Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Monday Night Wars 2 Has Ended

TNA Impact is returning home to Thursdays at 9PM. WWE should be grateful that TNA is giving them a fighting chance.

Black Machismo did a perfect impression of Ric Flair; however, Flair was pissed and told Machismo to bow down to "his God." Not Allah, Aizaz.

Huge brawl between Flair, Styles, Beer Money, and Wolfe against Machismo, Team 3D, Abyss, and RVD. RVD recieved a HUGE POP by the way. Hogan emerged to deliver some punches and pump up the crowd. For some reason, Hulk loves saying "Woooo!"

Brian Kendrick is the biggest misuse of talent in the Millennium. His partner Jesse Neal formed the tag team known as "INK INC." That ranks up there as the dumbest team name of all time. Just call them Ink.

Samoa Joe emerged and destroyed Kendrick with a MuscleBuster. Tenay wondered who abducted Joe? Joe refused to answer. I'm not sure who did it, but my guess is either Aizaz's cousin Punjabi or Mideon and the Acolytes.

Flair gave a pep talk to his crew which was similar to his speech to Carlito on RAW a few years ago. Naitch told A.J. to "go kick that elephant's ass!" Flair would be the GREATEST COACH EVER!

Editor's Note - The pep talk Johny C mention is near the end of the clip

Mr. Anderson assaulted Pope backstage. CRAZINESS!

Anderson was dressed as an altar boy and talked like a Baptist preacher. Jeff Hardy responded by challenging Anderson to a match at Sacrifice. (Sacrifice your hard earned money for a Jeff Hardy no show!) Hardy called his fans the "creatures of the night" which is eerily similar to something Undertaker's fans would be called.

On the Comcast info, it actually says "Douglas Williams returns to X-Division." I had no idea he was such a big star.

With Mickie James gone, the Beautiful People are now my favorite women in wrestling. Undisputed sexiest entrance of all time.

Nash & Hall jumped Team 3D and Eric Young helped. At least that makes sense...

Styles pinned Abyss in a fun, hardcore match after Styles ball blasted Abyss with brass knucks.

RVD defeated Wolfe in a very short but fun while it lasted Championship match.

Sting made absolutely no God damn sense for his reasons for turning heel. Hogan actually tried to cover for him, but Jarrett came out looking to fight to end the show.

The Verdict: I enjoy TNA more than RAW these days. Better women, better commentary, and more fun. The Sting Revelation; however, leaves a lot to be desired.

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