Friday, April 23, 2010

WWE Does Some Cleaning

During the year, there is always that time when the WWE decides to clean house and get rid of some unnecessary contracts. With the WWE Draft coming up, it looks like the cleaning has begun as 7 seven wrestlers have been released in the past day.

Jimmy Wang Yang - No surprises there, he had done nothing except the occasional squash match. In fact, his last match was against Ezekiel Jackson was on a Smackdown, before Wrestlemania and he was killed within seconds.

Katie Lea Burchill - I will forever blame the PG Era for robbing us of the planned incest angle between her and Burchill. That had the potential to be beyond hilarious and somewhat hot. Wait, am I thinking out loud again? Let's just move on.

Slam Master J - I'm surprised he lasted this long. But I guess, since they didn't need him to make awful cameo appearances Word Up anymore, I guess it was time for Jesse to leave.

Kung Fu Naki - Johnny C had this to say "I don't know what the biggest travesty is: Shelton never winning the Money in the Bank after all those years or Funaki never realizing his dream as Smackdown's Number One Announcer"........ For now, Tricia Takanawa reigns as the best Asian reporter.

Mickie James - Rumors are swirling that James arrived late on the bus and held up the roster several times on the recent European tour. Combined with her "weight issues" (which the WWE relentlessly mocked on Smackdown) and music aspirations, the WWE felt it was time for her to leave. This will always be my favorite Mickie memory...

Editor's Note -I forgot to mention this, but commenter, JD, was right on top of another great Mickie moment.

My favorite Mickie moment was when she grabbed Trish's crotch then licked her fingers.

Mike Knox - This was a surprising one as Knox is one of the more talented big men on the WWE roster. It's a shame that the Smackdown team never found anything for him to do, I really think he could have been a great "monster" heel.

Shelton Benjamin - The most surprising name on the list is Shelton's. I think this is another mistake by Vince just like Pope and Kennedy. The former is one of the most over wrestlers in TNA, while the latter might be the best heel in TNA. Plus, he is coming off a match that can be considered a solid contender for Match of the Year. Anyway, I'm more than 90% sure (this is just pure speculation on my part) that Benjamin will join TNA. In fact, I wouldn't even be surprised if we saw a World's Greatest Tag Team reunion, with the recently released charlie Hass, on Impact once Benjamin's 90 day no compete clause expires. Let's take a look back at one of Shelton Benjamin finest performances as Benjamin helped pioneer what has now become an annual Wrestlemania tradition: Money in the Bank Ladder match.


  1. My favorite Mickie moment was when she grabbed Trish's crotch then licked her fingers. Although the kiss was damned hot.

  2. Thanks for mentioning it, I had completely forgotten about that. I have added it to the article itself.