Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Best Segment in NXT history

* It's the second video for those of you who don't actually read and just want to watch the videos.

I haven't watched NXT regularly ever since Heath Slater pinned Chris Jericho. Combine that with the absolutely absurd challenges (Seriously, drinking soda or selling programs?) and I really was fine without watching another episode of NXT. Last week, they teased an elimination on Raw, so I decided to watch (in the background), and I was pretty impressed with Danielson's promo where he called out the retarded booking of the WWE (how he can take guys like Batista or Jericho to the brink, but he can't beat the likes of Michael Tarver) and he reverted back to the name that brought him fame: Brian Danielson.

There is a lot of power in names, it's how people recognize you, and that's very important when you are popular. Why else do you think the WWE doesn't let guys use their own their names? As we all know or should know, Vince McMahon, is an asshole with a God complex. He likes to create his own superstars, and in some cases he is even willing to destroy his creations (see Hogan when they wanted to push Warrior). The fact that they allowed Brian Danielson to use his real name instead of Daniel Bryan was basically as close to admittance to failure that we will ever get from the WWE. What they wanted to create with Daniel Bryan had failed, and now they were willing to use what had brought Brian Danielson fame in the first place.

With his reversion to Brian Danielson, the American Dragon returned to a NXT ring in order to address his elimination. What followed was undoubtedly the best moment in NXT history, and quite possibly the best moment in WWE TV for the entire year. Danielson brought up a lot grievances that fans have had with the WWE over the past few years. He brought up the politics that are oh so prevalent in the WWE locker room, the fact that Vince likes to create superstars, and the love that the WWE Chairmen possesses for big guys. The Canadian fans (who are great) knew they were in for something special, and they were totally getting behind Danielson, who wasn't quite done. He brought up the fact that he was an entirely self made man, and if the WWE were smart, they would pick the guy who would get them the most money. At this point, Cole felt the need to open hid mouth and annoy us all, but he would get what's coming to him.

The former ROH Champion said that if you didn't believe him, just ask Jericho or Regal (who nodded his head). By the way, that was pretty cool to see since Regal was basically Danielson's mentor. The unleashed American Dragon even called out The Miz saying he was better than the US Champion. Danielson could have just claimed that but the credibility of his statement was helped as Punk and Regal both nodded. As someone who used to watch ROH, I totally marked out.

Last but not least, Danielson finally addressed Michael Cole. For those of you who haven't figured it out by now, the name of our blog is a parody of Cole's gross overuse of the word "vintage" so that should show you how much we hate this prick, and this was even before NXT started. This tool of a human being has been even more annoying while being the play by play guy on NXT, since he tries to be a heel, but only gets on people's nerves. Cole has had a special vendetta against Danielson (I'm guessing kayfabe) as he has taken every opportunity to criticize Danielson about being a vegan or not watching TV. Brian did, what so many of us have wanted to do for a while, as he called Cole an excuse of a replacement for JR, and then attacked him. The refs and Striker pulled Danielson off as the fans cheered.

To be honest with you, I'm shocked at the stuff they let Danielson say, but I guess since the ratings are so low, Vince decided it wasn't too big of a deal. What made it work was that Danielson made a lot of inside reference but still managed to keep the crowd interested (TNA should take notice). In the last two weeks, they have made Danielson into someone "edgy" since he has brought up several taboo subjects on WWE television. If they let him continue this, I think Brian Danielson has a huge future ahead of him in the WWE. And if some reason it doesn't end up working, he still gave us the best segment in NXT's history.

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