Thursday, May 6, 2010

Into the Wrestling Vault: 5/6/10 Edition

Both Johnny C and I have made our hatred and dismay over the Linda McMahon induced PG-Era and overall state of wrestling well known. We firmly believe that wrestling was far better in the 90's and early 2000's. In fact, even the mid 2000's are much better than the horseshit that is shoved down our throats these days. Consequently, it's no surprise that both John and I have burned countless number of hours looking up old matches, and promos on Youtube, Daily Motion, and the dozens of other websites which host wrestling videos. Now that we have turned ourselves into fancy men (with our own blog) we figured to turn all those wasted hours into blog posts. So join us as we delve into the Wrestling Vault to relive our favorite videos.

I'm going to keep the recent Two Man Powertrip kick going. After they booted The Rock out of the WWE (storyline wise), Austin and Triple H had two of the most formidable men in the WWE (Undertaker vs Kane) after them. However even the Brothers of Destruction had trouble keeping up with the sheer ruthlessness of The Bionic Rattlesnake and The Game. Just weeks before their all important match* at Backlash, Austin and Triple H broke Kane's arm, but that didn't keep the Big Red Monster from showing up to Backlash.

* The WWE Championship, the Intercontinental Championship and the Tag Team Championship were all on the line. If Austin were to be pinned, then the victor would be awarded the WWE title. If Triple H was to be defeated, the victor would get his Intercontinental title. On the other hand, if Kane or Undertake were to lose, then Austin and triple H would become the Tag Team Champions.

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