Friday, May 21, 2010

Carlito gets Shitcanned


WWE Superstar Carlito (Carlos Colon) has been released from his World Wrestling Entertainment contract as of today May 21, 2010. Carlito’s termination was due to his first violation of the WWE Wellness Program and his subsequent refusal to attend a rehabilitation facility.

It's no surprise that Carlito has been released from the WWE, it's just the timing of the firing that surprises me.

I remember when he won the US Championship (from Cena no less) in his very first match, I thought Carlito would be a huge superstar for years to come. For a while, he seemed to be on the right track, as he captured Tag Team, US and Intercontinental Titles and firmly established himself as midcard, and even occasional upper midcard level superstar. That was pretty cool.

Then creative had nothing for him and soon enough, Carlito became a tremendous misuse of talent over the years, and that wasn't so cool. Carlito was good on the mic, skilled in the ring, and was able to get over with the fans as a heel, it's just part of his misuse may be due to Carlito's ow lackadaisical attitude as he has always been accused of being lazy, but when given proper incentive Carlito did work hard. Unfortunately, those moments had been very rare in the past few years. They paired him and Primo up, and then disbanded the tag team for an angle that led to absolutely no where. Then they put these two back together, and it looked like the Colon brothers would be a part of the Fortunate Sons, and now his release. I have no doubt that Carlito will end up in TNA once his 90 day no compete clause ends as he is too talented to be unemployed. What I do wonder is whether Carlito will end up being another name like Brian Kendrick or will he make something of himself like Mr. Anderson or The Pope.

Carlito's Debut and capturing of the US Championship

Fight for the IC Championship

Performing on Wrestlemania 25

The first ever Unified Tag Team Champion: The Colon Brothers

Coming oh so close to capturing the WWE Championship

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