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The Smackdown Rundown (4/16/10)

The Smackdown Recap usually went on for too long, so I'm going to tweak the format a bit this time, and see how the Smackdown Rundown goes. If it's shorter, and still manages to get my views across, then the Smackdown Rundown will stick around while the Recap will get future endeavor'd. Let's begin!

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The show starts off with Chris Jericho walking down to the ring. He gets a good reaction, mostly boos, but the "Y2J" chants are audible. He comes out and makes an extremely valid point in asking how the fuck does Randy Orton receive a title shot when he is an official member of Raw, and the World Heavyweight Championships is to be exclusively defended on Smackdown. He goes onto call Teddy Long the biggest buffoon to ever hold the position of GM. Again, it's the absolute truth, even Mike Adamle *didn't let someone not associated with the WWE makes a decision regarding the World Title for their brand. No wonder, Teddy is on probation.

Jericho goes onto say that he is treated unfairly and what not. I'm surprised he didn't claim being the victim of a conspiracy. Anyway, he is interrupted by the neutered Rated-R Superstar. Edge actually agrees with Jericho about the World Heavyweight Championship being on Smackdown, he also thinks that Jericho should be awarded his rematch. It's all going well until Edge tries to be "funny" by saying Jericho deserves to be kicked in the balls (he said "Cablos" because they are in London). Then Edge puts on his serious face and says that Jericho is not the right man to protect the title, since he is injured. The irght man is of course Edge. Yup, the same guy, who just returned early from a potential career threatening injury. Please become a heel again, Edge!

Teddy Long comes out to fulfill racial stereotypes by saying he doesn't appreciate Jericho "hatin' on him, playa". The artist formerly known as Y2J makes a disgusted face and articulately responds "If you were doing your job, correctly, I wouldn't need to hate on you, player". That was actually funny....Edge should probably take notes on how to mock someone. Long story short, Teddy makes an ass out of himself, but also makes a Triple Threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship for tonight.

*Now, Adamle couldn't correctly name the people on his brand if his life depended up on it, but at least he protected the sanctity of the World Heavyweight Championship.

Next up is Drew McIntyre, who cuts a promo. The Sinister Scotsman correctly notes that the crowd doesn't like him. While he is making observations, he should also point out that he is boring talks in a monotonous voice. The British hate the Scottish, so he got decent heat.

Kane vs Drew McIntyre - During the match, Striker calls Drew McIntyre classy because he wouldn't get married in Vegas. I think he was making fun of Swagger, who recently got married in Vegas to his girlfriend. I enjoyed the line, but the average viewer probably thinks Striker's standards suck, much like commentary. Kane gets the best of McIntyre throughout the match, who finally has enough and starts walking back. Matt Hardy runs down and throws McIntyre into the ring, which causes a DQ in McIntyre's favor. An irate Kane chokeslams them both. Wonder if they would do a Triple Threat for the Intercontinental Championship at Extreme Rules?

Winner - Drew McIntyre via DQ

Dolph Ziggler is forced to make an apology, because he put Josh Matthews in the Sleeper Hold, who passed out. The former Spirit Squad member acts nonchalant about the incident and is sarcastic in his apology. I like that they are pushing Ziggler, having him attack Matthews and and then flip it off as nothing is a good direction, With more of a personality, the fans might acre more about him. Who knows, maybe, he can finally capture that elusive Intercontinental Title.

He is set to face Truth, who says the "Truth hurts" to Ziggler. Decent enough phrase even if it is completely cliche and hacky.

R-Truth vs Dolph Ziggler - I shit you not, the majority of this 2 1/2 minute match consisted of the Sleeper Hold. I really don't know what else I can say. I guess it's good that they are giving Ziggler even more credibility.

Winner- Dolph Ziggler via the devastating Sleeper Hold

A women's match took place, and I heard it was decent. Still won't get me to watch it though.

SES & Darren Young vs Hart Dynasty & Rey Mysterio - This was the best match of the night as these guys were given plenty of time, and they responded with a solid match. The wrestling between Kidd and was extremal short but it was a nice tease if these two were to ever meet each other for singles competition. The ending saw Rey Mysterio distract Punk, while David Hart Smith hit the Running Powerslam for the win.

Winners - Hart Dynasty & Rey Mysterio via pinfall

They are showing tension among the SES, with Gallows and Young, but I still get the feeling that there will be a swerve at Extreme Rules, Young will cost Mysterio the match, and become a full fledged member of the SES.

By the way, the Miz was on commentary, and he was extrememly entertaining. He took a few shots at Todd Grisham, put over the Hart Dynasty, plugged Raw on Monday. All in all, he did his job, while being entertaining. The only complaint, I have is that the camera concentrated on the Miz far too much, it actually took away from a good match.

Caylen Croft vs JTG - There is not a single person, who didn't expect Shad to get involved. Sure enough, once JTG wins after hitting the Mugshot, Shad gets into the ring and attacks JTG. Whilst his former tag team partner is down, Shad grabs the mic and says that JTG is nothing without him amongst other hurtful things. JTG gets up and is able to throw Shad out of the ring, the big man is left fuming.

Winner - JTG via Pinfall

Time for the Main Event

Jack Swagger vs Edge vs Chris Jericho for the World Heavyweight Championship -
Very enjoyable triple threat match. Instead of having three singles matches, these guys found a balance and worked together to have a legitimate triple threat. the crowd was through parts of the match especially when Jericho had the Walls locked in on Edge and Swagger. The ending was rehashing of two seeks ago as Edge speared Jericho, but it was Swagger who took advantage and pinned Jericho.

Winner - Jack Swagger ReTAINed the World Heavyweight Championship

Of course, no one expected to lose, since they already started advertising Swagger vs Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship at Extreme Rules, but it's nice to see him get the victory over two established stars. Unfortunately, I don't see him beating Orton.

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