Monday, April 26, 2010

Extreme Rules Results

The Dark Match (no not JTG vs Shad)

Kofi Kingtson defeated Dolph Ziggler

ShowMiz were forced to run a tag team gauntlet by Teddy Long

ShowMiz defeated Morrison & R-Truth - Yes, the WWE had a DQ finish on a PPV called Extreme Rules. They are completely shameless.

ShowMiz defeated Mark Henry and MVP

Hart Dynasty defeated ShowMiz - They earned themselves a Unified Tag Teams Title shot tomorrow night.

Hair vs Membership in the SES match (They listed it as such, but Punk's hair was the only thing that was on the line)

CM Punk defeated Rey Mysterio - As expected, Joey Mercury (they never showed his face) got involved at the end to help Punk win. This pretty much confirms that Punk and the SES will be moving to Raw. Last week on Raw, Punk told audiences that he will be taking the SES with him if he gets drafted. Earlier on, they had the stipulation that if Mysterio lost, he would have to join the SES. I think somewhere between that time and Extreme Rules, the Smackdown writing team was informed that Punk and his society would be moving to Raw. The WWE learned their lesson a couple of years ago that Mysterio shouldn't be moved from Smackdown to Raw, because it takes away from the massive Latin population, and the Raw creative team only hurts rey's character. I have no inside info, this is just a prediction.

Strap Match

JTG defeated Shad -Only match, I predicted wrong in the preview.

Extreme Rules Match for the World Heavyweight Championship

Jack Swagger retained his Championship - Swagger actually pinned Orton clean, and he needed to do it. After the match, Orton RKO'd Swagger, so I expect these two to continue their feud once the "Viper" gets drafted to Smackdown.

Street Fight

Sheamus defeated Triple H - He needed 4 Bicycle kicks and an injury angle to do it,
but at least he got the pin.

Extreme Makeover Match

Beth Phoenix defeated Michelle McCool to become the new Women's Champion.

Steel Cage Match

Edge defeated Chris Jericho - The crowd was as silent as a traditional Japanese crowd, and that made me extremely sad and angry.

Last Man Standing Match

John Cena defeated Batista to retain his WWE Championship. - Did anyone expect another outcome?

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