Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Supernatural " Devil You Know"

Two down, two to go. War and Famine got knocked off the chart earlier in the season, but know they face the big one's, Pestilence and Death. With the help of Crowley the Winchesters are going to try snag the rings of the two last horseman and lock Lucifer back in the box.

This episode focused mainly on the finding of the location of Pestilence and doing whatever means possible to get the ring off his ringer. Crowley had the master plan of capturing his "stable boy" and interrogate him for the location of his master. Surprisingly it worked, but with a price. The demon that they captured was the "stable boy" but also Sam's college roommate and best friend, Brady. After some burst of anger from Sam (as you could imagine) you discover that Brady has been a daemon for a great deal of their friendship, and that he is the reason for the death of Jess.

After Crowley's thrifty move with his words, he managed to make Brady into a most wanted victim for daemons, by proclaiming that him and Crowley had set out to kill the Devil. But the fun doesn't end there, while Crowley was on his field trip to sabotage Brady, a tracking device was set on him by another daemon and a hell hound was sent to tear them up as if they were a couple of chew toys. But our friend Crowley had another trick up his sleeve, he dashed out to buy himself a hell hound, a BIG hell hound. I think we all know how that turned out.

What I believe is the major scene in this episode is at the end when Crowley explains to Bobby that if Bobby "lends" his soul to Crowley, then he can perform a spell and get the location of Death. At first Bobby didn't fall for it, but Crowley assured him that he was only going to borrow it and give it right back. Unfortunately (i think) Bobby said yes to Crowley's idea. All i can say is, NEVER TRUST A DEMON.


Thoughts on the Devil You Know by Aizaz

  • Don't worry, I'm not taking over Pat's review (not that I could), I'm only sharing my thoughts on the episode, since I thought it was an extremely good episode
  • I like that the Supernatural writers expanded upon Sam's story. It makes a lot of sense that Azazzel "(Yellow Eyed Demon) would keep an eye on his prized possession, while he was at college. Plus, it ties into the whole Sam and Dean were destined to become the vessels for Lucifer and Michael. As much as Sam wanted to get away from his family business (unknowingly his destiny as well)the forces around him refused to let go.
  • Kudos to Mark Shepphard (actor who played Crowley) for stealing nearly every scene he was in. The guy just does a really job of playing a devilishly (no pun intended) clever demon, who looks out for numero uno, instead of buying the whole "Lucifer" is the savior thing. Consequently, it makes sense that he was desperate enough to rile up the "Demon's Nest" in order to insure a survivor's chance for Sam and Dean.
  • Speaking of Lucifer, I absolutely loved what the Supernatural writers have done with his character. In Hammer of the Gods we were presented with so many layers to character that it was hard not to root for him. You see the arrogance and vengeful anger in him, while he was dealing with the treacherous pagan gods. After that, you see the reluctance in his eyes when he realizes that he has to fight his own brother. Lucifer tries to talk some sense into Gabriel, but when the archangel tries to stab him, the Fallen Angel wastes no time in plunging the blade into his brother's heart.
  • When Lucifer has killed most of the Pagan Gods and enters into the meeting room, he announces his presence with "Hey Sam and Dean, long time no see". I think Pat mentioned it his review, but I laughed really hard at that.
  • It would have been really easy for the writers to make Lucifer the evil incarnate. After all, that's the perception most people have of Lucifer, but they made a an excellent decision by putting some humanity into the monster. There is no doubt that Lucifer is a monster, but by adding a bunch of layers to his character, you keep on toeing the agnostic line of the show, but also create a much more engaging villain than a Big Baddie.
  • Good Bye Trickster, you were one of my favorite characters in Supernatural. I will always look upon the episodes featuring him (Tall Tales, Mystery Spot, and Changing Channels) episode with great fondness .
  • I have had my problems with the pacing of Season 5, but I'm very excited for the last 3 episodes of the Season 5. I think the whole "Cage for Lucifer via 4 rings"* is a little too convenient, but Supernatural has always picked it's game up towards the end of the season, and this shouldn't be any different.
* So the Horsemen's rings jut happen to have the ability to lock Lucifer back up and Sam and Dean could just capture the aforementioned rings. This is the same problem I had Voldemort's horcruxes in the Harry Potter. Voldmeort was obsessed with immortality, but he hid pieces of his soul in a cave and didn't have an alarm system... That doesn't sound terribly smart.

I know the Supernatural writers tried to cover it by saying that Lucifer doesn't know about the rings locking him back up, but that makes him look dumb and weakens the villain you have spent the entire season building up. Also, if you were the Horsemen, and you were able to roam the Earth because of Lucifer's resurrection.... Wouldn't you do everything within your power to stay from people like Sam and Dean, who have the luck and abilities to possibly snatch those rings away from, thus bringing you and Lucifer a step close to your imprisonments.

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