Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hey Smackdown, Burn Your Draft Cards!

RAW was held in Richmond, Virgina aka Flair Country...Wooooooo!

With ECW gone, only RAW & Smackdown Superstars will be drafted. I miss when the GMs picked superstars out of the lottery barrels.

Matt Striker joined King & Cole so there would be 3x the suck.

Hart Dynasty defeated ShowMiz to win the Tag Team Championship
Miz had a good line: "Dynasty, really? I thought a dynasty meant you actually won championships?" Bret said: "ShowMiz are the best tag team, the Mountie is the greatest Intercontinental Champion, and David Arquette is the greatest world champion." Silly Bret, The Honkytonk Man is the greatest IC Champ! Bret was supposed to have left after Mania, but I'm glad that's hanging around adding credibility to his relatives. Great match that I recommend re watching.

Striker & King continued their verbal jousts throughout the night. Striker: "Hey King, you may get drafted to the Mid South Coliseum." King's counter: "You may get drafted to...Spongebob Squarepants." WWWWHHAAAAAATTTT?

During the commercial, Big Show punched Miz. I disagree with breaking up the team, but WWE prefers one or two full time teams because they don't appreciate tag team wrestling.

There was a women's tag team match featuring Maryse, Michelle, Layla, and Eve. Aside from Vickie at ringside, I don't care about any of these so called "divas." If Mickie James is fired, then I don't give two hoots about the rest of the women. Mickie was my favorite and the only talented diva aside from Beth Phoenix. Mickie is the last diva of the Greatest Era in Women's Wrestling around 2002-2006.

Smackdown received Kelly Kelly in the draft. Doesn't Matter.

CM Punk pinned Evan Bourne
Punk walked out with the Straight Edge Society and was flaunting his still intact hair. KAYFABE lives! Two former ROH stars lighting it up on Monday Night RAW. Striker called Punk "Smackdown's Surgeon General." Clearly a hint that Punk wasn't being drafted. Very fun match with the mystery man costing Bourne the victory.

I think it's Mr. America or Aizaz' cousin Habeeb.

Smackdown received Big Show in the draft. Doesn't matter because he's been wrestling on Smackdown as half of the Tag Team Champions for months.

Sheamus, Orton, and Cena have a mind numbing discussion about title shots. Orton actually had the nerve to talk about being a dignified "man" despite his entire career consisting of killing legends, punting fellow wrestlers, and smooching an incapacitated Stephanie McMahon Helmsley. Sheamus bragged about ending Triple H's career; however, he should be bragging about ending the career of Jamie Noble!
Cena said "Sheamus looks like a jar of mayo with eyes and a ketchup haircut." If jokes like that will make you WWE Champion, then Aizaz looks like Apu and Barney Rubble had a baby and then shit on it.

RAW Team won a Battle Royal
Ted DiBiase eliminated Mysterio for the victory, and Santino hung around to get hit with Dream Street.

RAW received John Morrison in the draft. A welcome addition to the RAW roster!

RAW received R-Truth in the draft. I find him entertaining and have been loyal since his days of "Gettin Rowdy" with Road Dogg.

RAW received Edge in the draft. The biggest draft pick of all night.

Chris Jericho defeated Christian
Former Tag Team Champions and two top pros letting it all out hang out. Fantastic match that I also recommend re watching.

Smackdown received Kofi Kingston in the draft. NO MORE CONTROLLED FRENZY! FUCK YOU MICHAEL COLE! Score for Vintage Blogs!

Jack Swagger pinned John Morrison
Great match. These two have solid chemistry and Morrison shined in his first match back on the RAW side.

Smackdown received Christian in the draft. Good pick, he won't get overshadowed on Friday nights. Now Aizaz will need a squeegee to clean his TV screen after Punk vs. Christian matches.

RAW received Chris Jericho in the draft. He's my favorite wrestler so I call RAW the WINNER of the draft.

Batista defeated Orton & Sheamus in a Triple Threat
As soon as Batista was added, I knew he was winning. WWE is saving Sheamus vs. Cena because it has some history behind it. Orton vs. Cena in a face vs. face does nothing for anyone. Batista vs. Cena...Round 3...I like it.

Edge speared Orton to give Tista the win; therefore, Edge is turning heel which is best for everyone. An Orton vs. Edge feud would be sweet. Rated RKO implodes!

The Verdict: Great night of wrestling but draft was boring as predicted. RAW raped Smackdown. End of story.

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