Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wrestling News Roundup - Jeff Hardy Injured, Kurt Angle Engaged, Stone Cold to host again? Triple H and John Cena Injury notes & much more

Welcome to the debut of Wrestling News Roundup. Here at Vintage Blogs, we are all about helping our readers (all 3 of you). Consequently, your humble editor came up with the idea of a Wrestling News Roundup. I imagine it's pretty tiring sifting through all the wrestling websites looking for interesting news. Plus, there is all that spam to watch out for. Well our dear reader, you don't have to worry about that anymore, because the Vintage Blogs team is going to do the work for you. We will scour each and every corner of the internet to bring you the most interesting news possible. Without further adieu, let's look at the news around the Wrestling world.

Apparently, Jeff Hardy was legitimately burned by the Fireball on Impact this week -
Even though, Hardy and James Storm had practiced with a stunt expert beforehand, Storm still managed to fuck it up. In the process, Hardy sustained minor burns, but he isn't expected to miss any time.

John Cena is complaining of back and knee problems -

The story notes that he has been doing so ever since his match with Batista at Wrestlemania. I fucking knew it, Batista was right when he said "Bad things happen to Cena when he steps into the ring with me".

Triple H was already suffering neck problems, now his surgically repaired quad is giving him issues as well - Lords of
Triple H is valiantly gutting it out though, since he is still listed as main eventing with Cena or Sheamus during the summer.

NXT ratings rise -
Actually, they had no where but up to go after the abysmal 0.3 (last week) among the coveted 18-49 demo. They improved to 0.5 for the 18-49 demo and 1.01 in all households.

TNA Wants Paul Heyman -

This is probably the smartest move that TNA Has made in the past few weeks. Apparently, they want Heyman to be on the creative team with Vince Russo. Of course, most of the IWC would love this, but Heyman doesn't the sound of what's going backstage in TNA (read = WCW 2.0) so it's highly unlikely that he will join them. I hope he changes his mind, because if anyone can rigth the ship, it's Heyman.

Brock Lesnar to Possibly Host Raw -
This is mostly speculation on JR's part, but he thinks Brock might guest host to plug his autobiography which hits stores later in the year.

Kurt Angle got Engaged to a 24 Year old model - Sports Entertainment Scoops
Angle is currently with a model 17 years younger than him (Even Johny C doesn't sink to those lows) , so those stalking charges didn't really matter. the link includes pictures, and I will say this she is definitely a step up from Rakha Khan.

No Guest Host for WWE Draft - EWrestling News

The WWE has finally come to their senses, and decided that the Draft doesn't need a guest host. Unfortunately, they will not be making this permanent as Guest Hosts will continue after the Draft.

Stone Cold set to Guest Host again? - EWrestling News
Mostly speculation, but Austin has a major movie coming out in the summer called The Expendables. Could he possibly guest host again?

WWE Superstars upset over Jim Ross's treatment by their company - EWrestling News
Taker and Michaels specifically asked Vince to have JR call their final match and it wasn;t granted. Furthermore, Vince couldn't even make time for JR during Wrestlemania week. I hope JR gets fed up with how unjustly the WWE is treating him and moves to TNA. God knows, those idiots need him.

WWE officials aren't impressed with Striker's commentary - EWrestling News
I know the ICW practically creams themselves over Striker, but he is not that good. teh guy often makes blatant mistakes, just makes shit up, and uses far more hyperbole that anyone. He is almost to the point of ridiculousness with his commentary. Much of what I'm complaining about is mentioned by popular ESPN writer, Bill Simmons, who tore him a new asshole in his running diary of Wrestlemania 26.

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