Friday, April 30, 2010

WWE Draft Results & Thoughts (Smackdown Edition)

Sorry for the delay in posting this up, but both Pat and Johnny C decided to post yesterday, and I didn't want to overlap on their stuff. Consequently, I decided to hold off posting until Friday, since it's for the Friday Night show.

The WWE draft of 2010 has come and gone. There were a lot of changes in the WWE landscape though none can be categorized as earth shattering unless you count the absolute joke that was the Smackdown draft. The Blue brand is going to attempt to recover from the brutal assraping (Even Andy Dufresne would sympathize with them) they suffered in this draft. Having said that, I have more confidence in the Smackdown writers to put on a better show with their rag tag roster than I do in the Raw team even with all their newly acquired star power. The only good thing out of the pillaging of Smackdown is that it might allow certain midcarders to flourish into main eventers. So who has a chance into making that leap to champion? Read on to find out....

Smackdown Draft Picks

Kelly Kelly - To quote Johnny C, "Who the fuck cares"?

Rosa Mendes - The same would apply for Rosa except she is so horrible, in the ring, that there is a very real chance that she ends up seriously injuring or killing a Diva in the ring. Yes, she is that bad.

Big Show
- Another draft has come and gone. To no one's surprise, the Big Show has been drafted again , I believe the "World's Largest Athlete" has been drafted each time he was on the active roster. My first reaction to his drafting was thinking that a Jerishow reunion would take place on Smackdown. Of course, that possibility was nixed when Show's former partner was drafted to Raw. I can see Big Show fulfilling the role of monster heel (even though him punching out the Miz seems to turn him face) in a depleted main event picture on Smackdown.

Hornswoggle - I have been regularly watching Smackdown for years now. And I firmly believe that Michael Hayes and his team put on the superior show, since they actually concentrate on making their characters believable, and put an emphasis on the wrestling aspect of it. Having said all of that, I will lose a ton of respect for them if they have this fucking waste of space get involved in a feud with Dolph Ziggler. The former Spirit Squad member has just started to gain some heat with the fans as absolutely no one is safe from his absolutely devastating Sleeper Hold. If you ruin him by putting him in a feud with this turd, I will never forgive you. Leave the so called "comedy" (none of which was ever funny, the Hornswoggle/Chavo stuff made me tune out) to Raw. Just have Ziggler choke God's mistake out and retire him.

Chavo Guerrero - If Ziggler does end up getting involved into a feud with Hornswoggle, then the bane of Josh Matthews' existence and Chavito can commiserate over over what it feels like to have your career be buried by a fucking midget.

Chris Masters - The last time the "Masterpiece" was drafted to Smackdown, it resulted in his release a few weeks later. I can see that happening again.

Cody Rhodes - With Orton and DiBiase on Raw, it's possible that Cody makes a new identity for himself or he completely fails. I think he is capable of distinguishing himself if given the chance, which is something Smackdown will definitely give him.

MVP - Welcome back to Smackdown, you sorely needed it. Before his losing streak, MVP was one of the fastest rising stars in the WWE. Hell, there were even people who called him the next Rock. Of course, they were wrong, but it shows you how much potential people believed he had. Then due to some foolishness backstage, MVP was buried on Smackdown as he suffered 20 consecutive losses. However, once his punishment was over, MVP regained the US Championship, and began to get over with the fans again. Then he got drafted to Raw, which was the worst thing that could have happened to him. On his first night as a member of Raw, he came out and challenged Orton (who was the biggest heel in the company at the time) to a match. The fans got behind him, and the stage was set to make a new star. It didn't happen lost to the Viper that night. There was no follow up what so ever. They could have made MVP a top star by giving him a program with Orton and Legacy, but the WWE refused to do it. Following that, he dropped the US Title to Kofi, and MVP stopped mattering. He was just another midcarder, who had his career ruined by Raw. A move back to Smackdown, and IC title run may prove to revitalize his career.

Kofi Kingston - This is another wrestler, who could have been made into a star, instead he was sent back to midcard hell. A few months ago Kofi Kingston was in a program with Orton, where he got to develop his character since he had promo time, he destroyed expensive cars and got cheered by fans. Moreover, he got to participate in a great brawl with Orton at MSG, and it established him as a superstar. In what has become a recurring theme, there was really no follow up to that. Sure, the feud continued, and Kofi lost, but there was nothing after that. He should have been given the title (instead Sheamus got it) as the fans were absolutely behind him, and it would have cemented his status as a superstar. Never happened. Kingston became just another casualty of the Raw Midcard Hell. On Smackdown, Kofi should have the chance to to build himself up after Sheamus buried him. I can definitely see him as part of the IC title picture, maybe even a Heavyweight title shot in the upcoming months.

Last, but certainly not the least.

Christian - As much as I ranted about the WWE Brass separating Edge and Christian again, I do realize that the move to Smackdown might prove to be better for Captain Charisma's career. With the stacked roster on Raw, there is no way, he would have even gotten a shot at the WWE Championship. On Smackdown, he has a very good chance of actually capturing the World Heavyweight Championship. He is one of the few faces, on Smackdown, with enough credibility to feud with Punk (Yes, there is the possibility of me jizzing my pants when this happens) or even rekindle his feud with Swagger. Once, Christian became a member of the ECW roster, I was forced to tune in every week, and these two had some great matches on free TV as well as PPV. It would be extremely cool to see these guys go from curtain jerking PPV's to actually main eventing them. Hell, if their matches get enough time, I'm pretty sure they would have a contender for Match of the Year. It doesn't matter if it's a Punk feud or a shot at the title, I will just be happy to see Captain Charisma get the recognition he deserves. Oh and if the Fatal 4 Way poster (above) proves to be true, and there is even the remote possibility of Christian winning the World Heavyweight Championship at that PPV, I will drive my ass up to Long Island, NY to see it.

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