Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Raw vs TNA (Monday Night "War" 2.0) Update

For the past few weeks, TNA Impact has been suffering from low ratings. They have reached lows like 0.6, and frankly they have deserved those pits. In some instances, their programming has been absolutely awful. However, I felt as if they had put on their strongest show, since their premiere on Mondays, last night. They had a couple of solid matches with big stars, a big return (Samoa Joe escaped from being kidnapped!) , and they even crowned a popular new champion in RVD on free television. John and I were talking about it last night and I hoped that a solid wrestling show would garner them some stronger ratings.

Low and behold, the ratings come out today and TNA scored a much higher rating (1.0/1.3 million viewers) than previous weeks.

With the major Raw stars missing, WWE put on a very mixed show last night. The Opening Segment, Swagger/Undertaker match, and Main Event were all good, but the MacGruber skits were absolutely horrid. In addition, they had the blackhole of charisma known as Drew McIntyre on their show as well, so they were bound to lose people.

Raw drew 3.1, which translates into 4.15 million viewers. Granted this is a much larger audience than TNA's, but the WWE has to look at the fact that a strong wrestling show by TNA contributed to their lowest rating since December, 8th, 2008. I highly doubt they will see it that way. Vince and the boys will just chalk it up to the usual Raw roster not appearing. Their case will be helped by next week's ratings, since the Draft is always a ratings bonanza for them. The only way to rectify that belief, is for TNA to keep putting on strong shows, and they are bound to see an even larger increase in their humbers. Maybe then, Vince will finally see the fans discontent with his product.

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