Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Raw Report 5/18/10

This week's terrific edition of Raw came to you from Toronto, Canada. Ever since the draft took place 3 weeks ago, Raw has been a solid show. They have a loaded roster, and the good thing is that they seem like they have a plan for their talent. John Morrison (before his injury) and R-Truth were going to feud with the upcoming Fortunate Sons stable. Sheamus is going to be the guy who replaces Batista once The Animal leaves. Jericho and Miz aka Jiz will capture the Unified Tag Champs while they feud with the Hart Dynasty. Edge and Orton are are trying to bring "Edgy" (no there isn't a pun intended) back to the WWE product, and they will probably be involved in the Fatal 4 for the WWE Championship. My point is that the Raw creative team knows what direction they are headed in, and that has vastly improved the Monday Night Show.

  • The show started with Bret Hart making his way down to the ring and he received a massive ovation. I'm just glad Canada actually got to see Bret in a WWE ring again, those poor sods have been teased so many times about a possible Bret comeback that they probably expected The Miz or someone else to be fucking with them.

  • Bret decided that he didn't really want to compete in a match against the Miz now that he has had a week to think about it. As Bret was explaining his reasoning out comes Canada's favorite son (at the moment) Chris Jericho and he received an even louder ovation than Bret Hart, which isn't something I thought to be possible.
  • Jericho called Bret a hypocrite citing his inability to walk away from the business. I wish they had taken the gloves of for this promo, it would have been more entertaining if Jericho called Bret out for breaking his word and actually entering a WWE ring again. The same could be said for Bret calling out Jericho for being a hypocrite. The artist formerly known as Y2J manipulated Bret into going through with the match. Furthermore, it would be a No-DQ match, which pretty much guarantees some sort of shenanigans. By no means was it a bad a segment, in fact I though it was well done, I just think it could have been even better.
  • If Jericho and Bret wasn't enough Canadian goodness for you, out came the Rated R Superstar, whose opponent was going to be handpicked by Randy Orton.
  • Edge's opponent was revealed to be Christian. At this point I and every Canadian wrestling fan, came in their pants.
  • First of, I want to thank Brian Gerwitz and Vince for giving me Edge vs Christian on the commercial free edition of Raw.
  • Second, you probably should have teased the match beforehand. As much as the WWE wants to pretend otherwise, people do remember Edge and Christian, and I'm sure it would have lured some old viewers who used to enjoy Ede and Christian.
  • Third, it would have been a smart move to have some E&C clips ready. You have that huge video library, and you think that people don't remember these two. If you believe that to be true, then shouldn't you refresh your audience's memory in order to increase the significance of the match.
  • As for the match itself it was a very good one. Cole and Lawler did a nice job (Did I actually type that? I will have to rip on Cole later) of selling the fact these two know each other very well, which went hand in hand with all the counters in the match. Both the guys buster their asses as they had a couple of great nearfalls and just just seemed to have a good time working with each other. Fuck Shawn Michaels and Triple H, these two are much better. That's right, I said it... Ain't nobody scared.
  • I wish Christian would have won, since he could have used an upset win. I will post the match when it gets on Youtube.

  • By the way, we got to see Bret Hart, Chris Jericho, Edge and Christian on the same show in Canada. All we need was to see Chris Benoit..........Oh wait
  • Once the match between Edge and Christian (one more time I want to thank you for actually giving me this match) Orton revealed that Christian wasn't the opponent he had picked.
  • It was actually Undertaker. Edge got himself counted out, until Christian threw him back, and Taker chokeslammed him.
  • There was a backstage segment between Eve Torres and Maryse, and the former viciously attacked the former. I enjoyed it. The divas match that took place later on... Not so much.
  • Buzz Aldrin was actually decent as a guest host even if the Canadian crowd didn't really care about him. He fucked up WWF/WWF just as Hart did earlier on in the night.
  • Batista's heel character fucking rules, and I really want to him to stay around. He just comes out and destroys Mark Henry, and I find myself waiting his next move of badassness.
  • Zack Ryder w Alicia Fox vs Evan Bourne w Gail Kim actually took place. Ryder lost again but at least he still has a presence on the show.
  • Ted DiBiase beat Yoshi Tatuso. However, the interesting development coming out of this was the return of Virgil. The crowd gave him a nice reception.
This is why Virgil is back

  • Edge's choice of opponent for Randy Orton was the World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger.
  • Apart from the fact that they blatantly violated the Brand Extension rules, this wasn't as good of a match as their encounter at Extreme Rules. The only saving grace is that Jack Swagger didn't have to lose cleanly to Orton especially after Smackdown has done such a good job of establishing him as Champ.
  • This was another match that ended in a DQ as Edge speared Orton and then posed. After getting RKO'd week after week, it's nice to see Edge gain the upperhand.
  • John Cena cut a promo, and as usual I hated it.
  • Bret Hart captured the US Championship in an extremely gimmicky affair. I thought it was a nice gesture on the WWE's part.
  • Hopefully, Bret vacates the title and we see some sort of tournament.
  • All night long, the WWE had spoofs on popular commercials and I liked 3 of them. Santino as the "World's Most Irritating Man" (instead of "World's Greatest Man") was the best, while the one involving Goldust fell flat on its face.
  • Speaking of the skit involving Goldust, the chick (who was smoking) was Cherry Bomb from SHIMMER. Rumors say that she recently signed with the WWE.

  • Even though, Cole has been a heel on NXT, I just noticed that he is now trying to be one on Raw as well. This will turn out to be a bigger disaster than Mike "Jeff Harvey" Adamle.
  • Cena took on the Translucent Warrior, and it ended in a DQ as Batista came out and gave Cena 3 spinebusters, After that, he put Cena in something that resembles a crossface and The Regal Stretch. That was the ending image of the show as Cena refused to say "I Quit".
  • The WWE is teasing a permanent GM for Raw, and it will be announced next week. Thanks to their recent success, I actually have confidence in Raw creative to pick the right person.

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