Monday, April 12, 2010

Smackdown moves to SyFy

News broke today that Smackdown had found a new home on the SyFy channel. The move from MyNetwork TV to SyFy will occur sometime during October, which happens to be the hottest time for television as flagship shows return from their summer hiatuses. Smackdown will retain it's airing day and timing slot of Fridays at 8pm Eastern time though what that means for the fate of Caprica (a prequel of sorts to Battlestar Galactica) remains unknown. For the rights to air Smackdown, SyFy will pay the WWE $30 million a year. The partnership with NBC Universal leaves the door open for the long rumored WWE Network.

This should definitely make things interesting for the the upcoming WWE Draft. I'm sure the WWE wants to make a ratings impact to reward SyFy (something NXT has failed to do) for their $30 million bid. The Jack Swagger vs Randy Orton match at Extreme Rules might be related to this. Orton is the second biggest face in the company right now, but he has faced almost everyone of relevance on Raw, and he needs someone new to feud with. Combine that with this news, and I can see Randy Orton winning the World Heavyweight Championship and moving to Smackdown. After all, the last time Smackdown moved stations (CW To My Network Tv) even the mighty Triple H was forced to move to the "B" show. With the WWE looking to garner some huge ratings, I expect Smackown to be infused with some new talent in the Draft.

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