Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Supernatural "Hammer of the Gods"

This past week we enjoyed the adventures of Sam and Dean and their task to ice the devil and stop the Apocalypse. But this week they were faced with something a little bit more complicated then angels and demons, their path was blocked by Gods. These were the Gods of the different religions of different cultures. Among them Kali; a six armed blue beast, nicknamed the Destroyer , Ganesh; who is an elephant, Bladur, who seems to run the show until he gets man handled, and Mercury.

It starts with the Brothers and their little detour to a "4 star hotel on a no star highway". All they wanted was one night to relax and they couldn't even get that. From the beginning they knew something was up, especially Dean who got shot down by a fine looking lady (which we all know never happens). They soon discover that they have something big on their hands when they realize people missing and a couple of eyeballs in a pot of what Dean hoped was "tomato soup". When they were captured and realized who these people finally were they discovered what they wanted, to be used a bargaining chips to end the Apocalypse. But long and behold amongst them was a traitor, Mercury, whom called...... you guessed it LUCIFER!!!

You all move him you know it. And you know whats happens when Lucifer shows up, shit goes down. Lucifer killed and decapitated every God in that hotel as if they were 5yr old kids. You would think that's Gods who have been on the Earth for millions of years would be quite strong but they were just torn to Swiss cheese. Kali was the only one who had a chance, after all she did have flaming arms.

But he wasn't done there, after Lucifer slayed all the Gods, except for Kali (cause Sam and Dean escaped with her after Gabriel showed up) He was forced to a stand off against his brother Gabriel. I think we all knew who was really going to win, but we didn't all know why Gabriel would start a fight that he knew he couldn't win. Before he faced off against Lucifer he gave Dean a video and in the video lies the secrets to Lucifer's capture. The death of Gabriel was not easy for any of us, after all we all loved him as THE TRICKSTER. The Winchesters discovered that in order to capture Lucifer they needed to find all 4 keys to cage that he put in the first time. The 4 keys are the 4 rings of the horseman, and they already have 2 of them. The next victim for the Winchesters looks like Pestilence, this should be good.

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