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Smackdown Rundown (4/30/10)

This past Friday marked a new era for Smackdown after they had most of their talent stolen in the WWE draft. Granted, this bold new Era is basically ECW 2.0 (The main event picture consists of Jack Swagger, CM Punk, Big Show, Kofi Kingston, and Christian) but I'm still looking forward to it. Why? Because it will be much different than Raw. Talented performers will actually get to develop their characters, wrestlers will decent amounts of time to tell a story in the ring, and we will see the development of new stars before our very eyes. Consequently, we might get to see some new and interesting feuds on Smackdown (read = CM Punk vs Christian) where as on Raw the same feuds will just be rehashed (Don't worry Edge and Cena will be facing off in no time) again. Knowing all of this, the Smackdown team had to put on a good show while establishing their new talent. Did they manage to do it? Read on to find out

  • The show started with Teddy Long claiming that Smackdown had gotten the better deal of the draft. To this I say:

Goodbye Tony Atlas, you and your awesome laugh will be missed.
  • Teddy introduced Kofi Kingston, who was making his Friday Night debut against Chris Jericho. Before the match, Jericho made his farewell address to the gelatinous parasites in the crowd. He said he would establish himself as the face of Smackdown, and he certainly did that. According to the artist formerly known as Y2J there would be an empty hole on Smackdown now that he is gone, and the fans would miss him. The WWE Universe (yuck!) predictably responded with a "You Suck" chant. Jericho countered that he did not,a nd the fans needed to grow. At this point, Kofi grabbed the mic and told Jericho that she needed to shut up.
  • It's nice that Jericho got to give his farewell address, even though I believe he will be making appearances on Smackdown in a couple of weeks. What was even better is that Kofi got some mic time and did a good job with it. Looks like Kofi is on his way to acquiring a personality.

  • This was a pretty good match, I think their match from Night of Champions (a couple years ago) was better this was a good effort. I swear I have seen the spot where Kofi took the Codebreaker and rolled out of the ring. It might have been when JTG beat Jericho before their encounter at Summerslam. Anyway, it's nice to see Jericho put Kofi over before he leaves for Raw. The incoming Smackdown wrestlers need all they help they can get to establish themselves. Beating the former World Heavyweight Champion is a good start for Kofi's Smackdown career.
  • After the match, we got a backstage promo from Jack Swagger, who claimed that after winning the 2002 Rose Bowl, he was invited to the White House by the greatest President of all time: George W Bush . A way to get some cheap heat, but I don't mind since it proved to be effective.
  • Back from the commercial break, we saw Jericho bitching to someone backstage. The camera never showed who it was until the very end when Big Show's meaty paw knocked Jericho out.

  • Well this wasn't how I wanted the JeriShow reunion to go, but for the purposes of establishing Show as a face, it works very well.
  • As we see Jericho lying on the ground, the camera turns to the ring where Chavo Guerrero awaits us. Chavo talks about how he is back home on Smackdown with his aunt Vickie. As he is talking, Kane comes out to chokeslam him. Still better than losing to Hornswoggle.
  • A pretaped backstage promo featuring Shad Gaspard aired and once again the former Cryme Tyme member claimed that it was his time. Just have him and Cena feud over the rights to "My Time" (Cena's current theme) and be done with it. You know you want to do it WWE.
  • Cody Rhodes made his debut on Smackdown with his old music (the one before Priceless) though he still had the Legacy logo on the tron. Somebody needs to tell them to remove that, since Grisham specifically mentioned that Rhodes is going to "try and build his own legacy". While you are changing that, please get him some kneepads as well. Rhodes has really skinny legs, so he looks awkward. The knee pads can cover that up to a certain extent.

  • Wow, Cody Rhodes is actually pretty good in the ring. Maybe, its the fact that he never got a singles match, longer than 4 minutes on Raw or maybe most of his singles matches consisted of jobbing to Cena or Triple H, but I never realized that he was that good. I'm beginning to think he does have a bright future ahead of him on Smackdown. As for Morrison, I think he is going to be wishing for a match like this in a couple of months.

  • On to my favorite segment of the entire show (if not entire wrestling year), and to no one's surprise it's the Edge and Christian segment. I have made it no secret that I would absolutely love an Edge and Christian reunion or even feud, so watching this segment was almost a year long wish of mine. Was it earth shatteringly epic as I had hoped it would be? No, but it was a solid confrontation between my favorite tag team of all time. It might have also served as a (this might just be wishful thinking on my part) precursor to a match between these two at Summerslam or (I hope to whatever deity is listening) at Wrestlemania 27. Look, the Smackdown roster is so decimated right now that Christian is one of the few faces, who is credible enough to win the World Heavyweight Championship. Combine that with the fact there is a Money in the Bank PPV coming up soon, and I think it's entirely possible that Edge vs Christian might just be taking place. Why else would they mention Edge's 9 championship compared to Christian's 0?
  • Before moving on, I do want to thank a couple of people for making sure that this moment actually took place. According to Matt Fowler (who covers wrestling for IGN) Edge has told people that he went up to Vince asking for a program between him and Christian. Vince's response was that no one remembers Edge and Christian. If that is indeed the case then this was probably Michael Hayes' call, and I want to thank him for allowing these two to be on screen together. For almost a year, we have been waiting for anything between these two and nothing ever did. After the draft, I had given up all hope but Hayes and the Smackdown team made sure that the E&C fans got something. Also, nice job by Striker of making a reference to the 5 second pose with the benefit of flash photography.
  • Last, I fucking despise everyone in that crowd. What a shitfest of a crowd that was, Edge just turned heel right in front of you can't even muster a few boos. Why the fuck would you even show up? Yes, I'm bitter about the non reaction to the E&C history, Vince can now claim that he was right.

  • In the backstage area, Josh Matthews catches up Edge and asks him if the Edge and Christian match would ever happen. Edge said Christian probably doesn't want to see that. Show (who just happened to be in that area) says it's too bad we will never see that match, and proceeds to knock Edge out.
  • Divas match happened... Kelly Kelly is still as awful as she ever was, though she won.
  • Another backstage segment with the All-American American, this time he talks about how he rejected full scholarships from prestigious schools like USC and a couple of others to go to the University of Oklahoma.
  • Chris Masters made his man tits dance in a pretaped segment. no one gave a shit.
  • Dolph Ziggler came to the ring and showed a video recap of him choking Hornswoggle out. I certainly enjoyed seeing it again. Dolph admitted it was the proudest moment of his life (If he actually ends that midget's career, it might be better than banging Maria*), I just hope we don't see Hornswoggle returning next week to cost Ziggler the match. See all that praise I gave you Michael Hayes. Please, don't make me take it away.
*Maria and Nick Nemeth (Ziggler's real name) actually dated in real life.
  • The announcers recapped the McIntyre/Hardy feud. As Hardy was giving an update on his medical condition, in a backstage interview, McIntyre attacked him again with a Futureshock DDT.
  • JTG had a pretaped segment. Wait, I thought he got drafted to Raw?

  • Punk was taunting the crowd about still having all of his hair when MVP interrupted. He did a pretty decent job of playing the face as he essentially told punk to shut up.
  • The match was shorter than I expected, but it was decent. MVP got the win, which makes everyone who came over from Raw and competed in a match came out victorious. Oh and MVP already stole Shelton Benjamin's Paydirt and renamed it the 305 for his finishing move. I think the Smackdown team realized that they need to immediately start giving some credibility to the guys who were being wasted on Raw.
  • At the end of the night, Swagger made his way out to the ring and cut a good promo. He had massive heat from the crowd as there were times when he couldn't talk over the crowd.

  • This is what happens when you let the heel champion actually score a clean pin over one of the biggest faces in the company. A couple of weeks ago, the crowd was as apathetic to Swagger as they are to Drew McIntyre. Now, he is drawing massive amount of heat. This is what a clean win over Cena could have done for Sheamus, but Raw could never get something like that right.
  • Teddy Long interrupted Swagger's speech to name Big Show the #1 contender. the "World's Largest Athlete" said he respected Swagger's accolades, and knocked him out. I'm fine with Show as a contender for the title as long as he doesn't win. You look at the amount of heat Swagger got from beating Orton. Now, if he somehow defeats Big Show, in a clean manner, he will be even more hated.
Barring the Divas match and one or two of the pretaped segments, this was an extremely done edition of Friday Night Smackown. They managed to lay the groundwork for new feuds, established some new stars, and set the table for a new Era in Smackown. Plus, they had Edge and Christian in the same ring. That's a pretty good show in my book.

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