Saturday, August 28, 2010

Emmy Picks

TV's biggest (and longest) night is Sunday SUNDAY SUNDAY! The 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards will air live coast to coast without Space Ghost. As somewhat of a TV extraordinaire, I will post my Emmy picks and thoughts regarding Sunday's awards gala. For the record, the Emmy's are my favorite award show of the year. YEAH!

Jimmy Fallon is hosting so the public will finally see him perform because no one stays awake for Late Night.

Outstanding Voice-Over Performance

Archer- H. Jon Benjamin as Sterling Archer
Disney Prep & Landing- Dave Foley as Wayne
Robot Chicken- Seth Green as Robot Chicken Nerd, Cobra
Commander, Movie Narrator
The Simpsons- Dan Castellaneta as Homer Simpson, Grampa
The Simpsons- Hank Azaria as Moe Syzlak, Apu
The Simpsons- Anne Hathaway as Princess Penelope

Johnny's Pick: Seth Green (He is a former RAW Guest Host. I may not have hustle or respect, but God damnit I have loyalty!)

Outstanding Animated Program

Alien Earths
Disney Prep & Landing
South Park

Johnny's Pick: South Park (I have no idea what the other two are. South Park remains a smash hit; therefore, they kill Kenny as well as their competition.)

Outstanding Original Music And

Family Guy
How I Met Your Mother
Nurse Jackie
Warehouse 13

Johnny's Pick: Family Guy (Alls you see is violence and movies and sex on TV...Where are those good old fashioned values...It's a catchy theme that makes me smile everytime I hear. Mission accomplished Roastmaster General Seth McFarlane)

Aaron Paul as Jessie Pinkman – “Breaking Bad”
Martin Short as Leonard Winstone – “Damages”
Terry O’Quinn as John Locke and Man in Black – “Lost”
Michael Emerson as Ben Linus – “Lost”
John Slattery as Roger Sterling – “Mad Men”
Andre Braugher as Owen Thoreau Jr – “Men of a Certain Age”

Aizaz's Pick - This would be toughest category to pick from if it weren't for Lead Actor......Though his performance has earned him him praise before, this is the year that Aaron Paul really broke out as Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad. Whether it was the darker place his character went to or the wonderful monologues he delivered, Paul was simply outstanding as Jesse Pinkman. However, he might be hurt by a man who might have worked the hardest since he acted for two extremely different characters: Terry O Quinn. His performance as John Locke in the alternate universe were endearing as always, but his scary turn as the MIB on the island was brilliant as always. That's the kind of work you just can't ignore on Emmy night.

Terry O Quinn

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series

Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper-The Big Bang Theory
Larry David as Himself-Curb Your Enthusiasm
Matthew Morrison as Will Schuester-Glee
Tony Shalhoub as Adrian Monk-Monk
Steve Carell as Michael Scott-The Office
Alec Baldwin as Jack Donaghy-30 Rock

Johnny's Pick: Alec Baldwin (Parsons is a contender, David will be Curb(stomped), Glee is for major beef is how they butchered Don't Stop Believing, Isn't Monk off the air?...Steve Carell is second choice. But Baldwin is the funniest primetime actor currently so he deserves the nod.)

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series

Breaking Bad: Bryan Cranston as Walter White
Dexter: Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan
Friday Night Lights: Kyle Chandler as Eric Taylor
House: Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House
Lost: Matthew Fox as Jack Shephard
Mad Men: Jon Hamm as Don Draper

Johnny's Pick: Hugh Laurie (Dr. House is the boss of TV. End of story. I just wouldn't want him as my doctor, but Aizaz probably would.)

Aizaz's Pick - Not only would I want House as my doctor, I would pay good money. While treating you, House gives his patients a free psychoanalysis, so two for the price of one. Anyway, Lurie would be deserving of the award just for this season's pilot, but this is the toughest Emmy category. Everyone nominated is deserving of the award, and 5 of the 6 nominees (Kyle Chandler should be a content with a nomination) have a real shot. Though, I didn't particularly enjoy Season 6 of Lost, I can admit Matthew Fox was great as Jack Sheppard earned his redemption. With this being Lost's final season, voters might reward Fox. Next up is the man himself: Don Draper. Jon Hamm has been nominated for Best Actor every year that Mad Men has been on the air.....Unfortunately for him, his counterpart on Breaking Bad (Bryan Cranston) has taken home the awar. Though, Draper is deserving of the award, this is Cranston's category to lose. Last but certainly not the least is the man who plays America's favorite serial killer: Michael C Hall. Dexter is coming off its best season since Season 1, and a large part of that is due to John Lithgow (who played the terrifying Trinity Killer) and Hall. Combine that with the fact that Hall won the Golden Globe and is just coming off a bout with cancer, and I think the man playing Dexter Morgan wil be taking home the Emmy tonight.
Michael C Hall

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Comedy Series

Glee: Lea Michele as Rachel Berry
The New Adventures Of Old Christine: Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Christine Campbell
Nurse Jackie: Edie Falco as Jackie Peyton
Parks And Recreation: Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope
30 Rock: Tina Fey as Liz Lemon
United States Of Tara: Toni Collette as Tara Gregson

Johnny's Pick: I'm intrigued by best buddies Fey & Poehler competing in the same category so I'll choose Poehler for the win. (Parks and Recreation is a hilarious show mostly due to Amy's naive yet sarcastic humor. Thursday nights are smothered in comedy with Community, Parks, 30 Rock, Always Sunny and The League.)

Aizaz's Pick - Tina Fey has been taking the home the Emmy for the past few years, and Toni Collette stole it last year. But with the emergence of Glee, and a much better effort by Parks and Recreation, this has become another tough category. Nurse Jackie has won a lot of awards (some of which have been undeserving) and once a trend is set at the Emmy, you might as well ride it. I'm going with the formerly annoying Mrs. Soprano.

Edie Falco

“Breaking Bad”
“The Good Wife”
“Mad Men”
“True Blood”

Aizaz's Pick - I just want it on the record - If Lost wins this category, this will be a travesty of epic proportions. This was probably the weakest Lost season so far, and don't you dare give me nay bullshit about how it was great. It was confusing, had a ton of pacing problems, and could basically be self masturbation by Lindelof and Cuse (creators of Lost) on a TV Show. True Blood should not win since Season 2 isn't better than Seasons 1 or 3. While we are at it, we should probably eliminate The Good Wife from contention as well. It's a good show, but it's not nearly on the same level as Dexter, Mad Men, or Breaking Bad. Just as Bryant Cranston has owned the Best Actor category, Mad Men has ruled this one, and it will be a tough task for anyone to knock them off that perch. however, if anyone can accomplish that task, it will be Dexter or Breaking Bad. The latter had an amazing season with the menacing Cousins from across the border, the rise of Gus, and the deterioration of the partnership between Gus and Walt. However, Dexter is coming off it's own terrific season where Dexter was pushed the ;limits and taught with a few lessons in humility by the mastermind serial killer known as Trinity. Moreover, they weren't afraid to kill of important characters while doing so, which made for a riveting season. I think Mad Men's crown is in danger.



Saturday, August 21, 2010

Charles Dance to play Tywin Lannister

In news that is a few weeks old and far overdue (on my part) Tywin Lannister, the patriarch of House Lannister has been cast.

Here is what Wikipedia has to say about Tywin
Lord of Casterly Rock, Shield of Lannisport and Warden of the West, Tywin is a calculating, ruthless, and controlling man in his mid-fifties. He was happily married to Joanna Lannister, a cousin, but she died in childbirth while delivering his son Tyrion, and he took no other wife. He loves his children Jaime and Cersei, but despises Tyrion for being deformed and causing his beloved Joanna's death, as well as shaming the family name with his frequent whoring.
Wikipedia does a nice job with their overview of Tywin, but they don't get into how he is one of most influential people in Westeros.......And it's not because the father of Jaime, Cersei, and Tyrion is probably biggest determining factor in each their personalities. No, his influence extends far beyond whether it's the allies he has made during his tenure as Hand of the King, his masterful military strategy or the fact Casterly Rock (the Lannister's castle) is the richest area in Westeros. Either way, it's a simple fact, though Robert Baratheon may be king of the realm, Tywin Lannister is the most powerful man in Westeros.

Tywin is a tall, slender, broad-shouldered man in his fifties. He has kept his head shaved ever since he started going bald, but grows bushy golden side-whiskers out all the same. He has green eyes flecked with gold. In battle, he wears deep crimson armor highlighted with gold, with a cloth-of-gold cape

That title didn't just fall into Tywin's hands. No, the Lord of Casterly Rock has earned that title by shedding a lot of blood, making decisions that most people balk at, and being absolutely ruthless. He singlehandedly turned House Lannister from the being the laughingstock of Westeros into the most powerful house in the realm. His reign as the "Hand of the King" marked one of the most fruitful periods in the history of Westeros. In fact, according to Wikipedia
"Though ruthless, Tywin Lannister was also an able and shrewd ruler who brought great prosperity during his dual, nonconsecutive tenures as Hand of the King. He was especially talented at the raising of funds, leading to persistent rumors of a "Midas touch" and even the whispered jest that he must "shit gold".
You can probably tell by now that Lord Tywin is one of the most important characters in the series, which is why the team behind Game of Thrones had to make sure that they had the absolute right actor to play Tywin. Ever since I saw Lost, I couldn't really see anyone but Alan Dale playing Twin. As Widmore, he had the whole stern face, unforgiving attitude, and he was impossible to please much like the Patriarch of the Lannisters. He also appeared in Entourage so he did have the prior relationship with HBO. I fervently hoped that HBO would make Dale as Tywin happen. Unfortunately, I didn't get my wish, but George RR Martin, David Benioff, and Dan Weiss (the team behind Thrones) did get their first choice....I will let George explain
Playing Tywin Lannister, Lord of Casterly Rock and Warden of the West, will be the distinguished British star of stage and screen CHARLES DANCE, O.B.E., who has been our dream casting for this role since the moment we were greenlighted.
Dance was a popular choice among fans to play Tywin, and it appears as if he was the dream choice for Martin and Company as well. Martin elaborates on Dance's resume and he thought the actor was perfect for the role of Tywin.
Dance was one of the fan favorites for Lord Tywin as well, so he needs no introduction for many of you, I know. For the rest... he has been acting professionally since 1974, but the role that really brought him to widespead attention was Guy Perron in THE JEWEL AND THE CROWN, in 1984. You've seen him in GOLDENEYE, GOSFORD PARK, as Mr. Tulkinghorn in BLEAK HOUSE, and a million other films and television shows. You will shortly be seeing him YOUR HIGHNESS, the film that preceded our pilot in Belfast's Paint Hall. His commanding screen presence and steely charisma should make him the perfect Lord Tywin.

I certainly can't claim to be familiar with the man's work, but from the pictures he certainly looks as if he could play the stern father and ruthless ruler. He also has a frightening stare which ought to serve him very well when it comes to playing Tywin. Plus, from everything I have read on the interwebz about Dance indicated that he is a home run choice for the role of Tywin Lannister.

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The artwork belongs to Amoka, who did a wonderful job doing portraits for many of the A Song of Ice and Fire characters. Also, thanks to the Westeros Forum and GRRM's Not A Blog for some of the info.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back in Black (& Blue)

Enough is enough and it’s time for a change! Man, Owen Hart was a prophet. I apologize for my absence over the summer from posting at Vintage, I was busy riding the love train with the girl of my dreams. Unfortunately, the dream turned into a nightmare as the love train crashed into the roadblock of reality. With plenty of time and anger to spare, I’m returning to the “House that Zazzy Built” with piss and vinegar. Poor Aizaz, he’s endured a summer full of lousy wrestling, asinine retro angles, and mundane predictability. Although Aizaz usually plays “bad cop,” I’m pulling a Will Ferrell and playing “badder cop.” Don’t blame me, blame a broken heart.

TNA: Time Never Advances! For a company supposed to be the alternative to WWE as well as the fountain for youth, the IMPACT Zone features stale 80’s and 90’s “stars” in rehashed storylines and feuds. 2010, the start of a NEW decade, has showcased Hogan vs. Flair, the Nasty Boys, Hall & Nash in another piss-poor reincarnation of the NWO, and most recently an ECW reunion show. Where is the innovative X-Division? Where did the talented Knockouts go? Why aren’t Styles, Joe, Dinero, Beer Money, and Lethal the top main eventers yet? I’ve supported TNA since Goldilocks was smitten with Erik Watts and Ron “The Truth” Killings was NWA Champion; however, my support has been eye poked, low blowed, and spray painted “FOOL” for 8 years. TNA will lose another hardcore fan soon unless they make the vital change for the resurrection of their company. Here is my rundown of changes to fix what is broken:

Fire Vince Russo: Everyone that has a voice has echoed this mantra but Dixie Carter refuses to listen. His “Crash TV” style doesn’t work anymore and most people will argue that it never did. Russo doesn’t showcase the championships with prestige, drowns the TV shows with too much substance, and develops angles based on surprise rather than logic. Professional wrestling, NOT sports entertainment, is the suspension of belief that two athletes are fighting to be declared the winner. In order to infiltrate the imagination of viewers, logic must exist in order for pro wrestling to be accepted not only mentally but also emotionally. Russo is a magician; however, I wish he was Teller rather than Penn.

New Creative Management: Hire Paul Heyman, Jim Cornette, Gabe Sapolsky, or any wrestling journalist that loyally watches IMPACT despite the mass of confusion. Apparently, Heyman wants full control ala Dana White in order to work for TNA. Hey Dixie, psssss, DO IT! You have nothing left to lose and everything to gain by allowing the mastermind of ECW, Smackdown’s Golden Year, and the promotion of Brock Lesnar to run roughshod over your company. Cornette may threaten to kill Russo, so hire him as a way to avoid “future endeavoring” Vinny Ru. I’m sure the “Louisville Lip” wouldn’t mind dusting off the old tennis racket, turning that sumbitch sideways, and sticking it straight up his Bronx candy ass! Gabe Sapolsky guided Ring of Honor to the promise land as the premier independent promotion in the United States. His resume speaks volumes and his passion for creatively entertaining wrestling fans through dramatic athletic competitions should leave TNA diehards salivating.

Break the Glass Ceiling: RVD is one of my favorite wrestlers and he’s a great champion, yet he should not be the face of the promotion that features AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, and Jay Lethal. By stripping the TNA Championship from RVD due to injury, TNA screwed up another opportunity at creating a star whose title win over the “Whole F’N Show” would have made a career. Utilizing Ric Flair in the managerial role for the Fortune group is a great start, but TNA needs to push Kazarian, Styles, Desmond, and Beer Money into the top tier now. The most effective way of creating new stars is by having the veterans put the new stars over. Therefore, Jarrett should be wrestling Styles, Joe should be squashing Sting, Nash should submit to Abyss, Generation Me should slam Team 3D through tables, etc. Build the foundation for a TNA Hall of Fame today!

Get Views for Pay-Per-Views: TNA PPV buyrates are harder to find than blood on an episode of RAW. Why? Because TNA is embarrassed by their miniscule numbers! Fans aren’t buying PPVs for a plethora of reasons. Why pay for matches that you will see for FREE within a week or two? What is the point in investing your time and money for a show that will disappoint? Why pay at all? It’s just wrestling! TNA needs to solve these important issues by focusing their TV shows to promote the potentially money making PPVs. Save announcements, crazy angles, and stipulations for PPV. Kurt Angle’s quest for #1 in the Top Ten Rankings should be scheduled for PPVs, especially considering the ridiculous retirement stipulation if he loses. The TNA Championship should NEVER change hands on TV. PPVs are supposed to be special, so make them special!

I planned on ripping WWE into shreds as well, but the rage never changed the course. I will be posting again on Sunday with venom against McMahonland. Then I will be enjoying some comedy following last Sunday’s Roast of The Hoff. It was one of my favorites but Hogan sucked big time. Actually, he was the target for just about every comedian which led me to wonder what a wrestling roast would be like…Not the but more mainstream performers being roasted by past acquaintances and contemporaries.

Who would YOU want to see ROASTED? Send your suggestions along with the roasters to or leave them in the comments section.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Lance Cade Passes Away at the Age of 29

Sad news broke this morning as reported that former WWE superstar Lance Cade had died, of heart failure, at the age of 29.

Cade was primarily a tag team wrestler for his WWE tenure, and gained fame with his partner Trevor Murdoch as they captured the Tag Team Titles on several occasions. However, towards the end of his WWE career Cade was pushed as Chris Jericho's protege, and he got to take out both John Cena and Triple H in one attack. Things were looking up for the former tag champion as his singles career seemed to be flourishing. Then disaster struck as Cade was unceremoniously released from the company though reasons were never given. A couple of years ago the WWE resigned him to a farm deal but he was let go again.

With his death one has to wonder if the Cade was released due to some sort of substance or steroid abuse. Either way, it's sad since a promising wrestling career was cut shot but more importantly a young man lost his life.

Shawn Michaels (who trained Lance Cade) reacts to his students death on his twitter page:

5min aft my morning tweet I got the call about Lance. No words will b good enuff. 1 of my boys is gone. My prayers&thoughts have already been given2 his family & will continue. Goodbye Lance I Love You. I ask that all of u wud lift his family up in prayer.

Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch vs Big Show and Kane

Vengeance 2007: Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch Vs Hardy Boyz
Uploaded by Lordi72. - Discover the latest sports and extreme videos.
Cade and Murdoch vs The Hardyz

Shawn Michaels trained Lance Cade so this is a significant match in the latter's career.

Lance Cade vs Trevor Mordoch 2/6/08
Uploaded by Wrestling_Fan_QN. - More professional, college and classic sports videos.
The Inevitable Breakup

A clip of Cade's time as Jericho's protege
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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Breaking The Code: Behind the Walls of Chris Jericho Lineup

For years upon years Y2J fans have been clamoring for a DVD for their favorite superstar. We had to endure 3 different Cena DVD's and even a John Morrison DVD. However, in 2010 our long wait ended as the WWE announced that they would finally release a DVD for one of the greatest superstars in the history of the company. A couple of days ago , the man himself, Chris Jericho, linked to the actual content (below) of the DVD on his twitter page. While it has been a long wait for Jericho's DVD, but it might almost (not quite but almost) be worth it looking at the lineup below.

The first disc consists of a documentary about Jericho's career, and I couldn't be more excited. The WWE has done a wonderful job with the documentaries (The best example is The Rise and Fall of ECW) they put on these DVD's. In addition to the documentary, the WWE has also decided to gather some of Jericho's promos and put them on the disc as well. Jericho has cut so many marvelous promos over the years, and I applaud the WWE's decision to gather them and put them in one place. Last but not least, we come to the actual matches on the 3 disc set. And this is where the WWE owning the largest wrestling library in history comes in real handy. Not only are they putting the recent classics (ie Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho 2008) that Jericho has been involved in, but they are also including the long forgotten gems and matches that just didn't get much viewership in the past (Jericho vs Ultimo Dragon). I don't have anything bad to say about the collection, but I do regret the fact that none of the Jericho vs Benoit matches are included in this disc. I understand why they didn't do it, but these two had some incredible matches and that deserves some recognition.

Disc 1

Throughout his remarkable career he has provided sports entertainment fans with amazing matches and astounding moments whether he was in Smokey Mountain Wrestling, ECW, WCW, and WWE. He’s also left his mark on the entertainment industry outside the ring, from his band Fozzy to writing a NY Times bestselling autobiography. This 3-disc set includes a never-before-seen documentary on the life and times of Jericho featuring new candid interviews with Jericho and his rivals, as well as more than a dozen of his greatest matches.

A Star is Born
International Sensation
Land of the Extreme
Arrival in WCW
Best in Show
Never Evvver the Same Again
Conspiracy Victim
The Millennium Man
The Y2J Era Begins
Undisputed Champion
Highlight of the Night
The Highlight Reel
Facing an Idol
Total Buffoonery
You’re Fired!
Breaking Out
Time Away
Breaking the Code
An Honest Man
Career Renaissance
Save Us
The Best in the World at What I Do

Special Features
A Young Fanatic

Jack Action

Leon de Oro

The Thrillseekers Vignette #1

The Thrillseekers Vignette #2

“Have you heard of Chris Jericho?”

Paul Heyman’s Roommate

Mister Salty

The Man of 1,004 Holds
Nitro – March 30, 1998

Conspiracy Victim
Nitro – June 1, 1998 (2:30)

Father Knows Best
Thunder – June 11, 1998

“Hello, Lexington!”
Thunder – September 10, 1998

Do You Smell What Y2J is Cookin’?
RAW – October 30, 2000

Sharing a Beer with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin
Post-RAW – August 25, 2003

Jericho vs. The Old Man
Post-Smackdown! – November 17, 2009

Jericho’s Junction

Fozzy Music Video – Let the Madness Begin

Disc 2

“Cowboy” Chris Jericho vs. Lance T. Storm
Calgary, Alberta October 2, 1990
Alternate Commentary By: Chris Jericho & Matt Striker

The Thrill Seekers vs. The Infernos
Smoky Mountain Wrestling March 12, 1994

International Junior Heavyweight Championship Match
Chris Jericho vs. Ultimo Dragon
Japan July 7, 1995
Alternate Commentary By: Chris Jericho & Matt Striker

Chris Jericho vs. Cactus Jack
Hardcore TV March 12, 1996

WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match
Chris Jericho vs. Eddie Guerrero
Fall Brawl September 14, 1997

Mask vs. WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match
Chris Jericho vs. Juventud Guerrera
SuperBrawl VIII February 22, 1998

WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match
Chris Jericho vs. Dean Malenko
Nitro July 27, 1998

The Millennium Countdown Clock Expires
RAW August 9, 1999

Intercontinental Championship Match
Chris Jericho vs. Kurt Angle
No Way Out February 27, 2000

WWE Championship Match
Chris Jericho vs. Triple H
RAW April 17, 2000

WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match
Chris Jericho vs. The Rock
No Mercy October 21, 2001

Undisputed Championship Match
Chris Jericho vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
Vengeance December 9, 2001

Disc 3

No Disqualification Match for the WWE Undisputed Championship
Chris Jericho vs. Hulk Hogan
SmackDown May 2, 2002

Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels
WrestleMania XIX March 30, 2003
Alternate Commentary By: Chris Jericho & Matt Striker

WWE Championship You’re Fired Match
Chris Jericho vs. John Cena
RAW August 22, 2005

RAW November 19, 2007

Intercontinental Championship Match
Chris Jericho vs. Jeff Hardy
RAW March 10, 2008

Ladder Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels
No Mercy October 5, 2008

No Holds Barred Match for the Intercontinental Championship
Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio
Extreme Rules June 7, 2009

Non-Title Match
Chris Jericho vs. Undertaker
SmackDown! November 13, 2009

World Heavyweight Championship Match

Chris Jericho vs. Edge
WrestleMania XXVI March 28, 2010
It's been a while since I bought a WWE DVD (I believe Edge's DVD was the last one I bought) but this one is coming home on the first day.

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Smackdown Rundown (Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre vs Rey Mysterio)

I apologize for not updating the wrestling section of Vintage Blogs as much as I used to. However, that's about to change, because of my friend, JD, from Wackbag. He has graciously allowed me to post his reviews (from Wackbag's wrestling section) on here. If you are familiar with the name that's because JD also helped me compile the matches for the Shawn Michaels induced trips Into the Wresting Vault.

JD's reviews are always entertaining, insightful and provide more laughs than any of mine ever did. I would like to thank JD for allowing me to post his reviews, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

This is his review for the August 6th edition of Friday Night Smackdown.
  • Yanks game pre-empted it, so I started the DVR late after the news. Rey vs. McIntyre for the main event, huh? That's pretty much two guys I don't give a shit about. I'm glad I missed Rey's portion of the promo
  • Rhodes-Hardy wasn't bad. I still can't deal with Cody just wearing those speedo trunks. I liked Striker making the reference to The Missing Link Decent match between the two
  • Kofi vs. Ziggler for the IC title...called it last week, Ziggler's going to win
  • Alberto del Rio is going to get heat when he eventually gets to the ring because the crowds are so fucking bored of his shitty vignettes. If I was at a show & this came on, I'd get up and go get myself food & drink
  • Rosa looks hot, I hope she's getting ring time during house shows or else she's even more pointless than the Bella Twins. Wow...this Flawless BFF women's title angle is probably doing more to hurt Women's wrestling than when Medusa threw the title in the garbage can.
  • Okay, now we've got Kofi-Ziggler. This should be a good match, but clearly Ziggler's going to win due to some sort of interference by Vickie. I kind of like this new, more aggressive Kofi; he tells a better story than just doing high spots. Sorry Grisham, Ziggler isn't the best guy to never win a title, that list is long as all hell in WWE. He may be the best guy currently on the roster who hasn't won one. Damnit...I want Kofi to hit Vickie with Trouble in Paradise...alas in the new WWPG, there is to be no violence against women. Good post match attack by Kofi, I hope they get a cage match or something like that at SummerSlam. Haha, so much for doing the Boom Drop through the table
  • Love Punk promos. He owned that entire segment
  • Oh yeah I forgot...Wrestlemania is on tonight on NBC. Huh, from 9 to 10...I guess they'll show the fireworks, then HBK-Undertaker
  • SES vs. MVP, JTG, & Chris Masters...I feel sorry for those three. Masters was getting pushed to the moon (even though he sucked) before he got suspended, JTG was doing well in Cryme Tyme and they had a few tag title shots, and MVP looked like he had the ability to get pushed into the World Title picture, now they're fodder and basically jobbers.
  • Grooming tips from "Dashing" Cody Rhodes...I bet he'll have one about asshair soon enough
  • SummerSlam is next weekend. Jesus have they done an awful job making me want to order it.
  • Is Kane turning heel or is it more of a 'tweener vs. Face with him & Rey? Clearly it's impossible to turn Rey heel, although they did have a chance to do it with his angle with CM Punk
  • What the hell was the crowd chanting at the beginning? Holy shit, they were actually chanting "Si se puede?" That's fucking annoying as all hell to me. I got a chuckle out of Striker saying, "We're in Texas, I'll call my friend George." Not a bad match between the two, not great either...decent finish.
  • Rey & Cena are almost the same character on different shows...100% support from the children & always capable of "overcoming the odds." No shocker at all that Rey said it was Kane; we all knew it would come back down to that anyways. Hopefully Kane wins at Summerslam, I don't want to see Rey with the title again.
Hi, it's Aizaz again.....Since, I don't want to appear as a complete and lazy asshole, I'm going to post a few of my own thoughts on Smackdown as well.
  • Right off the bat, I have a confession to make. I know a lot of people don't like Cody Rhodes or his new gimmick, but I dig it. Look, the whole narcissist/good looking guy gimmick has been prevalent throughout wrestling for years, Luger did it, Chris Masters did it, hell even Mark Jindrak had that gimmick, but Cody Rhodes has embraced the gimmick and put his own stamp onto it. Those segments with Rhodes giving grooming advice are hilarious and they are above and beyond what is required of him. Now, all he needs is a female manager/valet to completely solidify his gimmick.

  • Did Smackdown actually have a title being split right down the middle? That is fucking horrible.
  • By the way, Todd Grisham is now a fucking asshole. During one of McIntyre's appearances on the show, he actually said that Drew had beaten Christian last week. Hey fucko, watch the fucking show you are actually calling. Though Drew might have storyline "injured" Christian, Captain Charisma won the goddamn match. There is absolutely no excuse for Grisham to forget that after one week.
  • Why couldn't the title change be on Summerslam? There is a ton of history with the Intercontinental Championship and Summerslam, I think it would have made more sense for the title to change hands at the actual PPV event. Unless, Kofi plans to invoke his rematch clause at the PPV and they give him the title back. In that case, the title switch on Smackdown would make far more sense.
  • Like JD mentioned, this side of Kofi is far more interesting to watch than the happy go lucky version of Kofi we usually see. Remember when Orton and Kofi were feuding on Raw, the fans really got behind Kofi after we started seeing the more violent side of the former Intercontinental Champion.

  • A couple of weeks ago rumors were swirling that the WWE is looking for their next black superstar, by adding (maybe reviving is a better word) another dimension to his character, I think they have stumbled on that next superstar.
  • Oh and let's not forget Ziggler, his title reign is well deserved. Dolph has been after this title for a couple of years now, and it's good to see him get that win and move forward in his career.
  • And there it is....The WWE is slowly revealing that Kane is the perpetrator behind Undertaker's vegetative state. I predicted this weeks ago, but I really hoped they wouldn't go with this predictable reveal, but as usual the WWE disappoints.
  • Goddamn, it's only been a year since Smackdown was the best wrestling show in years. Now, it's complete dogshit and about as predictable as James Cameron's Avatar.
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Thursday, August 5, 2010

NFL Training Camps Underway

Well Ladies and Gentlemen it's August and you know what that means, NFL Training Camps have begun. With all kinds of trades, retirements, and free agent signings. There are a few players that people are keeping their eye on. Those players are Darrelle Revis, Brett Favre and Sam Bradford. Well I am here to give you my thoughts on those 3 players and then i will also give my 2010 NFL Predictions.

Darrelle Revis-New York Jets CB
Well Revis only has one request, to be the highest paid CB in the NFL. Revis who was an All-Pro CB this past season, is now holding out from the Jets training camp until the Jets either make him the highest paid or give him a pretty damn good offer for him to come back. I mean after the season he had last year, I think he kind of deserves this money that he has coming to him.

Brett Favre-Minnesota Vikings QB

The word on the streets is that Favre is retiring, well the word on the street may be wrong. A couple of reports out there say that Favre is planning to retire. Favre himself says it all depends on how well his ankle has healed. Now reports say it that the Vikings are willing to increase his contract and put incentives to where he can make up to $20 Million. Although he is 40 years old, I think he is still a key piece to the Vikings.
Sam Bradford-St. Louis Rams QB 2010 #1 Draft Pick
Well the #1 pick has been signed with the most guranteed money in a contract for one player. Bradford agreed to a six-year $70 Million deal with $50 million guranteed. I think Bradford will help the Rams rebuild there franchise but I don't see them doing anything for 4 years.
2010 NFL Predictions
NFC East: Dallas Cowboys
NFC West: San Francisco 49ers
NFC South: New Orleans Saints
NFC North: Minnesota Vikings
NFC Wild Cards: Philadelphia Eagles & Atlanta Falcons
AFC East: New York Jets
AFC West: San Diego Chargers
AFC South: Indianapolis Colts
AFC North: Baltimore Ravens
AFC Wild Cards: New England Patriots & Pittsburgh Steelers
NFC Champion: New Orleans Saints
AFC Champion: New York Jets
Super Bowl Champions: New York Jets
Super Bowl MVP: Mark Sanchez
NFL MVP: Peyton Manning-Indianapolis Colts QB
Rookie of the Year: Dez Bryant-Dallas Cowboys WR
Coach of the Year: Rex Ryan-New York Jets Coach

Exciting News for Vintage Blogs: Expanded Coverage and A New Member

When John and I first came up with the idea for a wrestling blog, I always dreamed of expanding our coverage to more than just wrestling. With the dismal state of wrestling these days it has gotten harder and harder to come up with original and entertaining stuff. Hell, John hasn't even watched the WWE since May. Consequently, I decided the time was right for me to visit upon my original idea for more coverage on Vintage Blogs. After a rigorous search, we have decided to add a new member to the Vintage Blog team, who will cover our newly made sports section.

His name is Matt, and his knowledge of Sports is a little scary but in a good way. Matt is a friend and former coworker of mine, and as I mentioned above he knows a lot about what goes on in the world of sports. Hell, most of your conversations centered around that and those conversations could have gone on for a long time. Anyway, I thought Matt would be a perfect fit since he knows a lot about sports, and he is eager to share his opinion. The newest member of our team assures me that he will have a decent update rate with something in the vicinity of at least two posts in a week. He is so damn dedicated that after being a team member for only a day or so, he already has a post about his thoughts on who came out the victor or loser after the MLB Deadline. Check it out!

I believe Matt will inform you a lot about what's going on in the world of sports, and he will do so in an entertaining fashion. I hope you guys enjoy his readings as much as I enjoy my conversations with him.

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The MLB Trade Deadline's Winners and Losers

After the July 31st trade deadline, I have taken some time to think about the moves made by each team and whether this move helped them or hurt them. A lot of big name players were moved during this year's deadline such as Cliff Lee, Roy Oswalt, Dan Haren, Lance Berkman, Kerry Wood, and Chad Qualls.


1. New York Yankees- How this kills me to talk about one of the most hated teams in baseball, I must admit that they made 2 big moves to help them possibly win another World Series this year with the acquisitions of Lance Berkman and Kerry Wood. Lance Berkman will take over the role of Designated Hitter for the Yankees and will help fill this very important role that Nick Johnson (Who is presumed to be done for the season) has failed to do. Berkman who as I write this is hitting with a Batting Average of .243 and has hit 13 homeruns and driven in 50 RBI's. Another advantage with Berkman is that he is a switch hitter so it doesn't matter who pitches. Now on to the RHP Kerry Wood, he will help fill that setup role for closer Mariano Rivera that Joba Chamberlain has been struggling with. Wood has just gotten back of the DL the day he was traded so his numbers arent all that great but he is a solid pitcher who can help eat up those innings when the Yank's are down. Wood has an ERA of 6.00 with 21 Strikeouts and a WHIP of 1.67. These two moves improve the already dominant Yankee squad but this should help them in the post season.

2. Tampa Bay Rays- The Rays added a key piece to the their bullpen with the trade for Chad Qualls from the Arizona Diamondbacks. Qualls will help ease some of the pressure put on Rafael Soriano. Although Qualls numbers arent that great this year(8.01 ERA and 1.96 WHIP) he is a two-time all star. He also brings a closing role with him seeing that he had 12 saves with the rebuilding Dbacks. Although the Rays have competition with the Yankees in the AL East, they are the favorites to get the Wild Card and don't count them out quite yet with the 2nd best record in the MLB.

3. Texas Rangers- The Rangers added the Lefty Ace Cliff Lee to their rotation to help them secure a playoff spot and from last year's playoffs possibly the kyrptonite to the Yankees. Lee sports a nice 2.51 ERA with 9 wins, 118 Strikeouts and a WHIP of 0.92. With Slugger Josh Hamilton on pace to make a run at the AL MVP, this addition can help the Rangers make a run in the playoffs.


1. Arizona Diamondbacks- Well we can certainly say that the Diamondbacks wont have a run at the playoffs for the next 3-5 years. The reason for this is trading away half of their pitching staff who are fairly young and the best they have. Dan Haren who was the ace for the Dbacks was traded to the Angels for Joe Saunders and other players. With Brandon Webb on the DL now the Dbacks dont have an ace to rely on. Edwin Jackson who threw a no hitter was also traded. He was second in command to Haren.

2. Philadelphia Phillies- Some people might say that the trade for Roy Oswalt is smart but I think it was a stupid trade. First off the guy is 32 years old and they traded away J.A. Happ who is only 27 and is just starting to become a decent pitcher. Another reason why this move is dumb is that this now eats up another $15 Million that could have been used to resign Cliff Lee (Mind you he only wanted $9 Million) or could have been used to resign Jayson Werth or sign Carl Crawford in this offseason but now they dont have the money to do much to improve their team. Only positive thing about Oswalt is that he is another strong pitcher to help the Phillies in the tight NL East race.

3. Minnesota Twins- The Twins had the chance to get Cliff Lee and Dan Haren but wouldnt give up the prospect everyone wanted. I mean you have to give a little to get a little. I mean this year they had no shot in the AL Central but next year they could have been a contender with an ace like one of those. The Twins had the same oppurtunity last year with Lee but again didnt want to give up the prospects.

Into the Wrestling Vault: Bret Hart vs Curt Hennig (Intercontinental Championship/Summerslam 91)

This post was originally posted on May, 14, 2010. However, on the August 2nd edition of Monday Night Raw, the WWE actually acknowledged their history, and treated audiences to clips of one of the greatest Intercontinental Championship matches of all time. If you are reading this right now, I would say it's a safe assumption that you wanted to watch the match in it's entirety. First, I want to commend you on your decision. Second, to reward your choice, I decided to go digging in the Vintage Blogs archives and pull up this classic match.

Both Johnny C and I have made our hatred and dismay over the Linda McMahon induced PG-Era and overall state of wrestling well known. We firmly believe that wrestling was far better in the 90's and early 2000's. In fact, even the mid 2000's are much better than the horseshit that is shoved down our throats these days. Consequently, it's no surprise that both John and I have burned countless number of hours looking up old matches, and promos on Youtube, Daily Motion, and the dozens of other websites which host wrestling videos. Now that we have turned ourselves into fancy men (with our own blog) we figured to turn all those wasted hours into blog posts. So join us as we delve into the Wrestling Vault to relive our favorite videos.

As Raw heads back to Canada aka Hart Country, Canada's biggest hero (Bret) is set to face The Miz in a match for the United States Title. As those of us who saw Bret "wrestle" Vince can attest that The Excellence of Execution is no shape to wrestle, so next Monday will be most likely turn out to be some kind of gimmick match. All of this made me remember the days when Bret was quite simply the best wrestler in the WWE. Consequently, the rest of the week (till Monday), the Inside the Wrestling Vault trips will be dedicated to the Harts and their legacy in the WWE.

You wanna know why I bitch about the lack of credibility and misuse of the Intercontinental Champion? Just watch this match, and you will find out why. This match took place back when the Intercontinental title actually meant something, and they were going to use it to elevate Bret Hart. This was The Excellence of Execution's coming out party as he ventured away from Tag Team wrestling and competed in his first singles match, for a title, on PPV. For Hennig, this match was significant for completely different reasons. He had a lot of back problems and this would be his last match for the next year and a half. Nevertheless, he worked his ass off to elevate Bret Hart into stardom. This was simply a perfect (the pun was intended) match and it featured an excellent finish.

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Analyzing Team WWE (Cena's Avengers) Before Summerslam

If you missed the July 19th edition of Monday Night Raw, I would suggest you watch the video (above) before proceeding to read this column. I will wait.......... still waiting....done? Good.

For the past few weeks, Monday Night Raw has been terrorized by a group (consisting of six jobbers and one decent guy) calling themselves Nexus. Though the group was in the middle of the controversial Daniel Bryan firing and are saddled with a horrid name, they have still done a pretty decent job of wrecking havoc on Monday Night Raw. Night after night, the collection of jobbers along with Wade Barrett have attacked the superstars of Raw including Evan Bourne, John Morrison, Mark Henry, Edge, Chris Jericho, they even put the former GM of Raw (Bret Hart) into the hospital. While the attacks on other superstars could be called collateral damage or be defined as Nexus sending a message to the Raw locker room,. However, the attention that Nexus focused on the fan favorite of the WWE Universe (John Cena) can be described as nothing but personal. Nexus has continuously made a target out of the "Champ" even going as far as costing Cena his coveted WWE Championship............. on multiple occasions.

On Monday night, things came to a head between the former WWE Champion and NWO wannabe group as they faced off in the ring.......7 on 1. Wade Barrett offered Cena the opportunity to join Nexus, and it looked as if the biggest babyface in the company was actually considering it. With all the rumors swirling around of Cena turning heel to lead Nexus, millions of kids in the WWE Universe watched hoping against hope that their hero wouldn't turn to the Dark side. In typical Cena manner of choosing the boring option, he didn't join Nexus instead he walked away in a move more cowardly than Courage the Cowardly Dog.....But wait

Cena tell us that he has been quietly assembling a team of superstars, who are show in the video above. The explanation behind Cena's Brigade or Army (Fuck you Cole) is awful. If Cena had been quietly working on amassing this army then why were Jericho and Edge offering their services to Nexus earlier on in the night. A far better approach to this team would have been to have this team created spontaneously.

You have Cena just about ready to get his ass kicked by Nexus, and guys like Morrison, Truth, Bourne and any other face other than Khali come running out to help the supposed leader of the locker room. Those 5 don't get the best of Nexus, and then you have a guy like Edge enter the fray. Still, it doesn't prove to be enough (you are making Nexus look like a legitimate threat since 6 superstars can't beat them) and out comes Chris Jericho, a man who is the least likely to join Cena's Army. Jericho got a loud enough pop just being the sixth guy. Now imagine, if he was the last guy who comes out to even the odds. Thus, you have a far better creation for Cena's army rather the illogical explanation that the WWE came up with.

By the way, Cena's recruiting skills suck. He could could have gotten someone like Evan Bourne (who was attacked by Nexus) instead he chose Bret Hart....What is Bret going to do? Bore Nexus to death like he did to the audience at Wrestlemania XXVI. Look, I'm a fan of Bret Hart, he was involved in the match (Iron Man Match vs Shawn Michaels) that really got me into wrestling but the guy simply cannot wrestle any longer. Why does the WWE want to tarnish his legacy? More importantly, why does Bret let them do it? Have a little respect and say no . If Bret is that desperate to get involved then he should ask to be in the group as a manager. By being an actual part of team, not only is he decreasing the quality of the match (which will be a clusterfuck to begin with) but he is also taking away a younger wrestler's chance at being in spotlight with the likes of Cena, Edge and Jericho.

Wow, already a rant and I haven't even gotten to The Great Khali's involvement in this team. Can someone explain to me what purpose he will serve on this team? Be the big man of the group.....As much as it pains me compliment Mark Henry even he is better than Khali. Is The Great Waste of Oxygen going to be the comic relief of the team? I'm sorry isn't this whole Nexus business being labeled as an invasion, so why do you need comic relief. Sure, humor is an integral part of war movies/tv shows/mini series, but it's usually black humor, I highly doubt that this PG WWE will have any sort of black humor let alone anything that would make me laugh. Like Bret, Khali being part of Cena's Avengers automatically makes them worse. He also takes away the chance for someone else to be in this spot.

For instance, say someone like a Zack Ryder. You might not see it on Raw, but if you watched ECW (like I did) you would have seen that Zack Ryder is not only talented in the ring and capable of putting on great match (watch the videos below for evidence) but he is really good at playing the role of the obnoxious heel. Also, he has heat with the fans, I attended the Raw, which was held in Philadelphia a few weeks ago and Ryder was lustily booed even though he was on Superstars. Why the WWE doesn't give someone like Ryder (far more deserving than Khali) the opportunity to be in the spotlight is just beyond me.

The last problem I have with the Avengers that Cena has assembled is the lack of Daniel Bryan aka Brian Danielson. By now I have made my feels on Danielson's firing very clear (extremely unfair, gross overreaction by the WWE, and he should be in the WWE) and this would have been the perfect occasion to bring the back the jilted member of Nexus. Think about it, other than Cena who has the biggest gripe with Nexus? Bryan Danielson does. The Nexus' entire premise is that they are a brotherhood, who promised to remain loyal to one another. Yet they unceremoniously dumped him like a girlfriend who has started to gain weight. Danielson coming out as a member of the Cena's Avengers would make far more sense both in terms of storyline, entertainment value and even the surprise factor. It would probably get you a few more buys for the PPV as well, but of course it's better to have your company be dictated by someone in Matell or some shitty senatorial campaign which has no chance at succeeding.

Alright, let move on to actually breaking down the Cena's Avengers even though they are not what they should be. I'm going to break each Superstar down by what they bring to the team and how their involvement might affect the team chemistry, and what role they might play in the match. ..... Oh and let's be honest here, if the WWE does indeed decide to name this team Cena's Avengers, they are doing so to capitalize off the Avengers name and that gets magnified by the recent buzz surrounding the The Avengers at San Diego Comic Con.

What He Brings to Team - Athleticism? Fuck and no, the guy can barely move. Experience? Though the team doesn't need it (with veterans like Chris Jericho, Edge, or even Cena) but he brings a plethora of experience. Leadership? The leader of the team is John Cena but with egomaniacs like Y2J and Edge, the leader of these Avengers might need a Canadian perspective, and Hart would be more than happy to provide that. Fan fare? Did you guys hear boos for Nexus and the cheer when the WWE's version of the Avengers came. They don't need Bret to become the favorites, but he will do the job. By the way, if the WWE does decide to have the WWE Avengers win...Bret is putting the sharpshooter on for the win.

What Khali Brings to the Team - Much like Eric Nagel, the Great Khali brings nothing to the table. Since it was announced that the 7on 7 will be an elimination match, I'm almost sure he will be the first guy that gets eliminated first from Team WWE.

What Truth Brings to the Team - Truth certainly adds some diversity to the team not that the team needs it since Cena is already the leader. He also brings some athleticism to the team. By the way, how forcefed was the tension between R-Truth and John Morrison on Monday. For the past few months, we have been shown that Morrison and R-Truth are friends. now just to fit the story of the WWE Superstars having trouble coexisting, the audience is supposed to believe that after one night these guys aren't friends anymore. I know the WWE treats their audience like simpletons, but this is just downright insulting. Oh and What's Up...I guess

What Morrison Brings to the Team - We will get to what Morrison brings to the team in a second. First, John Morrison needs this team in a really bad way. His "feud" with DiBiase Jr wasn't going well, he was cutting horrible promos as a face and the fans were catching on to it. As I predicted in the draft aftermath, Raw is not the place for Morrison especially as a face. As a face, he is bland, boring, and charisma-less....what made him stand out on Smackdown (when he was actually over) was his in ring ability. Unfortunately for JoMo, he doesn't get to display that in 4 minute matches which inevitably lead to him jobbing to DiBiase. As for his contribution to the team: Morrison is another midcard babyface that needed to get involved in this team. For his sake, I hope he gets to be one of the last ones to get eliminated.

What Cena Brings to the Team - He pretty much assembled the team, so there is that bit to consider. So far, he has been a pretty bad leader (the previous,previous edition of Raw ended with six of the 7 members fighting in the ring plus several members have quit or are on the cusp of doing so) and I believe that will be the key to the Avengers team leading into Summerslam. How so you might ask? Maybe you don't ask but damnit, I will give my opinion.

For weeks and weeks the internet wrestling community has been abuzz with speculation that John Cena would turn heel and become the leader of Nexus. At first, I was extremely skeptical because Cena is the cash cow of the WWE, he is the guy who sells the most merchandise, he is the one the little look up to, and a heel turn would be quite detrimental to the cause of selling merchandise. However, after watching Raw from last week, I'm beginning to lean towards the side that believes that Cena might be betraying the WWE. After all, the hustle, loyalty, respect spouting has to be tired of coexisting/taking shit from egomaniacs like Jericho and Edge. Not only did those guys quit, but they put their own egos ahead of of the WWE. This gives Cena a very legitimate reason and a self righteous attitude, which will be essential if the WWE is truly serious about making their marquee superstar one of the bad guys. Then again that step might be made a tad bit easier by the emergence of Randy Orton as the biggest babyface in the company.

What Edge Brings to the Team - This little column was actually supposed to be posted about 3 weeks ago. Boy, am I glad that I was lazy and didn't finish it. After what happened on Raw tonight, I would have had to update this thing to include the team that Jericho and Edge are forming.

Personally, I think it's a pretty good idea to pair Y2J and Edge up again whether it's short or long term. If it's the former then I fully expect Jericho and Edge to realize the folly of their ways as the ring is surrounded by the Nexus lumberjacks this coming Monday. All in all, I think it will be a bit boring. I would much rather see Edge and Jericho being put together since they would be extremely entertaining. Besides, it's not as if their singles careers are going to affected tremendously. Neither Jericho nor Edge really had any sort of program going. In Jericho's case, we are not even sure if he will continue wrestling in the WWE. Pairing these guys up will give them something to do (save them from jobbing to Cena or Orton, on a weekly basis, as well) and of course the clash of egos will always be fun to witness.

As for what Edge brings to Cena's Avengers, he brings a refreshing honesty to the team. The question of why Khali is on this team of All Stars needed to be asked and the Rated R Superstar was there to ask it . From a storyline stand point, his involvement on the team makes the Nexus threat seem greater. Knowing the bloody history between Cena and Edge, it was almost surreal to see these two long time rivals stand shoulder to shoulder.

What Jericho Brings to the Team - If we look at this from the writer's point of view, they were probably told to write a program which included plenty of tension between the WWE superstars leading up to Summerslam. Who better to be the shit stirrer than Chris Jericho? Whether it's his manipulative ways, narcissistic personality, or belief that he is the best in the world at what he does. Y2J was the perfect foil to the All-American role model, John Cena. Jericho has rewarded the writers by doing a stellar job with his character. For example, after his loss against Cena, you can hear the crowd "Y2J" because Jericho had them believing that he would join Cena's Avengers once more. But, it all came crashing down once that look of disdain returned to the features of Jericho. There are certain wrestlers that just have the ability to have the crowd eating out of their hands (Ric Flair is a master of it) and Jericho possesses that in multitude. I believe that after next week, Y2J and Edge will be back in the WWE Team. The artist formerly knows as the man 1,004 Holds will probably be one of the last members eliminated since he brings a tremendous in ring talent (God knows he will need it trying to make Otunga or Sheffield look good) experience and cunning. However, it's what happens after Summerlsam that interest me the most. If Cena turns heel, could we possibly see Jericho leading Team WWE. Y2J was Barrett's mentor and probably knows him far better than anyone else. Moreover, the student vs teacher storyline is a time tested staple in wrestling storylines. I toward be extremely interesting to see but I doubt it since Jericho's contract is running out and Orton won't be beating Sheamus at SS, and the Viper will probably turn out to be the leader. In the end, it won't matter what role they pick for Jericho because he will undoubtedly excel in it.

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The Raw Report (John Cena vs. Chris Jericho and Randy Orton vs. The Miz)

I apologize for not updating the wrestling section of Vintage Blogs as much as I used to. However, that's about to change, because of my friend, JD, from Wackbag. He has graciously allowed me to post his reviews (from Wackbag's wrestling section) on here. If you are familiar with the name that's because JD also helped me compile the matches for the Shawn Michaels induced trips Into the Wresting Vault.

JD's reviews are always entertaining, insightful and provide more laughs than any of mine ever did. I would like to thank JD for allowing me to post his reviews, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

This is his review for the August 2nd edition of Monday Night Raw.
  • That opening video montage was fucking boring. Raw vs. Nexus as a SummerSlam main event excites me less than the new John Cena movie.
  • Did Cole really just laugh when Truth came out? Although Truth did cut a pretty decent promo, it was a nice thing to see him on the mic without just saying "What's up!!" Although the WWE Universe line was forced.
  • Edge vs. Barrett wasn't too bad, I was hoping for more from it though. I'm thinking that Nexus really does get the win at SummerSlam, but I wonder who's going to be the one who turns on Team Raw.
  • Hmmph....interesting to see Edge quit from Team Raw. I wonder who they wind up replacing him with. Jericho vs. Cena, loser leaves the team. I'm guessing Cena wins...although if there's ever been a character who needs a heel turn, it's him
  • I loved that Perfect vs. Bret IC title match at SummerSlam. Bret talked about it in his book, I didn't realize just how fucked up Perfect was going into that match
  • More Khali...I guess they must be planning on a trip to India sometime soon
  • Holy shit, Natalya actually in the ring? About time she gets to be more than just arm candy for Hart Dynasty. Much like Cole, I too would like to spend a Wednesday night at a Karaoke bar w/ Jillian, just to get her drunk as hell. Nice Northern Lights suplex by Alicia on Gail. Sweet underhook suplex by Natalya, fucking sick post bump Gail took! I can't believe it, I almost enjoyed that Divas match, and not just because of the tits
  • Oh Melina's back...who cares. I hope for our sake her return isn't as atrocious as it was against Jillian. Meh, I expect another injury soon. Alicia Fox is a little too tall for her to pull off her Primal Scream finisher right
  • This is how they're going to prepare us for Sheamus vs. Orton? Have Orton go up against one of the Uso brothers, then the next week have Sheamus go up against Goldust? Wow, way to make us worry about them not being 100% for the match...Jesus, they actually brought up their pseudo-feud from ECW? I guess I should be glad because they acknowledged their history, but geez. Hah, I bitch about Sheamus no longer using the Razor's Edge as a finisher and he does it

  • Mediocre promo by much so that I already forgot all of what he said.
  • Jericho-Cena, not bad, but definitely not one of their best matches. WTF Cena, when Jericho was choking him on the ropes he looked like he was just trying to sleep through English class. "You are a stupid man!" Nice FameAsser by Cena off the top on Jericho, been a while since I've seen him do that.
  • I don't like the fast tap by Jericho, but I like that they pointed it out. I'm guessing they're trying to leave Cena to face a 7-on-1 by the time SummerSlam rolls around and he'll either win or join them and turn heel
  • Loved the tease of Jericho going and being fine with Cena, then the disgusted look comes over his face and he walks out.
  • NICE!!! We may actually get that Jericho-Edge teaming that we were robbed of this past year. I don't know where they're going with Y2Edge vs. Cena & Bret w/ Nexus around the ring
  • Wow, they must really have a lot of faith in this "Legendary" movie...opening in select theatres and is only a "limited engagement." Clearly Cena's box office clout isn't anywhere near as big as Rock's or even Austin's
  • Soooo instead of doing a real "guest host" thing, they're just doing the straight plug for The Other Guys. Fast forwards.
  • Yet another very good promo by Miz, I am going to be so upset when he cashes in his MiTB and loses
  • Good match, I love that Miz didn't look weak throughout the entire match like I almost expected. I liked seeing Miz show a little bit of his angry/psycho side. Nice backdrop counter by Miz on the 2nd rope DDT, especially followed by the back/neck breaker combo. And Randy wins, no shock there. Good job though by Miz
Hi, it's Aizaz again.....Since, I don't want to appear as a complete and lazy asshole, I'm going to post a few of my own thoughts on Raw as well.
  • My guess is that Tag match between Cena/Bret and Jericho/Edge is to simply reiterate what a threat Nexus is to all the superstars in the WWE. I'm predicting that Nexus' attack will lead them to the boring realization that they need to team together in order to beat Barrett and his henchmen. I like JD's 7 on 1 idea far more though and not just because it would allow us the awesomeness of Jericho and Edge together in a team.
  • That skit with Ferrell/Wahlberg and the Bellas wasn't actually bad. In fact, I would actually go far as to say that was pretty funny. Besides, landing Wahlberg and Ferrell is huge get for the WWE since they usually get D list celebrities at best.
  • I think it has been years since Jericho actually connected on Lionsault, I was actually surprised that he nailed it. What the fuck was with that quick tap out? If Jericho actually hitting the Lionsault wasn't enough of a shock, Cena's promo after the match was actually decent. He acted like an individual in his situation would, and he even sounded sincere. With all his hokey shitck, and the awful screaming promos, it's easy to forget that Cena was great at cutting promos back in the Smackdown days.

  • I immediately thought of Bret's story about Hennig when they showed that Summerslam Recall, as well. After reading the book, I actually went back and saw (even wrote about it) the match, and I'm amazed that those guys were able to put on a masterpiece like that with Perfect's condition. At least, I think it was this match instead of the one from King of the Ring.
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