Sunday, April 25, 2010

Extreme Rules Preview

Johnny C will not be participating in this preview, since he has a date (read= robbing the cradle), so you are just left with me.

Welcome to the Extreme Rules, a PPV consisting of some of the worst build up in recent memory. Granted, part of that may be due to the Volcano eruption over in Iceland disrupting the WWE's creative plans, but a lot of the blame should be placed on the WWE. They have stipulations like Extreme rules and Strap matches, but they haven't really given a reason as to why those matches would take place in such an environment. As down as I have been on the program between Edge vs Jericho, their storyline is the only one that ties into the the stipulation of the match, and that is a problem. Plus, there is always the travesty of you referring to a PPV as Extreme Rules, and not having any blood on it. The only potential redeeming point is that they have only scheduled 7 matches for the PPV and that should give the performers a decent amount of time to tell their story.

Michelle McCool (Champion) vs Beth Phoenix
Extreme Makeover match for the WWE Championship

Aizaz: The only reason I'm even covering this match is to ask; What in fuck's name is an Extreme Makeover match?

JTG vs Shad
Strap Match

Aizaz: I'm shocked that two midcarders are actually getting an opportunity to culminate their feud on a PPV. I'm even more surprised that those two happen to be and Shad and JTG. I guess it can be attributed to the company being behind Shad (for some reason) and wanting to push him, which leads me to believe that Shad will be getting a decisive victory on Extreme Rules and a subsequent drafting to Raw.

Predicted Winner - Shad

Triple H vs Sheamus
Street Fight

Aizaz: Surprisingly, I enjoyed their match at Wrestlemania which leads me to believe that they will have a decent match here. Rumors have been swirling about Triple H's injured neck and quad, so I expect the Celtic Warrior to come out with victory here. He desperately needs the victory too, not as bad as Swagger (more on that later), to get himself over as the dominant heel on Raw.

Predicted Winner - Sheamus

CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio
Hair vs. Membership in SES match

Aizaz: This is a tough one to pick. On Tuesday morning, I would have definitely picked Punk since Mysterio cut a lock of his hair on Raw. However, on Smackdown Punk pinned Rey Rey, but the former Cruiserweight Champion refused to stay down and almost cut Punk's hair again. This leaves me in a dilemma as to who has the momentum heading into the PPV, since the person opposite almost always gets the victory. Also, to be taken into account is the guaranteed interference of some sort from the SES. Originally, I thought Darren Young might pull a swerve, but this week's Smackdown dark match featured the returning Joey Mercury and he was bald. Back when he first returned to the company, he told people people he was supposed to join the SES. I fully expect Punk and the SES to get drafted to Raw this Monday, and I think think they will give Punk (with interference from Mercury) the victory to make him looks strong as he moves to the "A" show.

Predicted Winner - CM Punk

Edge vs Chris Jericho
Steel Cage Match

Aizaz: Remember when people were actually excited to see these two feud? Yeah, those were some great times. This has been one of the most disppointing feuds in recent times, and it was destined for failure ever since the first attempt at a "Spear" chant. Now, we are at the (what I believe to be) payoff to their feud, and I have absolutely no problems with that. My only hope is that they can salvage what's left in a fantastic match. On Smackdown they did a good job of incorporating the cage into their feud, and if they are given enough time, I think these two might just put on a helluva match. I mentioned earlier that I think this is the payoff, which is why I believe Edge will walk out the victor. If he doesn't, he looks like an idiot, since even Heath Slater was able to beat Jericho.

Predicted Winner - Edge

Jack "Antidote" Swagger (Champion) vs Randy "Viper" Orton
Extreme Rules Match for the World Heavyweight Championship

Aizaz: I really don't like what they have done with Swagger's championship reign. They have taken have taken away any semblance of individuality that Swagger's character had. Now, he is just another generic robotic blackhole of charisma modeled after the earlier stages of Orton's "Viper" character (see also Drew McIntyre). This is a shame since in ring work has been on shining display since he won the title, Back when he was jobbing to Santino on Raw, the All American American couldn't get a match which lasted more than 4 minutes. Now, he is getting to put on main event matches with the likes of Jericho, Edge, Orton and Taker. The problem is apart from Jericho and Edge, Swagger has been losing. The WWE already stuck the stigma of not being a real champion on Swagger*, and they have had him lose non title matches t Orton, Taker and even Morrison. So if you are counting at home, they have killed off any shred of individuality and didn't even let him establish himself as a good champion. They need to let Swagger get a clean victory here (it's probably too much to ask for). Orton is going to be moving to Smackdown soon, and he can chase the title once he gets there, Swagger needs this victory far more than the former leader of Legacy.

* This is an entirely ridiculous notion. The Money in the Bank winner is designed to give a guaranteed a shot at the champion whenever the challenger chooses. The guy who wins MITB risks his life and limb to get a shot at their convenience. That's why the MITB is such a big deal otherwise it wouldn't be any different that any other #1 Contender's match. By calling the guy who cashes in the MITB "not a real champion", not only are you killing off his credibility, you are also hurting the MITB itself, which is a bad move considering you have PPV named that coming up.

Predicted Winner - Jack Swagger

Batista vs John Cena

Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Championship

Aizaz : Let's see, one of these wrestlers is reportedly furious about losing out on a lead movie role for WWE Studios, and possibly considering retirement. The other wrestler is the 2000's answer to Hulk Hogan. Gee, I wonder who will win.

Predicted Winner - John Cena

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