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The Raw Report (7/19/10)

I apologize for not updating the wrestling section of Vintage Blogs as much as I used to. However, that's about to change, because of my friend, JD, from Wackbag. He has graciously allowed me to post his reviews (from Wackbag's wrestling section) on here. If you are familiar with the name that's because JD also helped me compile the matches for the Shawn Michaels induced trips Into the Wresting Vault.

JD's reviews are always entertaining, insightful and provide more laughs than any of mine ever did. I would like to thank JD for allowing me to post his reviews, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

We will start with the review from this week's Raw.
  • Thank you Justin "I get strangled with my own tie" for actually including the province from Canada in both Edge & Jericho's introductions. It was always a pet peeve of mine when Lillian would just say "Toronto, Canada" or some shit like that
  • Good triple threat to start off the show, it normally bodes well for a show when it doesn't start w/ a 15-20 minute promo. Liked when Edge pushed Randy off of him and into the Code Breaker.
  • "This is a submission maneuver!" No shit Cole. We've only see Jericho use the Walls for over a decade...sure no one's tapped out to it since it turned into a Boston Crab, but we still know that it's a submission move. Asshole. I liked the triple clothesline spot, having Orton pin Edge instead of Jericho makes a little more sense given their feud. I'm fine w/ Orton in the title match at SummerSlam, he's been a great anti-hero as of late
  • Seeing those consecutive RKO's makes me want to see the spot I heard about from MiTB where he hit an RKO on someone and right as he landed, Bourne hit Air Bourne on Randy
  • I wonder if they edited out all the blood from the Elimination Chamber DVD or if they just cut to black and white whenever there's blood on screen. Hate that nonsense.
  • Edge-Jericho at SummerSlam would be fantastic. I really wish that Edge didn't blow his Achilles, because that feud for the title would have been stellar.
  • The beatdowns by Nexus have gotten better as the angle goes on. Barrett is a very effective spokesman for the group. I wish it wasn't WW-PG though...all of these beatdowns would be much more effective if they could leave the veterans bloodied.
  • It's annoying when they continually call people the greatest in the history of WWE. Nexus has been good and stuff lately, but they're definitely not more powerful than DX, the Ministry, the Corporate Ministry...hell they're only better than The Union
  • Looks like Cena got busted open the hard way last night. I wonder if they stopped the match while that got tended to
  • Maryse-Eve. I kinda like the whole gold-digger angle with her. Liked the snatch-shot on her when she stretched for the bottom rope
  • Morrison-DiBiase will be a good feud, I bet it eventually is for the Million Dollar title. Speaking of titles, who the fuck is the US Champ right now? R-Truth?
  • Sorry're not going to be the longest reigning WWE champion of all time, no one is ever going to even sniff Sammartino's 9 year reign. Oh, Miz is the US Champ. I love that he won MiTB, moving him up to the Main Event level is a fantastic idea. I hope he holds onto the briefcase for a while and actually cashes it in for a legit match a la RVD
  • elevating Bourne as well right now? I like this...a Raw that focuses on the future of WWE instead of more of the same. I wonder what's going to happen when HHH eventually comes back; obviously he'll be involved in the main/major angles but at who's expense?
  • With everyone winning the title after cashing in MiTB, I fear for Miz actually making it 8 for 8. Decent match overall. I'm not so sure about Sheamus using the big Test kick for his finisher instead of his Razor's Edge.
  • I liked Miz attacking w/ the briefcase, especially hitting the Skull Crushing Finale on it. Having him wave off the match when R-Truth showed up was smart, I'm glad it didn't count. I wonder if that means they're going to continue the Miz/R-Truth feud over the US Title or combine it into him putting MiTB on the line
  • I remember the buildup for that Taker-Austin match at SummerSlam. Loved Highway to Hell
  • The Bellas are still employed? They're hardly even being used as arm candy for the Guest Hosts anymore. If that gimmick goes by the wayside, they're useless. Oh wait, they're women's wrestlers in an era where none of them pose for Playboy. They're already useless
  • Santino/Kozlov vs. Ryder/Regal. Not bad, not great. I would like them to establish legitimate tag teams to challenge the Hart Dynasty. Santino's comedy on mic is funny...his comedic ineptitude in the ring is fucking boring and annoying
  • Holy shit, I can't believe that Wade Barrett managed to spike Henry. I think he legitimately messed his back up doing it, I don't think he was just selling the difficulty of the move.
  • Oh hey, Darren Young got rid of his retarded Kid n' Play hair. If Cena were to join Nexus, it'd be a possible way to have him turn heel, although he'd completely overshadow them and they wouldn't get as over as they are by beating on him IMO.
  • A team to take down Nexus @ SummerSlam, huh? This would be best if it were Survivor Series instead. Cena, Edge, Morrison, R-Truth, Khali, Jericho, and Bret Hart?? At least with Khali in there, you know Bret's not going to be the least mobile one. I'm guessing there will be a schmozz of a 7-on-7 tag match. But it'd be better if they had a 3 tag matches and a Barrett vs. Cena match or two 6-man tags and the Barrett vs. Cena to end it.
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