena tell us that he has been quietly assembling a team of superstars, who are show in the video above. The explanation behind Cena's Brigade or Army (Fuck you Cole) is awful. If Cena had been quietly working on amassing this army then why were Jericho and Edge offering their services to Nexus earlier on in the night. A far better approach to this team would have been to have this team created spontaneously.

You have Cena just about ready to get his ass kicked by Nexus, and guys like Morrison, Truth, Bourne and any other face other than Khali come running out to help the supposed leader of the locker room. Those 5 don't get the best of Nexus, and then you have a guy like Edge enter the fray. Still, it doesn't prove to be enough (you are making Nexus look like a legitimate threat since 6 superstars can't beat them) and out comes Chris Jericho, a man who is the least likely to join Cena's Army. Jericho got a loud enough pop just being the sixth guy. Now imagine, if he was the last guy who comes out to even the odds. Thus, you have a far better creation for Cena's army rather the illogical explanation that the WWE came up with.

By the way, Cena's recruiting skills suck. He could could have gotten someone like Evan Bourne (who was attacked by Nexus) instead he chose Bret Hart....What is Bret going to do? Bore Nexus to death like he did to the audience at Wrestlemania XXVI. Look, I'm a fan of Bret Hart, he was involved in the match (Iron Man Match vs Shawn Michaels) that really got me into wrestling but the guy simply cannot wrestle any longer. Why does the WWE want to tarnish his legacy? More importantly, why does Bret let them do it? Have a little respect and say no . If Bret is that desperate to get involved then he should ask to be in the group as a manager. By being an actual part of team, not only is he decreasing the quality of the match (which will be a clusterfuck to begin with) but he is also taking away a younger wrestler's chance at being in spotlight with the likes of Cena, Edge and Jericho.

Wow, already a rant and I haven't even gotten to The Great Khali's involvement in this team. Can someone explain to me what purpose he will serve on this team? Be the big man of the group.....As much as it pains me compliment Mark Henry even he is better than Khali. Is The Great Waste of Oxygen going to be the comic relief of the team? I'm sorry isn't this whole Nexus business being labeled as an invasion, so why do you need comic relief. Sure, humor is an integral part of war movies/tv shows/mini series, but it's usually black humor, I highly doubt that this PG WWE will have any sort of black humor let alone anything that would make me laugh. Like Bret, Khali being part of Cena's Avengers automatically makes them worse. He also takes away the chance for someone else to be in this spot.

For instance, say someone like a Zack Ryder. You might not see it on Raw, but if you watched ECW (like I did) you would have seen that Zack Ryder is not only talented in the ring and capable of putting on great match (watch the videos below for evidence) but he is really good at playing the role of the obnoxious heel. Also, he has heat with the fans, I attended the Raw, which was held in Philadelphia a few weeks ago and Ryder was lustily booed even though he was on Superstars. Why the WWE doesn't give someone like Ryder (far more deserving than Khali) the opportunity to be in the spotlight is just beyond me.

The last problem I have with the Avengers that Cena has assembled is the lack of Daniel Bryan aka Brian Danielson. By now I have made my feels on Danielson's firing very clear (extremely unfair, gross overreaction by the WWE, and he should be in the WWE) and this would have been the perfect occasion to bring the back the jilted member of Nexus. Think about it, other than Cena who has the biggest gripe with Nexus? Bryan Danielson does. The Nexus' entire premise is that they are a brotherhood, who promised to remain loyal to one another. Yet they unceremoniously dumped him like a girlfriend who has started to gain weight. Danielson coming out as a member of the Cena's Avengers would make far more sense both in terms of storyline, entertainment value and even the surprise factor. It would probably get you a few more buys for the PPV as well, but of course it's better to have your company be dictated by someone in Matell or some shitty senatorial campaign which has no chance at succeeding.

Alright, let move on to actually breaking down the Cena's Avengers even though they are not what they should be. I'm going to break each Superstar down by what they bring to the team and how their involvement might affect the team chemistry, and what role they might play in the match. ..... Oh and let's be honest here, if the WWE does indeed decide to name this team Cena's Avengers, they are doing so to capitalize off the Avengers name and that gets magnified by the recent buzz surrounding the The Avengers at San Diego Comic Con.

What He Brings to Team - Athleticism? Fuck and no, the guy can barely move. Experience? Though the team doesn't need it (with veterans like Chris Jericho, Edge, or even Cena) but he brings a plethora of experience. Leadership? The leader of the team is John Cena but with egomaniacs like Y2J and Edge, the leader of these Avengers might need a Canadian perspective, and Hart would be more than happy to provide that. Fan fare? Did you guys hear boos for Nexus and the cheer when the WWE's version of the Avengers came. They don't need Bret to become the favorites, but he will do the job. By the way, if the WWE does decide to have the WWE Avengers win...Bret is putting the sharpshooter on for the win.

What Khali Brings to the Team - Much like Eric Nagel, the Great Khali brings nothing to the table. Since it was announced that the 7on 7 will be an elimination match, I'm almost sure he will be the first guy that gets eliminated first from Team WWE.

What Truth Brings to the Team - Truth certainly adds some diversity to the team not that the team needs it since Cena is already the leader. He also brings some athleticism to the team. By the way, how forcefed was the tension between R-Truth and John Morrison on Monday. For the past few months, we have been shown that Morrison and R-Truth are friends. now just to fit the story of the WWE Superstars having trouble coexisting, the audience is supposed to believe that after one night these guys aren't friends anymore. I know the WWE treats their audience like simpletons, but this is just downright insulting. Oh and What's Up...I guess

What Morrison Brings to the Team - We will get to what Morrison brings to the team in a second. First, John Morrison needs this team in a really bad way. His "feud" with DiBiase Jr wasn't going well, he was cutting horrible promos as a face and the fans were catching on to it. As I predicted in the draft aftermath, Raw is not the place for Morrison especially as a face. As a face, he is bland, boring, and charisma-less....what made him stand out on Smackdown (when he was actually over) was his in ring ability. Unfortunately for JoMo, he doesn't get to display that in 4 minute matches which inevitably lead to him jobbing to DiBiase. As for his contribution to the team: Morrison is another midcard babyface that needed to get involved in this team. For his sake, I hope he gets to be one of the last ones to get eliminated.

What Cena Brings to the Team - He pretty much assembled the team, so there is that bit to consider. So far, he has been a pretty bad leader (the previous,previous edition of Raw ended with six of the 7 members fighting in the ring plus several members have quit or are on the cusp of doing so) and I believe that will be the key to the Avengers team leading into Summerslam. How so you might ask? Maybe you don't ask but damnit, I will give my opinion.

For weeks and weeks the internet wrestling community has been abuzz with speculation that John Cena would turn heel and become the leader of Nexus. At first, I was extremely skeptical because Cena is the cash cow of the WWE, he is the guy who sells the most merchandise, he is the one the little look up to, and a heel turn would be quite detrimental to the cause of selling merchandise. However, after watching Raw from last week, I'm beginning to lean towards the side that believes that Cena might be betraying the WWE. After all, the hustle, loyalty, respect spouting has to be tired of coexisting/taking shit from egomaniacs like Jericho and Edge. Not only did those guys quit, but they put their own egos ahead of of the WWE. This gives Cena a very legitimate reason and a self righteous attitude, which will be essential if the WWE is truly serious about making their marquee superstar one of the bad guys. Then again that step might be made a tad bit easier by the emergence of Randy Orton as the biggest babyface in the company.

What Edge Brings to the Team - This little column was actually supposed to be posted about 3 weeks ago. Boy, am I glad that I was lazy and didn't finish it. After what happened on Raw tonight, I would have had to update this thing to include the team that Jericho and Edge are forming.

Personally, I think it's a pretty good idea to pair Y2J and Edge up again whether it's short or long term. If it's the former then I fully expect Jericho and Edge to realize the folly of their ways as the ring is surrounded by the Nexus lumberjacks this coming Monday. All in all, I think it will be a bit boring. I would much rather see Edge and Jericho being put together since they would be extremely entertaining. Besides, it's not as if their singles careers are going to affected tremendously. Neither Jericho nor Edge really had any sort of program going. In Jericho's case, we are not even sure if he will continue wrestling in the WWE. Pairing these guys up will give them something to do (save them from jobbing to Cena or Orton, on a weekly basis, as well) and of course the clash of egos will always be fun to witness.

As for what Edge brings to Cena's Avengers, he brings a refreshing honesty to the team. The question of why Khali is on this team of All Stars needed to be asked and the Rated R Superstar was there to ask it . From a storyline stand point, his involvement on the team makes the Nexus threat seem greater. Knowing the bloody history between Cena and Edge, it was almost surreal to see these two long time rivals stand shoulder to shoulder.

What Jericho Brings to the Team - If we look at this from the writer's point of view, they were probably told to write a program which included plenty of tension between the WWE superstars leading up to Summerslam. Who better to be the shit stirrer than Chris Jericho? Whether it's his manipulative ways, narcissistic personality, or belief that he is the best in the world at what he does. Y2J was the perfect foil to the All-American role model, John Cena. Jericho has rewarded the writers by doing a stellar job with his character. For example, after his loss against Cena, you can hear the crowd "Y2J" because Jericho had them believing that he would join Cena's Avengers once more. But, it all came crashing down once that look of disdain returned to the features of Jericho. There are certain wrestlers that just have the ability to have the crowd eating out of their hands (Ric Flair is a master of it) and Jericho possesses that in multitude. I believe that after next week, Y2J and Edge will be back in the WWE Team. The artist formerly knows as the man 1,004 Holds will probably be one of the last members eliminated since he brings a tremendous in ring talent (God knows he will need it trying to make Otunga or Sheffield look good) experience and cunning. However, it's what happens after Summerlsam that interest me the most. If Cena turns heel, could we possibly see Jericho leading Team WWE. Y2J was Barrett's mentor and probably knows him far better than anyone else. Moreover, the student vs teacher storyline is a time tested staple in wrestling storylines. I toward be extremely interesting to see but I doubt it since Jericho's contract is running out and Orton won't be beating Sheamus at SS, and the Viper will probably turn out to be the leader. In the end, it won't matter what role they pick for Jericho because he will undoubtedly excel in it.

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