Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Unholy Cause - A Supernatural Novel (Excerpt Included)

As those of who read the Wrestling section of the blog know, I like Gawker media and their umbrella of blogs. Usually, I just happen to visit Deadspin, which is the sports section of the Gawker blogosphere. However, occasionally, I will visit io9, which is the science fiction blog under Gawker. Today, I happened to notice an interesting article relating to Supernatural, which isn't that strange considering that io9 usually has reviews for episodes and cover any major news about the show if it leaks out. However, this was far different from those things since it concerned. Apparently, there is a whole branch of Supernatural novels out there written and authorized by the CW, instead of some shitty fanfiction writer looking for a bit of Sam/Dean Wincest. I was not aware of this at all, and I decided to do some research on the matter, since the only novels I was aware of were the ones written by Chuck.

Sure enough after doing some research on Amazon, I came across several novels which tie into the overall Supernatural universe. They start out with Supernatural: Nevermore , Supernatural: Bone Key, Supernatural: Witch's Canyon and Supernatural: Heart of the Dragon. All the novels, i have just listed have been published in the past. The one I read about io9 is called The Unholy Cause and it was released on May 4th.

Here is how it's described:
Way back in April 1862, Confederate Captain Jubal Beauchamp leads a charge across a Georgia battleground… Fast forward to 2009 and a civil war re-enactment becomes all too real. When Sam and Dean head down south to investigate they find that history has got somewhat out of hand…
Now, io9 has an entire chapter from the book as an excerpt on their website. I'm not sure about the legalities of what would happen if I were to post the aforementioned excerpt here, which is why I will direct you to go here

When I do eventually get my hands on the book (Sorry blogging doesn't pay), I will throw a review up for it on here. In the meanwhile, if you any of you read it and want to do a guest review, I would be more than happy to let you do it on our site.

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