Saturday, June 26, 2010

Into the Wrestling Vault: Undertaker vs Stone Cold Steve Austin (WWF Championship)

Both Johnny C and I have made our hatred and dismay over the Linda McMahon induced PG-Era and overall state of wrestling well known. We firmly believe that wrestling was far better in the 90's and early 2000's. In fact, even the mid 2000's are much better than the horseshit that is shoved down our throats these days. Consequently, it's no surprise that I have burned countless number of hours looking up old matches, and promos on Youtube, Daily Motion, and the dozens of other websites which host wrestling videos. Now that I have turned myself into a fancy man (with my own blog) I figured to turn all those wasted hours into blog posts. So join me as I delve into the Wrestling Vault to relive my favorite videos.

First of, I just want to announce that I bought $30 tickets to Monday Night Raw with my friend (Kevin) . I feel a bit dirty paying $30 to see the likes of Cena and Sheamus. At least, Jericho and Edge will be there. Maybe, I will make a post about, since it seems that the wrestling section has been pretty empty for a while.

I know a lot of people don't like the Ministry of Darkness, but I was a fan especially before the Corporate Ministry. During that time, Taker feuded with guys like Austin and Rock. Smarks often accuse Taker of burying guys (at times it's justifiable) however during these feuds Taker was instrumental in making those seem like credible threats and even putting them over.

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