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WWE Draft Results & Thoughts (Smackdown Edition)

Sorry for the delay in posting this up, but both Pat and Johnny C decided to post yesterday, and I didn't want to overlap on their stuff. Consequently, I decided to hold off posting until Friday, since it's for the Friday Night show.

The WWE draft of 2010 has come and gone. There were a lot of changes in the WWE landscape though none can be categorized as earth shattering unless you count the absolute joke that was the Smackdown draft. The Blue brand is going to attempt to recover from the brutal assraping (Even Andy Dufresne would sympathize with them) they suffered in this draft. Having said that, I have more confidence in the Smackdown writers to put on a better show with their rag tag roster than I do in the Raw team even with all their newly acquired star power. The only good thing out of the pillaging of Smackdown is that it might allow certain midcarders to flourish into main eventers. So who has a chance into making that leap to champion? Read on to find out....

Smackdown Draft Picks

Kelly Kelly - To quote Johnny C, "Who the fuck cares"?

Rosa Mendes - The same would apply for Rosa except she is so horrible, in the ring, that there is a very real chance that she ends up seriously injuring or killing a Diva in the ring. Yes, she is that bad.

Big Show
- Another draft has come and gone. To no one's surprise, the Big Show has been drafted again , I believe the "World's Largest Athlete" has been drafted each time he was on the active roster. My first reaction to his drafting was thinking that a Jerishow reunion would take place on Smackdown. Of course, that possibility was nixed when Show's former partner was drafted to Raw. I can see Big Show fulfilling the role of monster heel (even though him punching out the Miz seems to turn him face) in a depleted main event picture on Smackdown.

Hornswoggle - I have been regularly watching Smackdown for years now. And I firmly believe that Michael Hayes and his team put on the superior show, since they actually concentrate on making their characters believable, and put an emphasis on the wrestling aspect of it. Having said all of that, I will lose a ton of respect for them if they have this fucking waste of space get involved in a feud with Dolph Ziggler. The former Spirit Squad member has just started to gain some heat with the fans as absolutely no one is safe from his absolutely devastating Sleeper Hold. If you ruin him by putting him in a feud with this turd, I will never forgive you. Leave the so called "comedy" (none of which was ever funny, the Hornswoggle/Chavo stuff made me tune out) to Raw. Just have Ziggler choke God's mistake out and retire him.

Chavo Guerrero - If Ziggler does end up getting involved into a feud with Hornswoggle, then the bane of Josh Matthews' existence and Chavito can commiserate over over what it feels like to have your career be buried by a fucking midget.

Chris Masters - The last time the "Masterpiece" was drafted to Smackdown, it resulted in his release a few weeks later. I can see that happening again.

Cody Rhodes - With Orton and DiBiase on Raw, it's possible that Cody makes a new identity for himself or he completely fails. I think he is capable of distinguishing himself if given the chance, which is something Smackdown will definitely give him.

MVP - Welcome back to Smackdown, you sorely needed it. Before his losing streak, MVP was one of the fastest rising stars in the WWE. Hell, there were even people who called him the next Rock. Of course, they were wrong, but it shows you how much potential people believed he had. Then due to some foolishness backstage, MVP was buried on Smackdown as he suffered 20 consecutive losses. However, once his punishment was over, MVP regained the US Championship, and began to get over with the fans again. Then he got drafted to Raw, which was the worst thing that could have happened to him. On his first night as a member of Raw, he came out and challenged Orton (who was the biggest heel in the company at the time) to a match. The fans got behind him, and the stage was set to make a new star. It didn't happen lost to the Viper that night. There was no follow up what so ever. They could have made MVP a top star by giving him a program with Orton and Legacy, but the WWE refused to do it. Following that, he dropped the US Title to Kofi, and MVP stopped mattering. He was just another midcarder, who had his career ruined by Raw. A move back to Smackdown, and IC title run may prove to revitalize his career.

Kofi Kingston - This is another wrestler, who could have been made into a star, instead he was sent back to midcard hell. A few months ago Kofi Kingston was in a program with Orton, where he got to develop his character since he had promo time, he destroyed expensive cars and got cheered by fans. Moreover, he got to participate in a great brawl with Orton at MSG, and it established him as a superstar. In what has become a recurring theme, there was really no follow up to that. Sure, the feud continued, and Kofi lost, but there was nothing after that. He should have been given the title (instead Sheamus got it) as the fans were absolutely behind him, and it would have cemented his status as a superstar. Never happened. Kingston became just another casualty of the Raw Midcard Hell. On Smackdown, Kofi should have the chance to to build himself up after Sheamus buried him. I can definitely see him as part of the IC title picture, maybe even a Heavyweight title shot in the upcoming months.

Last, but certainly not the least.

Christian - As much as I ranted about the WWE Brass separating Edge and Christian again, I do realize that the move to Smackdown might prove to be better for Captain Charisma's career. With the stacked roster on Raw, there is no way, he would have even gotten a shot at the WWE Championship. On Smackdown, he has a very good chance of actually capturing the World Heavyweight Championship. He is one of the few faces, on Smackdown, with enough credibility to feud with Punk (Yes, there is the possibility of me jizzing my pants when this happens) or even rekindle his feud with Swagger. Once, Christian became a member of the ECW roster, I was forced to tune in every week, and these two had some great matches on free TV as well as PPV. It would be extremely cool to see these guys go from curtain jerking PPV's to actually main eventing them. Hell, if their matches get enough time, I'm pretty sure they would have a contender for Match of the Year. It doesn't matter if it's a Punk feud or a shot at the title, I will just be happy to see Captain Charisma get the recognition he deserves. Oh and if the Fatal 4 Way poster (above) proves to be true, and there is even the remote possibility of Christian winning the World Heavyweight Championship at that PPV, I will drive my ass up to Long Island, NY to see it.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Supernatural "Hammer of the Gods"

This past week we enjoyed the adventures of Sam and Dean and their task to ice the devil and stop the Apocalypse. But this week they were faced with something a little bit more complicated then angels and demons, their path was blocked by Gods. These were the Gods of the different religions of different cultures. Among them Kali; a six armed blue beast, nicknamed the Destroyer , Ganesh; who is an elephant, Bladur, who seems to run the show until he gets man handled, and Mercury.

It starts with the Brothers and their little detour to a "4 star hotel on a no star highway". All they wanted was one night to relax and they couldn't even get that. From the beginning they knew something was up, especially Dean who got shot down by a fine looking lady (which we all know never happens). They soon discover that they have something big on their hands when they realize people missing and a couple of eyeballs in a pot of what Dean hoped was "tomato soup". When they were captured and realized who these people finally were they discovered what they wanted, to be used a bargaining chips to end the Apocalypse. But long and behold amongst them was a traitor, Mercury, whom called...... you guessed it LUCIFER!!!

You all move him you know it. And you know whats happens when Lucifer shows up, shit goes down. Lucifer killed and decapitated every God in that hotel as if they were 5yr old kids. You would think that's Gods who have been on the Earth for millions of years would be quite strong but they were just torn to Swiss cheese. Kali was the only one who had a chance, after all she did have flaming arms.

But he wasn't done there, after Lucifer slayed all the Gods, except for Kali (cause Sam and Dean escaped with her after Gabriel showed up) He was forced to a stand off against his brother Gabriel. I think we all knew who was really going to win, but we didn't all know why Gabriel would start a fight that he knew he couldn't win. Before he faced off against Lucifer he gave Dean a video and in the video lies the secrets to Lucifer's capture. The death of Gabriel was not easy for any of us, after all we all loved him as THE TRICKSTER. The Winchesters discovered that in order to capture Lucifer they needed to find all 4 keys to cage that he put in the first time. The 4 keys are the 4 rings of the horseman, and they already have 2 of them. The next victim for the Winchesters looks like Pestilence, this should be good.

Hey Smackdown, Burn Your Draft Cards!

RAW was held in Richmond, Virgina aka Flair Country...Wooooooo!

With ECW gone, only RAW & Smackdown Superstars will be drafted. I miss when the GMs picked superstars out of the lottery barrels.

Matt Striker joined King & Cole so there would be 3x the suck.

Hart Dynasty defeated ShowMiz to win the Tag Team Championship
Miz had a good line: "Dynasty, really? I thought a dynasty meant you actually won championships?" Bret said: "ShowMiz are the best tag team, the Mountie is the greatest Intercontinental Champion, and David Arquette is the greatest world champion." Silly Bret, The Honkytonk Man is the greatest IC Champ! Bret was supposed to have left after Mania, but I'm glad that's hanging around adding credibility to his relatives. Great match that I recommend re watching.

Striker & King continued their verbal jousts throughout the night. Striker: "Hey King, you may get drafted to the Mid South Coliseum." King's counter: "You may get drafted to...Spongebob Squarepants." WWWWHHAAAAAATTTT?

During the commercial, Big Show punched Miz. I disagree with breaking up the team, but WWE prefers one or two full time teams because they don't appreciate tag team wrestling.

There was a women's tag team match featuring Maryse, Michelle, Layla, and Eve. Aside from Vickie at ringside, I don't care about any of these so called "divas." If Mickie James is fired, then I don't give two hoots about the rest of the women. Mickie was my favorite and the only talented diva aside from Beth Phoenix. Mickie is the last diva of the Greatest Era in Women's Wrestling around 2002-2006.

Smackdown received Kelly Kelly in the draft. Doesn't Matter.

CM Punk pinned Evan Bourne
Punk walked out with the Straight Edge Society and was flaunting his still intact hair. KAYFABE lives! Two former ROH stars lighting it up on Monday Night RAW. Striker called Punk "Smackdown's Surgeon General." Clearly a hint that Punk wasn't being drafted. Very fun match with the mystery man costing Bourne the victory.

I think it's Mr. America or Aizaz' cousin Habeeb.

Smackdown received Big Show in the draft. Doesn't matter because he's been wrestling on Smackdown as half of the Tag Team Champions for months.

Sheamus, Orton, and Cena have a mind numbing discussion about title shots. Orton actually had the nerve to talk about being a dignified "man" despite his entire career consisting of killing legends, punting fellow wrestlers, and smooching an incapacitated Stephanie McMahon Helmsley. Sheamus bragged about ending Triple H's career; however, he should be bragging about ending the career of Jamie Noble!
Cena said "Sheamus looks like a jar of mayo with eyes and a ketchup haircut." If jokes like that will make you WWE Champion, then Aizaz looks like Apu and Barney Rubble had a baby and then shit on it.

RAW Team won a Battle Royal
Ted DiBiase eliminated Mysterio for the victory, and Santino hung around to get hit with Dream Street.

RAW received John Morrison in the draft. A welcome addition to the RAW roster!

RAW received R-Truth in the draft. I find him entertaining and have been loyal since his days of "Gettin Rowdy" with Road Dogg.

RAW received Edge in the draft. The biggest draft pick of all night.

Chris Jericho defeated Christian
Former Tag Team Champions and two top pros letting it all out hang out. Fantastic match that I also recommend re watching.

Smackdown received Kofi Kingston in the draft. NO MORE CONTROLLED FRENZY! FUCK YOU MICHAEL COLE! Score for Vintage Blogs!

Jack Swagger pinned John Morrison
Great match. These two have solid chemistry and Morrison shined in his first match back on the RAW side.

Smackdown received Christian in the draft. Good pick, he won't get overshadowed on Friday nights. Now Aizaz will need a squeegee to clean his TV screen after Punk vs. Christian matches.

RAW received Chris Jericho in the draft. He's my favorite wrestler so I call RAW the WINNER of the draft.

Batista defeated Orton & Sheamus in a Triple Threat
As soon as Batista was added, I knew he was winning. WWE is saving Sheamus vs. Cena because it has some history behind it. Orton vs. Cena in a face vs. face does nothing for anyone. Batista vs. Cena...Round 3...I like it.

Edge speared Orton to give Tista the win; therefore, Edge is turning heel which is best for everyone. An Orton vs. Edge feud would be sweet. Rated RKO implodes!

The Verdict: Great night of wrestling but draft was boring as predicted. RAW raped Smackdown. End of story.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

WWE Draft Results & Thoughts (Raw Edition)

The WWE draft of 2010 has come and gone. There were a lot of changes in the WWE landscape though none can be categorized as earth shattering. As is normal for the draft, Smackdown was pillaged of its talent by Raw. The "A" show is now stacked with a plethora of great wrestlers and big names. One can only hope that these draft picks make for a better show on Monday nights than the ones we were treated to over the past year. Unfortunately, I don't think it is going to be likely, since Raw has to balance out the guest host gimmick (which is sadly going to continue) and getting enough time for these wrestlers. The past year has left me with absolutely no confidence in the Raw writers to pull it off, so a lot of the talent over on Raw will be wasted.

Raw Draft Picks

John Morrison - I like John Morrison, but I think he going to be one of the casualties on Raw. Monday nights now feature superstars such as John Cena, Orton, Edge, Batista (for now) and Jericho. All of those guys are going to involved in high priority feuds, and those feuds need exposure on television. Combine that with the disgusting amount of time given to the guest hosts, and I predict that the midcard on Raw will suffer. Then again, Raw has been cancerous to midcard wrestlers, and I don't see Morrison (who got lost in the shuffle at Smackdown towards the end) changing that. In addition, as a face, Morrison's in ring work is what's going to make him shine, and he can't do that in the 4 minute matches on Raw. I truly hope I'm wrong, and Morrison gets a huge push, but I see this move as being detrimental to Morrison's career.

R-Truth - I thought his skit (below) with Ted DiBiase last night was actually pretty funny. I hope Truth remembers it, because this will be the highlight of his Raw career. Maybe, him and Morrison get a couple of title shots at the Hart Dynasty, but that will be as far as Truth progresses on Raw.

Edge - My immediate reaction to Edge getting drafted to Raw was excitement, because I thought we would definitely get the long awaited Edge and Christian reunion or even feud. About 40 minutes later that excitement turned into anger. By the end of the show, I was angry and puzzzled. The WWE has no problem playing off Rated RKO, a team which lasted for a couple of months, and got buried by DX for most of that time. Yet they refuse to have a program between Edge and Christian. Fuck you Vincent Kennedy McMahon, just a hearty Fuck You. I fully blame this on the asshole with a God Complex. The writers have actually gone out of their to way to keep Edge and Christian apart (Christian had no reason to be on Raw after ECW, but they probably didn't want him on the same shows Edge) just because Vincent "Fuckhole" McMahon doesn't want to reference Edge and Christian, you know the best Tag Team out of the Attitude Era. Once again, FUCK YOU, VINCE!!! Obviously, Edge will be fine on Raw. In fact, I think might even be better since he looks to be reverting back to his heel persona. If his feud with Jericho has shown anything, it's that Edge is not a good face, so I prefer seeing him in a role he is comfortable with.

Chris Jericho - This one is actually surprising, but I like it. Jericho was basically on all 3 shows last year, and he was great in that role. I have absolutely no doubt that he will continue to excel on Raw. Hopefully, they gave him some decent opponents and feuds to work with.

Hart Dynasty - They are the Unified Tag Champions, so currently their drafting is moot. It's understandable as to why the WWE would want to move these two to Raw. It looks like Bret Hart is actually sticking around to manage the Hart Dynasty, and if that's the case then you want Bret and the Hart Dynasty to be on Raw. Oh and Bret Hart shows that managers can still be effective. A couple of weeks ago the Hart Dynasty were a bunch of jobbers that no one cared about. With Bret, they are actually over with the fans. This proves Vince wrong, since he believes managers are obsolete. Once again, Fuck You Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

Natalya - She is actually a very good women's wrestler, so maybe they use her. Probably not, Raw doesn't give a shit about the Women's division.

Goldust - I wonder if this is in response to Cody Rhodes getting drafted Smackdown. Maybe, they just didn't want the two brothers on the same show*. Anyway, I could see Goldust participating in some backstage skits with guest host, but that's as far as he will get on Raw.

*Goldust was listed as an official member of Smackdown. No, I don't remember seeing him either.

Ezekiel Jackson - He is currently injured, and will remain so for the next few months. When he comes back, I could see him being built up as a monster heel on Raw.

Great Khali & Ranjin Singh - Khali is taking time off, so it doesn't matter

JTG - Welcome to Jobberville, JTG, you are gonna be residing there for the upcoming year. I predict he will be future endeavor'd before the next draft.

The Raw Recap should be up tomorrow, it was delayed today since Johnny C had to babysit his girlfriend today.

The Smackdown portion of the draft will run tomorrow as well.

Thank you for reading, we appreciate it!

Monday, April 26, 2010

WWE Draft Preview

From the WWE website
For the eighth time in WWE history, the WWE Draft promises to realign the stars within the cosmos of the WWE Universe. On April 26, it'll be a "shake-up" – as originally described by WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon – when the compositions of the Raw and SmackDown brands are reshaped on a special three-hour edition of Monday Night Raw. (Complete Draft coverage)

Since its infancy in 2002, the WWE Draft has become synonymous with both shock and unpredictability, sending champions and their titles to different planes of competition, while dividing tag team partnerships and more. In this one night, every Superstar, Diva and WWE personality is subject to a randomized shift in brand. No one is safe, none are excluded.

Where will your favorite faces end up once the dust has settled? Tune in just 24 hours after Extreme Rules crashes onto pay-per-view when the brand-swapping begins at 8/7 CT, live from the Richmond Coliseum in Richmond, Va.

Time for predictions

Raw Selections

CM Punk and the Straight Edge Society


John Morrison

Drew McIntyre


Todd Grisham (Johnny C believes this, I don't see it happening)

Smackdown Selections

Randy Orton

The Miz

Kofi Kingston


Cody Rhodes or that's Johny C would have me believe. I personally think Brett DiBiase might be the one getting moved, since he is forming a rumored stable (Fortunate Sons) . I don't think Raw will have room for the Straight Edge Society and the Fortunate Sons.

Michael Cole (Johnny C believes this, I don't see it happening)

Fresh off taking advantage of some poor, and naive youngster, Johnny C will be returning to give you the Raw Recap.

Extreme Rules Results

The Dark Match (no not JTG vs Shad)

Kofi Kingtson defeated Dolph Ziggler

ShowMiz were forced to run a tag team gauntlet by Teddy Long

ShowMiz defeated Morrison & R-Truth - Yes, the WWE had a DQ finish on a PPV called Extreme Rules. They are completely shameless.

ShowMiz defeated Mark Henry and MVP

Hart Dynasty defeated ShowMiz - They earned themselves a Unified Tag Teams Title shot tomorrow night.

Hair vs Membership in the SES match (They listed it as such, but Punk's hair was the only thing that was on the line)

CM Punk defeated Rey Mysterio - As expected, Joey Mercury (they never showed his face) got involved at the end to help Punk win. This pretty much confirms that Punk and the SES will be moving to Raw. Last week on Raw, Punk told audiences that he will be taking the SES with him if he gets drafted. Earlier on, they had the stipulation that if Mysterio lost, he would have to join the SES. I think somewhere between that time and Extreme Rules, the Smackdown writing team was informed that Punk and his society would be moving to Raw. The WWE learned their lesson a couple of years ago that Mysterio shouldn't be moved from Smackdown to Raw, because it takes away from the massive Latin population, and the Raw creative team only hurts rey's character. I have no inside info, this is just a prediction.

Strap Match

JTG defeated Shad -Only match, I predicted wrong in the preview.

Extreme Rules Match for the World Heavyweight Championship

Jack Swagger retained his Championship - Swagger actually pinned Orton clean, and he needed to do it. After the match, Orton RKO'd Swagger, so I expect these two to continue their feud once the "Viper" gets drafted to Smackdown.

Street Fight

Sheamus defeated Triple H - He needed 4 Bicycle kicks and an injury angle to do it,
but at least he got the pin.

Extreme Makeover Match

Beth Phoenix defeated Michelle McCool to become the new Women's Champion.

Steel Cage Match

Edge defeated Chris Jericho - The crowd was as silent as a traditional Japanese crowd, and that made me extremely sad and angry.

Last Man Standing Match

John Cena defeated Batista to retain his WWE Championship. - Did anyone expect another outcome?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Extreme Rules Preview

Johnny C will not be participating in this preview, since he has a date (read= robbing the cradle), so you are just left with me.

Welcome to the Extreme Rules, a PPV consisting of some of the worst build up in recent memory. Granted, part of that may be due to the Volcano eruption over in Iceland disrupting the WWE's creative plans, but a lot of the blame should be placed on the WWE. They have stipulations like Extreme rules and Strap matches, but they haven't really given a reason as to why those matches would take place in such an environment. As down as I have been on the program between Edge vs Jericho, their storyline is the only one that ties into the the stipulation of the match, and that is a problem. Plus, there is always the travesty of you referring to a PPV as Extreme Rules, and not having any blood on it. The only potential redeeming point is that they have only scheduled 7 matches for the PPV and that should give the performers a decent amount of time to tell their story.

Michelle McCool (Champion) vs Beth Phoenix
Extreme Makeover match for the WWE Championship

Aizaz: The only reason I'm even covering this match is to ask; What in fuck's name is an Extreme Makeover match?

JTG vs Shad
Strap Match

Aizaz: I'm shocked that two midcarders are actually getting an opportunity to culminate their feud on a PPV. I'm even more surprised that those two happen to be and Shad and JTG. I guess it can be attributed to the company being behind Shad (for some reason) and wanting to push him, which leads me to believe that Shad will be getting a decisive victory on Extreme Rules and a subsequent drafting to Raw.

Predicted Winner - Shad

Triple H vs Sheamus
Street Fight

Aizaz: Surprisingly, I enjoyed their match at Wrestlemania which leads me to believe that they will have a decent match here. Rumors have been swirling about Triple H's injured neck and quad, so I expect the Celtic Warrior to come out with victory here. He desperately needs the victory too, not as bad as Swagger (more on that later), to get himself over as the dominant heel on Raw.

Predicted Winner - Sheamus

CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio
Hair vs. Membership in SES match

Aizaz: This is a tough one to pick. On Tuesday morning, I would have definitely picked Punk since Mysterio cut a lock of his hair on Raw. However, on Smackdown Punk pinned Rey Rey, but the former Cruiserweight Champion refused to stay down and almost cut Punk's hair again. This leaves me in a dilemma as to who has the momentum heading into the PPV, since the person opposite almost always gets the victory. Also, to be taken into account is the guaranteed interference of some sort from the SES. Originally, I thought Darren Young might pull a swerve, but this week's Smackdown dark match featured the returning Joey Mercury and he was bald. Back when he first returned to the company, he told people people he was supposed to join the SES. I fully expect Punk and the SES to get drafted to Raw this Monday, and I think think they will give Punk (with interference from Mercury) the victory to make him looks strong as he moves to the "A" show.

Predicted Winner - CM Punk

Edge vs Chris Jericho
Steel Cage Match

Aizaz: Remember when people were actually excited to see these two feud? Yeah, those were some great times. This has been one of the most disppointing feuds in recent times, and it was destined for failure ever since the first attempt at a "Spear" chant. Now, we are at the (what I believe to be) payoff to their feud, and I have absolutely no problems with that. My only hope is that they can salvage what's left in a fantastic match. On Smackdown they did a good job of incorporating the cage into their feud, and if they are given enough time, I think these two might just put on a helluva match. I mentioned earlier that I think this is the payoff, which is why I believe Edge will walk out the victor. If he doesn't, he looks like an idiot, since even Heath Slater was able to beat Jericho.

Predicted Winner - Edge

Jack "Antidote" Swagger (Champion) vs Randy "Viper" Orton
Extreme Rules Match for the World Heavyweight Championship

Aizaz: I really don't like what they have done with Swagger's championship reign. They have taken have taken away any semblance of individuality that Swagger's character had. Now, he is just another generic robotic blackhole of charisma modeled after the earlier stages of Orton's "Viper" character (see also Drew McIntyre). This is a shame since in ring work has been on shining display since he won the title, Back when he was jobbing to Santino on Raw, the All American American couldn't get a match which lasted more than 4 minutes. Now, he is getting to put on main event matches with the likes of Jericho, Edge, Orton and Taker. The problem is apart from Jericho and Edge, Swagger has been losing. The WWE already stuck the stigma of not being a real champion on Swagger*, and they have had him lose non title matches t Orton, Taker and even Morrison. So if you are counting at home, they have killed off any shred of individuality and didn't even let him establish himself as a good champion. They need to let Swagger get a clean victory here (it's probably too much to ask for). Orton is going to be moving to Smackdown soon, and he can chase the title once he gets there, Swagger needs this victory far more than the former leader of Legacy.

* This is an entirely ridiculous notion. The Money in the Bank winner is designed to give a guaranteed a shot at the champion whenever the challenger chooses. The guy who wins MITB risks his life and limb to get a shot at their convenience. That's why the MITB is such a big deal otherwise it wouldn't be any different that any other #1 Contender's match. By calling the guy who cashes in the MITB "not a real champion", not only are you killing off his credibility, you are also hurting the MITB itself, which is a bad move considering you have PPV named that coming up.

Predicted Winner - Jack Swagger

Batista vs John Cena

Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Championship

Aizaz : Let's see, one of these wrestlers is reportedly furious about losing out on a lead movie role for WWE Studios, and possibly considering retirement. The other wrestler is the 2000's answer to Hulk Hogan. Gee, I wonder who will win.

Predicted Winner - John Cena

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Smackdown Recap (4/23/2010)

Smackdown is coming "live" to you from Uncasville, Connecticut.

The night begins with World Heavyweight Champion's music hitting, and we are to be graced with a promo by The All-American American. According to Swagger, he is on a roll. Good to know that you can be on a roll even after getting defeated a few nights before. The Champ said he beat two first ballot Hall of Famers (Jericho and Edge) last week. In addition, he dominated the Undertaker like nobody else; not even Shawn Michaels. Swagger seems to have forgotten about Judgment Day 2006 when The Great Khali pinned The Deadman win with a foot on his chest.

Swagger gave credit to Orton by mentioning how the Viper could inject anybody with enough venom (There is a joke about Orton and semen to be made here) to keep them down for a 3 count. However, Jack Swagger isn't just anyone, the World Heavyweight Champion claims. No, he is the man who had 30 consecutive pins in his collegiate career, and he would be Antidote to Orton's venom. Then he talked some more and said he would cut the Viper's head off. Once, Swagger is finished, John Morrsion's music started playing and JoMo did his entrance in slow mo (Get it...Uggh)

Jack "Antidote" Swagger vs John Morrison - This was an absolutely fantastic match as both men surpassed their wonderful effort from a few weeks ago. Filled with counters, good wrestling, and couple of believable near falls, this fast paced match brought the crowd to its feet as they counted every near fall. The finisher saw Morrison survive the Gutwrench Bomb (Put his hand on the bottom rope) and counter the subsequent Running Powerslam into a Pele kick and Starship Pain for a pinfall victory. I don't like Swagger losing at all, but I'm not going to harp on that ..... for now. Right now, I will just say that it's good that Swagger got to be the Champion, since its allowed him to show just how phenomenal he can be in the ring, a fact that was going entirely unnoticed on Raw. Oh and I get the feeling that this might be Morrison's last match on Smackdown (pure speculation) and this was a thank you for his his work over the past year and an effort to make him look strong when he gets drafted to Raw.

Winner - John Morrison

Backstage, Punk complained to Teddy Long about Rey, or as Punk called him a Sociopath gremlin running around in a mask, cutting off a lock of a lock of Punk's pure hair. Teddy's response? "It's your problem, playa" .... There is a reason he is still on probation. Punk tells Teddy, Mysterio did it on Raw, because he has no shot of doing it at Extreme Rules. Teddy tells Punk that he hopes that the latter wins for his sake and the WWE's Universe's sake, because Punk is going to be ugly. He then has the audacity to call himself handsome while referencing the shine on his bald head......Just completely unprofessional conduct on Teddy Long's part... How is this man still employed? Our Lord and Savior tells Long "Look here, Chuckles" you better hope I don't see Mysterio for the rest of the night. In response, Teddy makes a tag match between Punk & Gallows vs Rey and Kane.

R-Truth & Matt Hardy vs Drew McIntyre & Dolph Ziggler - I will be honest with you, McIntyre's new theme has grown on me, and I like it. The only problem, it's wasted on the bucket of jizz. With the slow opening notes in his theme, the WWE is hoping that the fans react (read = boo) in anticipation of McIntyre's theme. What the WWE fails to understand is that absolutely no one cares about McIntyre, so the chances of their ploy succeeding are extremely slim. it's a good idea but they need it for a heel that the fans actually care about like a Punk or Jericho. On the other hand, Ziggler got some nice heat this week, which shows his recent antics have finally gotten him some much needed credibility with the fans.

The majority of this match was commercial breaks, but what they did show was alright. The best part of match was McIntyre's curb stomping Hardy on the steel steps. That was awesome, and the fans still didn't care, because it was McIntyre. Fuck it, I have time for another rant on Drew McIntyre.

This talentless fuck has been provided with every tool necessary by both God and the WWE. He has the type of body that makes Vince cum all over himself. Consequently, the writers have given him some great tools to get over with. In his debut program, he was allowed to dominate Finlay, a guy built up as one of the toughest wrestlers in the locker room. After that, he was given an undefeated streak to brag about. Subsequent to that, he was allowed to steal (in typical heel fashion) the Intercontinental Title off John Morrison, who was extremely over as a face at the time. Once that wasn't able to get him over, somebody had the great idea to have McInytre bitch and moan to Vince in order to expunge his loss thus restoring his perfect record on several occasions. All of these idea are well thought out ways for a heel to get over.This guy should be one of the most hated heels on Smackdown right now, instead he is so charismaless that he failed to get himself over and hurt the people associated with him (Just ask Morrison after his loss to McIntyre)

Back to the match: Hardy tried to continue, but couldn't. As a result, the match was stopped.

Winners - Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre

After the contest ended, the medics came out to check on Hardy, the "Chosen one" attacked Hardy again. Once he was done, McIntyre told Hardy that this was the last time he would see him. I think McIntyre might be headed to Raw, and I couldn't be happier to see him off Smackdown.

Next, Chris Jericho, along with Wade Barrett, made their way out to the ring and they were greeted by a chorus of boos. Jericho did his usual shtick calling everyone a hypocrite and a parasite. Then he tried to get the crowd to chant "Spear" twice, and even the Master of the "Walls of Jericho" was not able to get the crowd to chant for more than few seconds. Following that, Jericho lists things he would do to Edge in the cage.

Raking his face across the cage - Actually that would be entirely useless, since it won't draw blood and even if there is some blood, the referee will stop the match, and call the medics to clean it up, thereby defeating the entire purpose of the cage match.

Possibly jumping off the top of the cage onto Edge's ankle - Does Jericho actually think Vince would let him do this? That fucking asshole wants less and less violence on a wrestling PPV. There is entirely no way this happens. If you want to see a brutal and barbaric cage match, I would suggest watching Kurt Angle vs Ken Kennedy aka Mr. Anderson from Lockdown.

End Edge's career - No

He continued until Edge came out, and actually had a somewhat good promo. In fact, this might have been his best promo as a face. You knew it was going to be good when he mocked Jericho about losing to Heath Slater on NXT. Afterwards, the Rated R Superstar claimed that he had nothing to lose since he has already been injured and he knows how to climb back, but his adversary doesn't. Following some more back and forth, Edge attacked Jericho and Barrett. The former escaped the cage leaving his protege in the cage. Barrett begged to be let out and Jericho refused citing the fact that he would have to open the cage door. Edge beat up and Speared Barrett, while Jericho looked on worriedly.

Pretty good segment, since it advanced the storyline between Jericho and Edge and headed the relationship between Jericho and Barrett into a whole new direction. Ever since the beginning of NXT, Barrett and Jericho have had the best relationship as the former has shown nothing but respect for his mentor. Now this relationship has the possibility of getting more volatile, and I'm looking forward to it.

Next, we have Mike Knox's last match.

Mike Knox vs JTG
- Standard squash match to end what might have been one of the greatest heels in the company.

Winner - JTG

Shad, who came out to new music, was bearing a blue suit, and did a decent enough job on commentary. By the way, watching Shad wearing a suit reminded me of Stringer Bell. No one, and I mean no one pulls off wearing a suit like Stringer from the Wire. He is almost Bond-esque, which makes sense as Idris Elba (the actor who played Stringer) is British.

Nobody pulls off the suit like Stringer

Post match, Shad attacked JTG with a strap which gives some buildup to their Strap match at Extreme Rules.

A Women's match took place, and I went away for a bathroom break.

At last, we come to our out main event, which was made earlier in the night.

CM Punk & Luke Gallows vs Rey Mysterio and Kane - Remember when Rey Mysterio and Kane had a feud on Raw because Kane physically and spiritually tortured Rey? Don't feel bad if you don't because neither does the WWE. The match itself was good, but that's no surprise when guys like Rey and Punk are involved. The finish saw Mysterio attempting a Springboard DDT off the top rope and Punk turning it into a GTS momentarily, but Mysterio countered. The Straight Edge Savior turned it into a sitdown for the pin.

Winner - CM Punk & Luke Gallows

Once the match was over, Punk continued his assault on Mysterio in order to weaken his moment. The Master of the 619 was able to recover, and hit a baseball slide on Punk, who just happened (what are the odds) to land on the barber's chair placed at ring side. Rey Rey tried to cut Punk's hair again, but Serena intervened and Punk was able to get away. The last shot of Smackdown had that "Sociopath gremlin running around in a mask" holding a pair of clippers.

Nice enough edition of Smackdown, the only matches they truly built up for Extreme Rules were Edge vs Jericho and Mysterio vs Punk, and those are the which really don't require them. Nevertheless, it was an entertaining show, which had a an absolutely brilliant match between Swagger and Morrison.

Deadspin's "Dead" Wrestler Of The Week: Yokozuna

Most people who follow blogs closely have probably heard of Gawker media. They are the pinnacle of blog popularity. One of the websites under them is Deadspin, which claims to deliver sports "without access, favor or discretion." They absolutely come through on that claim as their targets have ranged from the likes of Tiger Woods and Alex Rodriguez to Sean Salisbury and Steve Phillips. Anyway, I visit Deadspin for the sheer lulz and their often humorous take on sports. Plus, they have some excellent writers like Drew Margarey and Will Leitch. Anyway, a few weeks ago they started a weekly tribute to dead wrestlers. These columns have been absolutely great as they combine passion for wrestling, emotional attachment to the wrestlers along with some excellent writing. For this week. Deadspin took a glance at one of the most unique, but ultimately tragic wrestling career: Yokozuna.

Here is Deadspin's own description of it.

Every week, the Masked Man, Deadspin's pro wrestling correspondent, honors the sport's fallen and examines their legacies — famous and obscure alike. Today: Yokozuna, who died of a heart attack in 2000.

I will just do a teaser of sorts on here, if you want to read the rest of it, you should click right here

Pro wrestling has long been a land of giants, a playground for literally outsized men to act out metaphorically outsized tropes and storylines for the teleological gratification of the masses. Nevertheless, when a 500-pound man makes his way down the aisle, people stop to pay notice. Or, hey, maybe they're a little bit distracted at just that moment, as were announcers Vince McMahon and Curt Hennig when Yokozuna first set (bare) foot in the WWF ring — but once they noticed, they were suitably awed. Oozed McMahon: "Take a look at this! Take a look at the girth! Take a look at 505 pounds of Yokozuna! This man is huge!""

Led by longtime scoundrel manager Mr. Fuji, Yokozuna — nĂ© Rodney Anoa'i — was a behemoth even by the bloated standards of the WWF, for which a new plus-sized hire wasn't exactly a rare occurrence. But gargantuan wrestlers — be they tall, fat, over-muscled, or some combination of the three — never seem to lose their luster in the eyes of the wrestling audience. Or, more precisely, in the eyes of the McMahon and the other heirs of Barnum who run the shows and sign the paychecks.

From the earliest days of the sport, in every fairground or VA hall where a ring was erected and a crowd assembled, there were semi-athletic butterballs on hand to shock and awe the audience with their mind-boggling bulk, put on display like their carnival sideshow forebears. These men, though — from Haystacks Calhoun and Gorilla Monsoon to The One Man Gang and King Kong Bundy — didn't just suit up for the gawking. They whooped and jeered and, once the battle commenced, they punched and chopped and (usually at the end) fell down heavily upon their opponents, the spectacle of their king-sizedness now palpably painful and almost interactive. Still freaks in a sense, they'd nevertheless upped the ante considerably. They were now participants.

You can tell that the Masked Man is a huge wrestling fan. There is a reverence to his words when he talks about Yokozuna, I know that's exactly how I felt when I watched Yoko in a wrestling ring. This is one of sadder "Dead Wrestlers of the Week" since it chronicles Yoko's decline from the top of the business to very bottom just as his health diminished.

Friday, April 23, 2010

WWE Does Some Cleaning

During the year, there is always that time when the WWE decides to clean house and get rid of some unnecessary contracts. With the WWE Draft coming up, it looks like the cleaning has begun as 7 seven wrestlers have been released in the past day.

Jimmy Wang Yang - No surprises there, he had done nothing except the occasional squash match. In fact, his last match was against Ezekiel Jackson was on a Smackdown, before Wrestlemania and he was killed within seconds.

Katie Lea Burchill - I will forever blame the PG Era for robbing us of the planned incest angle between her and Burchill. That had the potential to be beyond hilarious and somewhat hot. Wait, am I thinking out loud again? Let's just move on.

Slam Master J - I'm surprised he lasted this long. But I guess, since they didn't need him to make awful cameo appearances Word Up anymore, I guess it was time for Jesse to leave.

Kung Fu Naki - Johnny C had this to say "I don't know what the biggest travesty is: Shelton never winning the Money in the Bank after all those years or Funaki never realizing his dream as Smackdown's Number One Announcer"........ For now, Tricia Takanawa reigns as the best Asian reporter.

Mickie James - Rumors are swirling that James arrived late on the bus and held up the roster several times on the recent European tour. Combined with her "weight issues" (which the WWE relentlessly mocked on Smackdown) and music aspirations, the WWE felt it was time for her to leave. This will always be my favorite Mickie memory...

Editor's Note -I forgot to mention this, but commenter, JD, was right on top of another great Mickie moment.

My favorite Mickie moment was when she grabbed Trish's crotch then licked her fingers.

Mike Knox - This was a surprising one as Knox is one of the more talented big men on the WWE roster. It's a shame that the Smackdown team never found anything for him to do, I really think he could have been a great "monster" heel.

Shelton Benjamin - The most surprising name on the list is Shelton's. I think this is another mistake by Vince just like Pope and Kennedy. The former is one of the most over wrestlers in TNA, while the latter might be the best heel in TNA. Plus, he is coming off a match that can be considered a solid contender for Match of the Year. Anyway, I'm more than 90% sure (this is just pure speculation on my part) that Benjamin will join TNA. In fact, I wouldn't even be surprised if we saw a World's Greatest Tag Team reunion, with the recently released charlie Hass, on Impact once Benjamin's 90 day no compete clause expires. Let's take a look back at one of Shelton Benjamin finest performances as Benjamin helped pioneer what has now become an annual Wrestlemania tradition: Money in the Bank Ladder match.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Raw vs TNA (Monday Night "War" 2.0) Update

For the past few weeks, TNA Impact has been suffering from low ratings. They have reached lows like 0.6, and frankly they have deserved those pits. In some instances, their programming has been absolutely awful. However, I felt as if they had put on their strongest show, since their premiere on Mondays, last night. They had a couple of solid matches with big stars, a big return (Samoa Joe escaped from being kidnapped!) , and they even crowned a popular new champion in RVD on free television. John and I were talking about it last night and I hoped that a solid wrestling show would garner them some stronger ratings.

Low and behold, the ratings come out today and TNA scored a much higher rating (1.0/1.3 million viewers) than previous weeks.

With the major Raw stars missing, WWE put on a very mixed show last night. The Opening Segment, Swagger/Undertaker match, and Main Event were all good, but the MacGruber skits were absolutely horrid. In addition, they had the blackhole of charisma known as Drew McIntyre on their show as well, so they were bound to lose people.

Raw drew 3.1, which translates into 4.15 million viewers. Granted this is a much larger audience than TNA's, but the WWE has to look at the fact that a strong wrestling show by TNA contributed to their lowest rating since December, 8th, 2008. I highly doubt they will see it that way. Vince and the boys will just chalk it up to the usual Raw roster not appearing. Their case will be helped by next week's ratings, since the Draft is always a ratings bonanza for them. The only way to rectify that belief, is for TNA to keep putting on strong shows, and they are bound to see an even larger increase in their humbers. Maybe then, Vince will finally see the fans discontent with his product.

RAW Recap: Smackdown Erupts

Fun Opening: Triple H came out to announce that the RAW roster is trapped in Europe to the Volcanopalypse. Luckily for us, The Game didn't grace the Europeans with his presence; therefore, he is able to entertain Dirty Jersey with a 20 minute opening speech. Best line- "Sheamus, if you're a bad dude, then I'm deadly." As CM Punk arrives with the Straight Edge Society by his side, Michael Cole informs us that rumors have been swirling regarding Smackdown superstars taking over RAW. That's why the Draft don't matter.
Punk announces that he has two words: "Jersey Sucks." Gold.

After Trips and Punk engage in verbal sparring, Punk asks if Triple H will join the S.E.S. Triple H claims that he prefers freedom, he loves America, etc. Then, The Game graces the Jerseyites with his presence by simultaneously praising/insulting various crowd members about their love of freedom. The mandatory gay joke was employed, a drunk driving joke, and then a subtle joke that appalled me. Triple H walked over to the time keeper's table, where the returning Lillian Garcia was announcing for one night only. Triple H said in America, "Lillian can come to RAW just to horse around." If you didn't pay attention, you would think it was a simple comment. But, knowing Triple H's sense of humor, I believe he was claiming that Lillian looks like a horse. A fuckin horse!? She's one of the hottest women involved in wrestling of all time, and HHH refers to her as a horse? Take a peak at that mule you call a wife, Hunter. Lillian has class, no wonder she left WWE.

So Triple H wonders why Punk has a head full of hair while his followers are shaved. Punk responds by claiming that his hair is "pure." Now I also have long hair, but Punk's hair drips grease like a Pizza Hut pepperoni pie. The S.E.S. attack Triple H, and prepare to shave the "Cerebral Assassin" bald, but Rey Mysterio emerges to save The Game. Mysterio turns the tables on Punk by snipping some strands off his dome. The funniest part of this whole shebang...Punk swung the buzzer at Mysterio like a punch. Now that's hardcore!

Drew McIntyre vs. Matt Hardy
- No entrances necessary. Story of the match was Drew working on Hardy's skull. Short match but fun while it lasted. Drew won by yanking Hardy off 2nd rope and pinning the dizzy Hardy brother. (No, not Jeff.) Using the dangers of concussions as the story of a match is a smart strategy in 2010 due to the realism and history of head injuries in wrestling.

Winner- Drew McIntyre

McIntyre is referred to as "The Chosen One." How ironic is it that Jeff Jarrett was originally "The Chosen One?"

Editor's note - This is the true "Chosen One"

John Cena appeared via satellite and claimed that he will swim across the Atlantic Ocean in order to fight Batista at Extreme Rules. Although he's a "marine," I doubt Cena has that much "hustle."

Draft buildup. Still doesn't matter. Either keep the rosters apart or don't bring back the draft. You can't have both!

KFC Double Down- Holy Shit!

Vladimir Kozlov comes out and demands that Jerry Lawler read Kozlov's personal statement. "The King" was sporting a hideous, bright yellow shirt that blinded by screen. Call Rico for some fashion tips!

The "personal statement" is probably a list of the Smackdown wrestlers so King will be prepared for the night.

MacGruber arrives as Will Forte and Kristen Wiig from Saturday Night Live fulfill their Guest Host obligations. Kozlov is a "giant pile of suck." "The darkest, most depressing place in the world isn't Jersey, it's Mrs. Kozlov's uterus." Wow. Thats a good one. SNL will never fail me!
R-Truth then came out to blow up. Atleast Undertaker didn't catch on fire only 2 months ago...

Meanwhile on TNA, RVD vs. A.J. Styles for the TNA Championship. RVD vs. Styles...Dream Match...On Free TV. I miss WCW.

Orton says he simply will win the World Heavyweight Championship Sunday.

WWE's most neutered wrestler since Ric Flair, Jack Swagger, arrives in boring fashion. Man, WWE killed him. He has no personality, no individuality, no interest. I was a huge fan of his, but I can't support this melodramatic version. Unbelieveably, winning the World Heavyweight Championship killed his career.

Jack Swagger vs Undertaker - Swagger issued open challenge and the answer came from...Undertaker. Whoa! Big surprise that shook up the show. Good match that displayed Swagger's tenacity and Taker's popularity in Jersey. The King actually did an effective job in restoring credibility to the World Heavyweight Championship by stating that "it is the last thing Swagger thinks about when he goes to bed, and the first thing he thinks about when he wakes up in the morning." VINTAGE UNDERTAKER! Fuck you Cole. Taker actually unleashed a snap suplex as well. Taker won with the Tombstone which prompted Cole to shout "Jimmy Hoffa's not the only body buried in the Meadowlands!" Michael Cole has VINTAGE JOKES!

Winner- The Undertaker

I wonder will anybody lose to Undertaker now? Seriously, I don't think that he can be pinned at this point in his career. How can anyone justify pinning the man who retired Shawn Michaels?

Main Event: Triple H, Rey Mysterio, & Edge defeated CM Punk, Chris Jericho, & Luke Gallows
Fun match, unfortunately Punk took the pin.

Overall, I felt it was a lackluster show. However, atleast we had a show. Obviously, the WWE can't control Mother Nature, so they did a good job playing defense.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Wrestling News Roundup - TNA Lockdown Results, Raw gets Invaded by Smackdown,

Welcome to the Wrestling News Roundup. Here at Vintage Blogs, we are all about helping our readers (all 5 of you). Consequently, your humble editor came up with the idea of a Wrestling News Roundup. I imagine it's pretty tiring sifting through all the wrestling websites looking for interesting news. Plus, there is all that spam to watch out for. Well our dear reader, you don't have to worry about that anymore, because the Vintage Blogs team is going to do the work for you. We will scour each and every corner of the internet to bring you the most interesting news possible. Without further adieu, let's look at the news around the Wrestling world.

WWE has announced that the Smackdown crew will be taking over tonight -

No surprises there, with the Raw crew still stuck in Iceland due tot he volcanic ash, the WWE had no choice but to get the Smackdown superstars on Raw. I think this Raw has the potential to be the best one of the year.

Raw Superstars might be stuck in Ireland even longer
The WWE hoped that they would be able to have the Raw superstars perform on Smackdown, but even that plan seems to be i jeopardy right now, since the airports in the UK might not open tomorrow.

TNA Lockdown Results
Kurt Angle beat Mr. Anderson - Being touted as a Match of the Year candidate. I have even heard that it might be better than Taker vs Michaels.

Team 3D beat The Band - Sixpac missed the show.

AJ Styles defeated D'Angelo Dinero - I do not agree with the result, and I fervently hope that Pope doesn't get dropped back to midcard hell.

Kazarian defeated Shannon Moore to become the new X-Division Champion - Douglas Williams was stripped of the title, because he is stranded in Europe. Damn Volcanoes!

Kevin Nash beat Eric Young

RVD beat James Storm - This gave Team Hogan the 2 on 1 advantage during the Lockdown match.

Team Hogan beat Team Flair - The ending was horrible and a complete clusterfuck. It also convinced me that ric Flair will die in a wrestling ring. It's not even a joke, but a sad fact.

Kurt Angle will be taking some time off -

Angle announced last night that he will be taking time off after his victory. This is an extremely good thing for Angle, who has been suffering from neck and several other problems. If anybody need to take time off, it's Angle.

Triple H to play leading role in WWE Studios' latest movie "Killing Karma" -
Triple H is replacing Batsita as the leading man in the latest WWE studious failuire err movie "Killing Karma".

Batista furious over getting replaced in "Killing Karma"- Sports Entertainment Scoops
Batista has wanted to transition into a Hollywood actor once he retires, so it's no surprise that he is angry over losing a leading role. It's interesting to note that Batsita's WWE contract ends this summer, it's possible he might leave the company.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Into the Wrestling Vault: 4/18/10 Edition

Both Johnny C and I have made our hatred and dismay over the Linda McMahon induced PG-Era and overall state of wrestling well known. We firmly believe that wrestling was far better in the 90's and early 2000's. In fact, even the mid 2000's are much better than the horseshit that is shoved down our throats these days. Consequently, it's no surprise that both John and I have burned countless number of hours looking up old matches, and promos on Youtube, Daily Motion, and the dozens of other websites which host wrestling videos. Now that we have turned ourselves into fancy men (with our own blog) we figured to turn all those wasted hours into blog posts. So join us as we delve into the Wrestling Vault to relive our favorite videos.

Wrestlemania XIX is known for a lot of things, Lesnar's botched Shooting Star Press, Triple H's complete burial of Booker T, and Austin's last match. However, it was the excellent match between Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho that ended up stealing the show in Safeco Field, Seattle.

The feud between Michaels and Jericho had its seeds planted in December of 2002. That gave the Creative Team, the wrestlers, bookers, and everyone else involved a solid 3 months to plan out the course of this feud. Boy, did it ever pay off! The story was one of jealousy on the part of Y2J, who felt that he had surpassed his childhood idol Shawn Michaels*. The King of the World (what Jericho called himself during his earlier heel run) tried everything within his considerable arsenal to show how much smarter, and more charismatic he was, than his idol. This included Y2J being the first ever competitor who actually wanted to enter #1 in the Royal Rumble just so he could win as the #1 entrant in order to show that he could do anything Michaels had done, but even better.

The same story extended to the match as well, Jericho tried to upstage Shawn during every stage of the match. Y2J did the Kip Up ala HBK, he even stole Sweet Chin Music, but the veteran Michaels seemed to stay a step ahead of Jericho. This was Shawn's first match at Wrestlemania since his gutty performance (wrestled with a broken back) at Mania 15. Didn't matter one bit, Shawn hardly looked like he missed a beat. This was a showcase of athleticism and wrestling talent between two men, who were coming off title reigns in the previous year.

*The part where Jericho referred to Michaels as his childhood idol is absolutely true, in his autobiography (A Lion's Tale: Around the World in Spandex) The Ayotollah of Rock N Rolla mentions that the long hair and a lot of his shtick was inspired by the Showstopper.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Supernatural "Point of No Return"

Hello fellow readers, my name is Pat P. I am new to the gang. I am focused on writing about "Supernatural". Thursday night was the airing of "Point of No Return". It was a mix of funny, serious, and exciting (if you enjoyed the moment when Dean shanked Zachariah).

The episode started with what some people thought Dean would never do in a million years, saying yes to Micheal. From the beginning Dean was against the plan that the Angels had for him, to be Micheal's sword. He had us all convinced all the way to the end that he was going to say yes, but that eventually turned into him slaying Zachariah. I'm not saying that Dean will never say yes to Micheal, but we do now know that he has the passion too do so, and that he's willing to save the lives of billions in exchange for his own life.

This episode did have some, not a lot, but just enough comedy in it to call it a true Supernatural Episode. Toward the beginning when Adam was brought back to Bobby's house and they discovered what the angels were up too, Cass explained how their moving on from Dean by using Adam as a vessel instead, Dean turns around and says "Blow me Cass". Now that got me laughing. Also when Dean told Adam that they were working on the "Power of love" as a solution to kill the devil, that was a nice comment that got people laughing.

Overall, I enjoyed the episode. There were a lot of plot twisters, characters that came back from the dead, and the most important moment that i think happened, the biggest dick of the season was killed.

The Smackdown Rundown (4/16/10)

The Smackdown Recap usually went on for too long, so I'm going to tweak the format a bit this time, and see how the Smackdown Rundown goes. If it's shorter, and still manages to get my views across, then the Smackdown Rundown will stick around while the Recap will get future endeavor'd. Let's begin!

Uploaded by The_Game-82. - Check out more sports and extreme sports videos.

The show starts off with Chris Jericho walking down to the ring. He gets a good reaction, mostly boos, but the "Y2J" chants are audible. He comes out and makes an extremely valid point in asking how the fuck does Randy Orton receive a title shot when he is an official member of Raw, and the World Heavyweight Championships is to be exclusively defended on Smackdown. He goes onto call Teddy Long the biggest buffoon to ever hold the position of GM. Again, it's the absolute truth, even Mike Adamle *didn't let someone not associated with the WWE makes a decision regarding the World Title for their brand. No wonder, Teddy is on probation.

Jericho goes onto say that he is treated unfairly and what not. I'm surprised he didn't claim being the victim of a conspiracy. Anyway, he is interrupted by the neutered Rated-R Superstar. Edge actually agrees with Jericho about the World Heavyweight Championship being on Smackdown, he also thinks that Jericho should be awarded his rematch. It's all going well until Edge tries to be "funny" by saying Jericho deserves to be kicked in the balls (he said "Cablos" because they are in London). Then Edge puts on his serious face and says that Jericho is not the right man to protect the title, since he is injured. The irght man is of course Edge. Yup, the same guy, who just returned early from a potential career threatening injury. Please become a heel again, Edge!

Teddy Long comes out to fulfill racial stereotypes by saying he doesn't appreciate Jericho "hatin' on him, playa". The artist formerly known as Y2J makes a disgusted face and articulately responds "If you were doing your job, correctly, I wouldn't need to hate on you, player". That was actually funny....Edge should probably take notes on how to mock someone. Long story short, Teddy makes an ass out of himself, but also makes a Triple Threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship for tonight.

*Now, Adamle couldn't correctly name the people on his brand if his life depended up on it, but at least he protected the sanctity of the World Heavyweight Championship.

Next up is Drew McIntyre, who cuts a promo. The Sinister Scotsman correctly notes that the crowd doesn't like him. While he is making observations, he should also point out that he is boring talks in a monotonous voice. The British hate the Scottish, so he got decent heat.

Kane vs Drew McIntyre - During the match, Striker calls Drew McIntyre classy because he wouldn't get married in Vegas. I think he was making fun of Swagger, who recently got married in Vegas to his girlfriend. I enjoyed the line, but the average viewer probably thinks Striker's standards suck, much like commentary. Kane gets the best of McIntyre throughout the match, who finally has enough and starts walking back. Matt Hardy runs down and throws McIntyre into the ring, which causes a DQ in McIntyre's favor. An irate Kane chokeslams them both. Wonder if they would do a Triple Threat for the Intercontinental Championship at Extreme Rules?

Winner - Drew McIntyre via DQ

Dolph Ziggler is forced to make an apology, because he put Josh Matthews in the Sleeper Hold, who passed out. The former Spirit Squad member acts nonchalant about the incident and is sarcastic in his apology. I like that they are pushing Ziggler, having him attack Matthews and and then flip it off as nothing is a good direction, With more of a personality, the fans might acre more about him. Who knows, maybe, he can finally capture that elusive Intercontinental Title.

He is set to face Truth, who says the "Truth hurts" to Ziggler. Decent enough phrase even if it is completely cliche and hacky.

R-Truth vs Dolph Ziggler - I shit you not, the majority of this 2 1/2 minute match consisted of the Sleeper Hold. I really don't know what else I can say. I guess it's good that they are giving Ziggler even more credibility.

Winner- Dolph Ziggler via the devastating Sleeper Hold

A women's match took place, and I heard it was decent. Still won't get me to watch it though.

SES & Darren Young vs Hart Dynasty & Rey Mysterio - This was the best match of the night as these guys were given plenty of time, and they responded with a solid match. The wrestling between Kidd and was extremal short but it was a nice tease if these two were to ever meet each other for singles competition. The ending saw Rey Mysterio distract Punk, while David Hart Smith hit the Running Powerslam for the win.

Winners - Hart Dynasty & Rey Mysterio via pinfall

They are showing tension among the SES, with Gallows and Young, but I still get the feeling that there will be a swerve at Extreme Rules, Young will cost Mysterio the match, and become a full fledged member of the SES.

By the way, the Miz was on commentary, and he was extrememly entertaining. He took a few shots at Todd Grisham, put over the Hart Dynasty, plugged Raw on Monday. All in all, he did his job, while being entertaining. The only complaint, I have is that the camera concentrated on the Miz far too much, it actually took away from a good match.

Caylen Croft vs JTG - There is not a single person, who didn't expect Shad to get involved. Sure enough, once JTG wins after hitting the Mugshot, Shad gets into the ring and attacks JTG. Whilst his former tag team partner is down, Shad grabs the mic and says that JTG is nothing without him amongst other hurtful things. JTG gets up and is able to throw Shad out of the ring, the big man is left fuming.

Winner - JTG via Pinfall

Time for the Main Event

Jack Swagger vs Edge vs Chris Jericho for the World Heavyweight Championship -
Very enjoyable triple threat match. Instead of having three singles matches, these guys found a balance and worked together to have a legitimate triple threat. the crowd was through parts of the match especially when Jericho had the Walls locked in on Edge and Swagger. The ending was rehashing of two seeks ago as Edge speared Jericho, but it was Swagger who took advantage and pinned Jericho.

Winner - Jack Swagger ReTAINed the World Heavyweight Championship

Of course, no one expected to lose, since they already started advertising Swagger vs Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship at Extreme Rules, but it's nice to see him get the victory over two established stars. Unfortunately, I don't see him beating Orton.