Thursday, May 13, 2010

Raw Report ...Yeaaaaaaaaah Boyeeeeeeeeeee Edition

I'm doing the Raw Report, because I won't be able to watch Smackdown this week as I will be away. I asked John if he could cover it.. At first, he agreed then he changed his mind. That filthy pedophile is more wishy washy than John Kerry. I'm not sure if he will write it or not, but you will will get my weekly review on Raw even if it's a bit shorter than what I write for Smackdown.

  • This is going to sound shocking, but I didn't actually mind Flava Flav as the guest host. Sure, I could have done without him, but he didn't actually take away from the show. I don't think it's because I have just gotten used to the concept, since everything Cole spews still irks me.
  • I was amused when Flav refused to relinquish the mic over once he was done his duet with R-Truth. It reminded me of an incident where Flava Flav completely hijacked a Halloween event hosted by Opie and Anthony (my favorite radio show). I really thought we were heading for something similar, and somebody would actually have to come out and physically take the mic away from Flav.
  • Another reason I didn't hate Flav as a guest host.... it gave us this awesome rap by William Regal. Not only did he get an inside joke about the volcanic ash, but he is hung just like the British Parliament. Oh and that delivery, it was fucking phenomenal.
  • Regal is one of the most talented wrestlers (in ring and mic) on the roster, and he really should be used more. It's a damn shame that he ruined his alleged run with the World Title when he got caught doing roids.
  • Meatloaf was awful, and they actually got me to actually wish for Orton to RKO him. I guess Mission Accomplished.
  • I'm glad that Vickie as the permanent GM was only a one night thing. The Edge/Vickie pairing worked wonders on Smackdown, but towards the end it began to get a bit stale. If they rehashed it on Raw, it would have been good for a few and then gotten really old. They made the smart decision by keeping it a one night thing.
  • It was also a wise move because Orton wouldn't have been able to lay his hands on her. When the WWE switched back to PG, the USA network made the rules that there would be no man on women violence. The crowd would have wanted Vickie to get RKO'ed and Orton wouldn't have been able to deliver on it. This way they can protect their face and make him look strong as his death glare can make grown women run in fear.
  • Edge has been a breath of fresh air on Raw. As I mentioned above the Ultimate Opportunist gimmick was getting a little stale, which is why I was getting excited for his face turn (it didn't turn out well) but his Era of Controversy thing is working well.
  • A few years ago if you had told me I would say the following words, I would have slapped you in the face, but now I want Dave Batista to stay in the WWE. He was absolutely badass as he destroyed Mark Henry. Hell, his entire run as the jealous heel has been the best part of his career. If I had to put up with a shitty face Batista for years, I don't think it's too much to ask for that we get his awesome heel character for a bit longer.

How do you not love this man?
  • Is there any doubt that Cena will OVERCOME THE ODDS at Over the Limit? In fact, I can actually hear Cole screaming Vintage Cena as he beats Batista.
  • The only thing that interests is how does Sheamus fit into all of this.
  • The rumored Fortunate Sons stable might not be so bad after all. From a writing standpoint, they have done well in sowing the seeds for it's formation as both the Colons and DiBiase have every reason to band together. Hopefully, this will given R-Truth and Morrison someone to feud with since the latter is already jobbing to NXT rookies.
  • Speaking of the rookies, it was nice to see Daniel Bryan get his first victory even if he got eliminated the next episode. I think Brian Danielson needs to pray to whatever deity he believes in that he gets sent to Smackdown because things will get ugly if he ends up on the already crowded Monday nights.
  • Jericho and Miz aka Jiz get a shot at the Unified Tag Titles at Over the Limit. I wish Jericho vs David Hart SMith lasted longer than two and a half minutes.
  • Miz chose Bret Hart for his opponent (US Title on the line) next week. I highly doubt Bret will compete in another match let alone grab the United States Championship.
  • Zach Ryder is awesome.... Woo Woo Woo, you know it.

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