Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sign the Petition to Bring Bryan Danielson back to the WWE

I have waited such a long time to do this post, because I really wanted the Danielson releasing to be a work. Hell, I even tuned in towards the end of Monday Night Raw hoping against all hope that Danielson would somehow show up. Guess, I expected too much. I won't say I'm done with the WWE, but they did kill off any excitement I had for this NXT invasion angle.

This is one one of the stupidest moves, I have ever seen from the WWE. They just wasted the entire Miz/Danielson feud, and killed off the momentum of the NXT angle. Really, Danielson should have been the focal of the Invasion angle, he is best wrestler in the group, has the most credibility (even if the WWE tries to murder it) and had the most presence out of any of the NXT rookies. While watching the Invasion, Danielson was the guy who stood out, and it wasn't just because he choked Roberts with the latter's tie. Danielson stood out because of the intensity, the ferocity and the realism of his actions. Now, the most important part of the NXT invasion is gone, and I for one think it is doomed. Furthermore, if Cole was going to be the mastermind of the NXT Invasion (I sadly think that is the case) then the writers are going to have to come up with something else instead of whatever they were going to use with Cole and Danielson.

Oh and let's not forget the fact Bryan Danielson's segments with Cole were easily the best things that WWE has put on television in the previous year. His reward: getting released. What kind of message does that send to your performers? It doesn't matter that you were doing an absolutely stellar job, we are going to treat you like a piece of dog shit and release you. I guarantee you that no up and coming WWE superstar is going to try and improvise anymore, since they are going to be scared to lose their fucking job. WWE wants Superstars, yet they set a precedent of discouraging creativity from their stars. Good Luck creating stars that way....

Just a terrible case of overreacting by Vince, I miss the Vince who claimed he had the biggest grapefruits. Apparently, Linda, her senate run committee, and Mattell has cut them off and Vince gladly sold them. Enough of this PG, advertisers pandering asshole, I want the Vince McMahon who fucking intimidated and owned Bob Costas on the midget's own show.

If the overreaction wasn't bad enough, I was treated to a hypocrisy of epic proportions on Monday Night Raw. The PG WWE showed a man who legitimately suffered from a stroke getting kidnapped, assaulted, run into cars, extorted and threatened. No one called Vince in that fucking situation. Why wasn't the driver fired? Why weren't the rest of the NXT members fired as well? What a bunch of fucking hypocrites!

This isn't worse than what happened to Bret

Now that the poison is somewhat out of my system, I would ask that you sign the petition to to reinstate Bryan Danielson. I will be honest with you guys, I have never been a huge sign an online petition, but even I signed it. Why? Because this one actually has a chance to actually accomplish something. Earlier in an interview today, John Cena said this to say about Danielson's firing.
I have to ask this, and if you can't answer it, that's completely fine. You recently made some interesting comments on your Twitter and there's been a lot of speculation about Bryan Danielson's release, and I feel there's been a lot of incorrect info. Can you speak about that at all -- is this legitimate? And what did you mean when you said how upset you were about his release?

Well, the release is legitimate. It was something that I don't understand. It's something that a lot of people are upset about. This is one of those things where ... you know, WWE is a business, and they chose to make a business decision. I think what is right for the WWE Universe to do is show that they have a bit of power. If they really feel so strongly about this subject -- the consumer has the largest voice here, and if they were really serious they should organize their efforts and put forth some body of work. I've even signed petitions to reinstate Bryan Danielson. But if they can get enough numbers to say, 'Listen, we would like this person back on WWE.' Like I said, they made a business decision, but at the same time, they can't deny good business. So if you get 200,000 consumers saying, 'Listen, we'd like to see this person on television,' I don't think the bean counters are gonna ignore the potential dollar signs. I just think all it takes is, all those people to organize under one roof and say, 'Listen, this is how we want to act,' because the uproar you're talking about, I have no spectrum about how big the size is.
According to Johny Boy, if 200,000 people sign the petition, the WWE will have to look. While, I don't know the exact number of the Internet Wrestling Community, I do think that there are a lot of us and best part is that we are all unanimous when it comes to Danielson's unjust firing. I have seen no one try to defend the WWE in this situation, and that gives me hope that this petition might just reach the 200,000 goal. In just the few days, the petition has gotten 15,207 (as I'm writing this) signatures, if you sign, pass around the link and get others to sign....we can make our voice be heard.

Support Bryan Danielson and sign the petition

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