Monday, April 19, 2010

Wrestling News Roundup - TNA Lockdown Results, Raw gets Invaded by Smackdown,

Welcome to the Wrestling News Roundup. Here at Vintage Blogs, we are all about helping our readers (all 5 of you). Consequently, your humble editor came up with the idea of a Wrestling News Roundup. I imagine it's pretty tiring sifting through all the wrestling websites looking for interesting news. Plus, there is all that spam to watch out for. Well our dear reader, you don't have to worry about that anymore, because the Vintage Blogs team is going to do the work for you. We will scour each and every corner of the internet to bring you the most interesting news possible. Without further adieu, let's look at the news around the Wrestling world.

WWE has announced that the Smackdown crew will be taking over tonight -

No surprises there, with the Raw crew still stuck in Iceland due tot he volcanic ash, the WWE had no choice but to get the Smackdown superstars on Raw. I think this Raw has the potential to be the best one of the year.

Raw Superstars might be stuck in Ireland even longer
The WWE hoped that they would be able to have the Raw superstars perform on Smackdown, but even that plan seems to be i jeopardy right now, since the airports in the UK might not open tomorrow.

TNA Lockdown Results
Kurt Angle beat Mr. Anderson - Being touted as a Match of the Year candidate. I have even heard that it might be better than Taker vs Michaels.

Team 3D beat The Band - Sixpac missed the show.

AJ Styles defeated D'Angelo Dinero - I do not agree with the result, and I fervently hope that Pope doesn't get dropped back to midcard hell.

Kazarian defeated Shannon Moore to become the new X-Division Champion - Douglas Williams was stripped of the title, because he is stranded in Europe. Damn Volcanoes!

Kevin Nash beat Eric Young

RVD beat James Storm - This gave Team Hogan the 2 on 1 advantage during the Lockdown match.

Team Hogan beat Team Flair - The ending was horrible and a complete clusterfuck. It also convinced me that ric Flair will die in a wrestling ring. It's not even a joke, but a sad fact.

Kurt Angle will be taking some time off -

Angle announced last night that he will be taking time off after his victory. This is an extremely good thing for Angle, who has been suffering from neck and several other problems. If anybody need to take time off, it's Angle.

Triple H to play leading role in WWE Studios' latest movie "Killing Karma" -
Triple H is replacing Batsita as the leading man in the latest WWE studious failuire err movie "Killing Karma".

Batista furious over getting replaced in "Killing Karma"- Sports Entertainment Scoops
Batista has wanted to transition into a Hollywood actor once he retires, so it's no surprise that he is angry over losing a leading role. It's interesting to note that Batsita's WWE contract ends this summer, it's possible he might leave the company.

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