Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Supernatural "Two Mintues to Midnight"

Now with the coordinates of Pestilence and Death known by the Winchesters, they can start their hunt and take care of business. If you recall, they obtained the coordinates of Pestilence from Brady, the horseman's "stable boy". But the location of death came with a price, Bobby's soul. Crowley proposed a deal to Bobby, his soul for Deaths location. Bobby's reasoning made sense but not everyone agreed. But in the midst of all this there was one question that was answered and I know that it had been bugging us all "Where the hell is Cas?" Turns out, when he zapped those angels and himself, he completely drained his battery and is now basically a mere human.

Now back to the subject of Horsemen, the Winchesters zeroed in on Pestilence and found him in a health facility basically treating all the patients as if they were test subjects on new diseases that he was whipping up. The Winchesters we closing in on the kill, but Pestilence had some tricks up his sleeves, he unleashed a disease that made the Winchesters fall to the ground in unbearable pain. WAIT IT'S A BIRD, NO IT'S A PLANE, NO IT'S CASTIEL. Castiel comes in and takes care of business, but it wasn't easy, remember he is practically human.

Guess what people I have some big news, out of the goodness of Crowley's heart BOBBY GOT THE POWER OF HIS LEGS BACK. Now that Bobby's back to kicking ass, Dean and Crowley set out to capture Death's ring, they discover that he is currently in Chicago. Sam, Bobby, and Cast set out on their mission to clean up the mess that Pestilence has started, a nation wide distribution of "Grade A Croatoan Virus" if they were to fail, then the whole world will turn into Zombie Land!!

Needless to say they got the job done, Sam looked like a SWAT officer evacuating all the people out of there, Bobby shot up victims of the virus and shanked some demons, and Cas blew a guys head off with a shot gun (it was a sight to see). A quick side note, i don't know if you guys noticed but when Sam and Bobby were shouting up victims of the virus, Sam had his pistol tilted side ways, I thought it was pretty funny.

On the other hand Dean and Crowley set on their search for Death, they found him in a pizza shop which looked like it was in Downtown Chicago. Dean and Death had a nice lunch, but more importantly they talked about some serious business. First of all, it turns out God will eventually die, which I thought was quite interesting. Secondly and more importantly, they discussed how Death is actually bound to Lucifer and is only doing what he is told to do. This is where business starts to happen, Death Is willing to give Dean the ring if he allows Sam to jump in "The Pit".

All I can say about this episode is that it leads up perfectly to the next episode, which we all know is the season finale. It should be an epic one.
Thoughts on the Two Minutes to Midnight by Aizaz

  • O' Death indeed ... The Supernatural team gave Death his own creepy theme music, and slow motion entrance and boy was he ever deserving of it. I'm glad they saved Death for last, because he was the most interesting out of the vaunted 4 Horsemen. Where as his brothers seemed to revel in the chaos and destruction they caused, Death is completely cold towards the havoc he wrecks on people, and that's exactly what makes him so frightening. If that wasn't enough enough, he ends up revealing that even God is one day going to die. Combine that with the fact that this entity doesn't even remember how old he is, and you can see why even Dean (who always hides behind sarcasm) is scared of him. If Supernatural is looking for a villain in Season 6, I don't think they need to look any further than Death.
  • I'm curious about how Death came to be under Lucifer's control. It was obviously against his will because I just can't see someone as proud and dignified as Death working under someone he considers to be a " bratty child having a tantrum".
  • The introduction of Death ended up overshadowing Pestilence, who was extremely fucked up in his own right. The scenes where he tried his new petri dishes/experiments on the elderly patients were well acted and just the right amount of disgusting for Pestilence.
  • My only complaint is that Pestilence got shorthanded since he A) Was beaten with the first half of an episode.... B) Caught off guard by a very human Castiel, which made him look weak. I think Pestilence deserved his own episode especially after you have been building his appearance up for a few episodes.
  • Speaking of Cas, it was nice to have our favorite rebel angel back. Immediately upon his return, he had a great line when he tells Dean (over the phone) "You are not the burnt and broken shell of a man that I thought you were"... Cas certainly has a way with words. Dean face and "Thank You" were great too.
  • I said it last week, but it needs to be said again. Mark Shephard as Crowley is fucking awesome. He takes a picture of the kiss, and taunts Bobby with "Why did you have to use tongue"?
  • Having said that, I don't like the chances of Bobby's soul once all of this over. Crowley is being a little too nice by giving Bobby his legs back and all. I don't know if Crowley turns out to be another Ruby but I definitely think that he has something up his sleeve.
  • As much as the season had it's ups and downs, I'm still really excited for the Season Finale. It's unfortunate that it will probably be the last appearance of Mark Pellegrino and Lucifer. He has done such a great job this season, I wish there was some way to keep him around, but that would be a betrayal tot he story and the character. Just don't have him go down in a dumb way...Please?
  • Oh and in preparation for the Season Finale....

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