Saturday, April 3, 2010

Chris Kanyon dead at the age of 40

News broke this morning that former WWE/WCW wrestler Chris Kanyon died at the ago of 40. Apparently, Kanyon was found with a bottle of medication next to him. However, the death might be a suicide as Kanyon had battled depression in the past. In fact, he had told several friends and family members, over the years, that he had been contemplating suicide.

Kanyon's accomplishments include being a jobber as Mortis.

He was also involved in the Alliance storyline. He was referred to as the Alliance MVP by.......himself.

He tagged with DDP to win the WWE Tag Team Championship and prompty get squashed at Summerslam.

Once his WWE career was over, Kanyon was part of a lawsuit (along with Raven and Sanders), suing Vince McMahon over "cheating them out of health care and other benefits". Anyone want to guess the result? Yup, that turned out to be a failure as well.

In a last ditch effort to gain some publicity Kanyon claimed that he was a homosexual. Then he reverted saying he only said it to generate publicity. But Kanyon changed his mind once again and claimed that he was gay.

In a life full of failures, his apparent suicide was just another massive FAILURE. Thought my sympathies do go out to his friends and family, who have to suffer after such a cowardly act.

I think the following poignant quote describes Kanyon's life the best:

Canyon: Who better than Kanyon?



  1. As much as he sucked, he *did* have a reasonably innovative offensive set

  2. That's true, his Kanyon Cutter and Flatliner were pretty sweet. I was referring to his overall career.