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Brock Lesnar Defeats Shane Carwin at UFC 116

First of, I want to wish a Happy Independence Day to all of you. Enjoy the freedom given to us by the Founding Fathers of this great nation. There are a lot countries around the world that don't have liberties such as Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression, Right to Bear Arms, Being Innocent until proven Guilty and a shit load of others. Just be happy that we live in the United States of America. Patriotic Message out of the way, let's get down to some UFC results.

I don't write much about UFC or MMA, because I'm strictly a casual fan which means I will follow guys like Lidell, GSP, Evans, Rampage, Griffin, Machida, Fedor, and most of all Lesnar. I'm not an expert nor do I consider myself particularly informed about the sport which is why I barely blog about it. However, last night's fight between Shane Carwin and Brock Lesnar was one of the most anticipated fights in UFC history for me, and from what I gather for a lot of other people as well.

Everyone knows the story by now, Lesnar suffered from an illness called Diverticulitis that threatened to end his life. Here is a description of what Brock suffered through, and trust me it's not one that you ever want to hear the doctor say that you have.
Lesnar underwent surgery to close a perforation in his intestine that had been leaking fecal matter into his abdomen, causing pain, abscesses, and overtaxing his immune system to the point that he contracted mononucleosis. From the level of damage to Lesnar's system, the surgeon estimated that the intestinal condition had been ongoing for around a year.
After going through months of treatment, and getting help from the best doctors possible, he was cured of his illness, and what's the first thing the SOB wants to do? He wants to get in the best possible shape, so he can defend his UFC Heavyweight Championship. That's how you know that this guy is a freak of nature. Shit, after recovering from a flu most of us want to curl up and go to sleep. This monster wanted to train for an event where he would, in all likelihood, be beaten on by a man that wears 5XL sized gloves. That's fucking dedication......

Everything went well for Lesnar, and he began training with one of the best training staffs assembled (one which included Randy Couture) in the hopes of regaining the UFC Heavyweight Championship. Prior to the fight, there was lot of speculation (rightfully so) as to how Lesnar would hold up after having a hole is his stomach. Furthermore, people questioned Brock's chin and whether he would be able to endure one of Carwin's huge tight hands. What they should have been focusing on is whether Shane Carwin would be blown out after the first round.

If you watched last night then you saw Brock Lesnar answer all of the questions, but it didn't come easy. When Carwin aentered the arena, amidst loud cheers, to "Let The Bodies Hit The Floor" you could tell he was focused on removing the "interim" before his Heavyweight Championship. As soon as the fight began, Carwin landed a huge right hand that hand Leanar reeling and backing up. Chants of "Carwin" resounded throughout the arena as the MMA purists believed that they had finally found someone who could topple Brock Lesnar.

For the remainder of the first round, their belief was rewarded by Carwin, who had his opponent on the ground and repeatedly pummeled Lesnar with heavy fists. Nevertheless, the resilient former champion refused to give up and continued to mount a defense as he kicked, punched, and kneed from the ground making it an easy decision for the referee to continue the fight, By the time, the first round was near it's end, it was clear that Carwin was out of breath. Seeing that he had an opportunity, Brock made it on to his feet and succeeded in a takedown despite his heavily swollen face. The questions that surrounded Lesnar had already been answered. Everyone wanted to know if Brock could withstand Carwin's punch. Well, the tough SOB didn't just take one, he took em all and still got back up.

As the fighters headed to their corners Lesnar assured his people that he was feeling good, and it proved to be true. Just like he dug down to find the energy to train after a horrific illness, Brock found the energy within himself to fight a great round. Though Carwin got the advantage in the beginning of the first round, he wasn't able to repeat that feat as Lesnar took him down to the ground and after a bit of grappling put him in a choke. Carwin had no choice but to tap out. After all he had been though, Brock Lesnar climbed on top of the cage and celebrated the regaining of position of top of the MMA world.

In the post fight interview, it was a much different Lesnar than last time as instead of sticking middle fingers to the crowd and insulting sponsors (which I found to be great btw) he thanked God, his family & doctors and dedicated the win to them. Though I found his earlier antics to be honest and refreshing, it shows that Lesnar has matured and has become even more focused. A healthier and more focused Brock Lesnar oughta be a scary thought for other fighters in UFC and certifiable gold mine for Dana White.

After he left the octagon, Lesnar celebrated with wrestling royalty with names such as Jim Ross, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Bill Goldberg, and one of Lesnar's closest friends: Paul Heyman. To all the MMA purists, who booed Brock upon his entrance (The man almost died and they booed him) it just had to be rubbing salt into their wounds as once again the former professional wrestler was able to beat one of the UFC's mightiest heavyweights.

Here are some more reactions and interviews from Brock himself.

Also, The Fanhouse scored an interview with Heyman, Austin, Ross, and Goldberg. I think it's a good one as you get to see what kind of relatioship Heyman and Lesnar have. Also, we get to see and hear from JR, he looks pretty good.

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