Tuesday, April 27, 2010

WWE Draft Results & Thoughts (Raw Edition)

The WWE draft of 2010 has come and gone. There were a lot of changes in the WWE landscape though none can be categorized as earth shattering. As is normal for the draft, Smackdown was pillaged of its talent by Raw. The "A" show is now stacked with a plethora of great wrestlers and big names. One can only hope that these draft picks make for a better show on Monday nights than the ones we were treated to over the past year. Unfortunately, I don't think it is going to be likely, since Raw has to balance out the guest host gimmick (which is sadly going to continue) and getting enough time for these wrestlers. The past year has left me with absolutely no confidence in the Raw writers to pull it off, so a lot of the talent over on Raw will be wasted.

Raw Draft Picks

John Morrison - I like John Morrison, but I think he going to be one of the casualties on Raw. Monday nights now feature superstars such as John Cena, Orton, Edge, Batista (for now) and Jericho. All of those guys are going to involved in high priority feuds, and those feuds need exposure on television. Combine that with the disgusting amount of time given to the guest hosts, and I predict that the midcard on Raw will suffer. Then again, Raw has been cancerous to midcard wrestlers, and I don't see Morrison (who got lost in the shuffle at Smackdown towards the end) changing that. In addition, as a face, Morrison's in ring work is what's going to make him shine, and he can't do that in the 4 minute matches on Raw. I truly hope I'm wrong, and Morrison gets a huge push, but I see this move as being detrimental to Morrison's career.

R-Truth - I thought his skit (below) with Ted DiBiase last night was actually pretty funny. I hope Truth remembers it, because this will be the highlight of his Raw career. Maybe, him and Morrison get a couple of title shots at the Hart Dynasty, but that will be as far as Truth progresses on Raw.

Edge - My immediate reaction to Edge getting drafted to Raw was excitement, because I thought we would definitely get the long awaited Edge and Christian reunion or even feud. About 40 minutes later that excitement turned into anger. By the end of the show, I was angry and puzzzled. The WWE has no problem playing off Rated RKO, a team which lasted for a couple of months, and got buried by DX for most of that time. Yet they refuse to have a program between Edge and Christian. Fuck you Vincent Kennedy McMahon, just a hearty Fuck You. I fully blame this on the asshole with a God Complex. The writers have actually gone out of their to way to keep Edge and Christian apart (Christian had no reason to be on Raw after ECW, but they probably didn't want him on the same shows Edge) just because Vincent "Fuckhole" McMahon doesn't want to reference Edge and Christian, you know the best Tag Team out of the Attitude Era. Once again, FUCK YOU, VINCE!!! Obviously, Edge will be fine on Raw. In fact, I think might even be better since he looks to be reverting back to his heel persona. If his feud with Jericho has shown anything, it's that Edge is not a good face, so I prefer seeing him in a role he is comfortable with.

Chris Jericho - This one is actually surprising, but I like it. Jericho was basically on all 3 shows last year, and he was great in that role. I have absolutely no doubt that he will continue to excel on Raw. Hopefully, they gave him some decent opponents and feuds to work with.

Hart Dynasty - They are the Unified Tag Champions, so currently their drafting is moot. It's understandable as to why the WWE would want to move these two to Raw. It looks like Bret Hart is actually sticking around to manage the Hart Dynasty, and if that's the case then you want Bret and the Hart Dynasty to be on Raw. Oh and Bret Hart shows that managers can still be effective. A couple of weeks ago the Hart Dynasty were a bunch of jobbers that no one cared about. With Bret, they are actually over with the fans. This proves Vince wrong, since he believes managers are obsolete. Once again, Fuck You Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

Natalya - She is actually a very good women's wrestler, so maybe they use her. Probably not, Raw doesn't give a shit about the Women's division.

Goldust - I wonder if this is in response to Cody Rhodes getting drafted Smackdown. Maybe, they just didn't want the two brothers on the same show*. Anyway, I could see Goldust participating in some backstage skits with guest host, but that's as far as he will get on Raw.

*Goldust was listed as an official member of Smackdown. No, I don't remember seeing him either.

Ezekiel Jackson - He is currently injured, and will remain so for the next few months. When he comes back, I could see him being built up as a monster heel on Raw.

Great Khali & Ranjin Singh - Khali is taking time off, so it doesn't matter

JTG - Welcome to Jobberville, JTG, you are gonna be residing there for the upcoming year. I predict he will be future endeavor'd before the next draft.

The Raw Recap should be up tomorrow, it was delayed today since Johnny C had to babysit his girlfriend today.

The Smackdown portion of the draft will run tomorrow as well.

Thank you for reading, we appreciate it!

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