Monday, May 3, 2010

The Monday Night War (2.0) Has Come to An End is reporting that TNA has decided to move back to Thursday, which marks an end to the second Monday Night Wars. Actually, calling it a war is giving TNA too much credit. This experiment by TNA was like the kid brother trying to fight the big brother. Just like the kid, TNA never stood a chance at winning the fight, but they tried anyway. They got a decent shot or two in with pulling an occasional 1.0's, but the WWE was never in any real danger. Hell, they never even took the fight seriously. So TNA is now going to move back to Thursday nights where they will still pull a decent audience. Bischoff and Dixie are already trying to spin this move as what the fans wanted with some study about how the fans "overwhelmingly wanted TNA to be a Thursday Night show". Don't be fooled this is pure damage control as TNA was embarrassed in the ratings last week (0.5) and were forced to move back to Thursday after they had their (To quote Abyss) assssssssssssssssssss kicked.

This is not the way you get ratings

It's sad that Vince and his army of yes men will claim this as a victory for their "sports entertainment" brand, but the fact of the matter is TNA lost because they had terrible writing, inane booking, and they pushed the wrong guys. For instance, let's look at Abyss, who is absolutely the worst actor in the business right now. For Hogan to try to making him the next Cena was an absolute joke and shows how out of touch the Hulkster truly is. I hope TNA realizes what a colossal fuck up they had and puts the right people (JR and Paul Heyman) in charge, because Vince needs to be shown that he is wrong. With the move back to Thursday nights, I hope TNA learns from their mistakes and takes the opportunity to improve their product. Unfortunately, I doubt it will happen since they are already putting a positive spin on the absolute asskicking they received.

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