Monday, May 10, 2010

Smackdown Rundown (5/7/10)

First of, I want to apologize for the lateness of this particular Smackdown Rundown. I don't really have a good excuse, it's just that I had a busy weekend with the release of Iron Man II (you can expect a review tomorrow) and Mother's Day. As a result, I couldn't get around to doing the Smackdown Rundown until now.

This week's Smackdown came to you from North Charleston, SC. The last episode of Smackdown was well done as the the writers introduced and established the new roster that will be on the blue brand for the rest of the year. Were they able to continue on with that momentum or did they repeat the same mistakes that Raw had previously made. Read on to find out!

  • The show began with an injured Matt Hardy making his way to the ring and calling out Drew McIntyre. Wow, a complete black hole of charisma and a guy that only gets cheered because of his junkie brother. Way to make the audience care.
  • McIntrye and Hardy brawl for a while until the officials come out to try and break them. As the referees hold Hardy back, the Intercontinental Champion takes the advantage and absolutely pummels the already hurt superstar.
  • Why is it that referees always hold the face back? Wouldn't you want to restrain the guy who is know to attack people from behind? Why is that no one ever displays any sort of logic in the WWE? Will continue to ask questions that I will never get answers to?
  • Once, the Sinister Scotsman has the advantage, he continues to decimate Matt Hardy despite the warnings from referees and officials.
  • Out comes GM Teddy Long warning Drew to stop the "heinous" attack. The Chosen One refuses to listen and Teddy suspends him,. Doesn't work. Teddy strips McIntyre of the Intercontinental Championship, and I regain some hope and joy in my life.
  • Once the suspension, and the stripping don't work, Teddy FIRES Drew McIntyre. First, I kinda miss Vince firing people. Second. Thank you baby Jesus... no longer do I have to put up with Drew McIntyre talking really slowly, and boring me to tears. No longer do I have to see his boring matches where he only has the grand total of 3 moves and that's including his finisher.
  • Drew just got married (in real life) to Smackdown Diva Tiffany, so I expect he will take a week or so off before being moved to Raw. I was right about the WWE wanting to move him to Raw, they just didn't to have him lose the title before they moved him to the "A" show.

  • Following a commercial break and a recap of what just transpired, we had ourselves the first match of the night.
  • Luck Gallows vs MVP - This was a very short match that saw MVP pick up the victory, over the distracted Like, with a 305 (what he calls Shelton's Paydirt) as Mysterio came through the crowd to attack Punk, who was on the outside of the ring. Just a couple of observations here. I wish they would give Gallows more time in the ring. He is a really talented big guy who is capable of putting on some good matches. Having him as a jobber will only hurt him. Oh and Shelton's Paydirt was far superior to MVP's 305.

Judge for yourselves

  • After the match, Punk and Rey had a very good segment on the mic. Rey successfully pointed out the flaw in the Straight Edge Society and the hypocrisy of Punk in not shaving his own head, while Serena and Luke have to do so. Hell, he ever offered to join the SES that very night if Punk shaved his head. In addition to offering to join the SES, Mysterio also pointed out that him and Punk could do a lot of good together as members of the SES . Finally, they did the right thing by having a popular face admit that the message Punk sends out isn't bad, it's just that he goes about doing it the wrong way. As usual, Punk was absolutely brilliant as he went from being a sanctimonious dick (he called Rey a coward for attacking him from behind) to looking like a chastised hypocrite in front of his own group. Even Mysterio (who is not known for his micwork) was very good in his role.
  • Oh and the match was set for Over the Limit. If Rey Mysterio wins, CM Punk has to shave his head. However, if it is Punk who comes out victorious then Mysterio will have to become a member of the SES.
  • I really hope Punk wins since Mysterio as a reluctant member of the SES would be interesting to watch. Sure, Punk getting his head shaved would be funny to see for a few moments, but the former can be entertaining for weeks if not months.

  • A Divas match took, and I still couldn't care less. Let's move on.
  • Backstage, Teddy Long announced that he would hold a 4 man tournament for the vacant Intercontinental Championship. The semi finals would take place tonight, while the Final would be next week's main event.
  • Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston - This was a good match that went on for 10 or so minutes. It also shows why I like Smackdown more than Raw. On the supposed "A" show this match would have gotten 5 minutes (Basically what DiBiase and Morrison got on Monday) but on Smackdown, these guys got to participate in a good match that even got the crowd involved. Kofi came out victorious but Ziggler looked good in defeat.
  • The move to Smackdown has already worked wonders for Kofi, as he has gone from being an afterthought on Raw to a mainstay on Smackdown.
  • I have been a fan of Ziggler's for a while, and it's nice to see that he is finally getting over with the crowd.

  • Kofi qualifies for the Finals next week, and now it's Christian vs Cody Rhodes to determine the other half.
  • I said it last week, and I will say it again... Can someone please remove the Legacy logo from Cody's titantron? Legacy is now defunct, so there is no use having that logo in Cody's entrance.
  • heath Slater accompanied Christian to the ring, and he actually took away from the match, since he is suh a fucking douchebag. He actually felt the need to yell IC title at Christian, while the latter mounted his comeback. God, I hate this bucket of AIDS.
  • Christian vs Kofi - Maybe it's the fact that he has had two great opponents in Christian and Morrison, but Cody Rhodes has been great on Smackdown. I actually thought he was going to win after he pulled off that beautiful Moonsault. Of course, it helped that Christian sold the shit out of it. The former Intercontinental Champion did a great job with getting the crowd involved into his comeback and that added to an already great match. If you have the time, I would suggest watching the two semi final matches for Intercontinental Championship.
  • Christian won with the Killswitch, which leaves me torn on whether he should win next week. I really would like to see him become the World Heavyweight Championship, but I think they need to build him up just a bit more before he challenges Swagger for the World Heavyweight Championship. Winning the Intercontinental Championship would help... Who knows maybe they even have him as the IC and WHC Champion at the same time? Probably not, but I can hope, right?

  • Swagger vs Kane - Absolutely awful match, and if this is a precursor to Swagger's match against Show, then it's going to be terrible one.
Once again, Smackdown put on a good show, and they continued to establish their new stars. The Main Event was a disappointment, but the IC Title tournament added a lot to the show.

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