Tuesday, March 9, 2010

TNA Won the First Battle

TNA truly made an IMPACT (pun fully intended) last night for their first head to head show against RAW. Here is a rundown of the Total Nonstop Highlights...

TNA promised a huge first 5 minutes and they delivered. I was more interested in watching Flair and Hogan emerge from retirement than watching Undertaker talk to Michaels.

Sting Screwed The Hulkster! Dixie Carter, 3 referees, Hogan, Abyss, and the returning RVD all faced the wrath of the Black and White Menace. Sting embracing his heel side was refreshing and fun to watch.

Despite Tazz dropping the "420" hint, RVD's return was awesome and revitalized the wrestling landscape immediately. Van Dam busted out a Van Daminator as well as some Rolling Thunder on Sting for the debut victory.

Angle and Anderson fighting over the military is a new storyline that I find gratifying as America's armed forces are being represented well by the American Hero and only Wrestling Olympic Gold Medalist.

Although Flair and Hogan are still entertaining, still popular, and still effective in certain roles, they should NOT wrestle any more matches ever again. Flair taking back drops is extremely scary and uneasy to watch. And Hogan looks worse. I'm happy that Abyss and AJ are getting the rub from the two immortals, but that doesn't mean Flair and Hogan need to wrestle. If you can remember a year or 2 ago when Mae Young wrestled on RAW, that terrifying feeling returned during the tag match.

JEFF HARDY CLOSED THE SHOW! A perfect ending to a hot night of action. Maybe next week they will show him actually perform the Swanton.

In conclusion, I will support TNA in their battle because they are the underdog and they have shown some potential. The Top 10 Reasons to Watch TNA on Monday Nights...

10. TNA Knockout Daffney

9. Tag Team Division: Motor City Machine Guns, Generation Me, Beer Money

8. Jarret's Climb Back Up the Mountain

7. Mick Foley

6. Desmond Wolf

5. The Pope

4. The Beautiful People

3. Best Evil GM Ever: Eric Bischoff

2. Heel STING!

1. A.J. Styles & Nature Boy Stylin/Profilin Package

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  1. How could you, John? You ranked the Beautiful People ahead of Daphne. Normally, I don't care about women wrestling at all, but Daphne's psychotic attacks and general hate bring joy to my heart. How can you rate those whores ahead of Daphne?

    Oh and I'm pretty sure, Bischoff is just a massive a-hole in real life. He is not acting at all, he is just doing what he does in everyday life. There is no way one man can have that dickishness locked inside of him.

    Heel!Sting is awesome. He reminds me of Austin back back when he used to gratuitously hit people with chair shots.