Monday, March 15, 2010

RAW Got Stone Cold

Before Aizaz bashes RAW, I'm here to defend it.

Austin returning was way overdue and the crowd popped big time. Austin is without a doubt the most popular wrestler of all time. Despite the PG restrictions, he was still that Texas Rattlesnake, that Bionic Redneck, the toughest son of a bitch!

Michaels, Austin, and Jericho in the same room was a surreal moment. The chemistry between Austin and Michaels has always been electric. Austin's defeat over HBK solidified his legacy and started the Austin era. Jericho and Michaels reignited wrestling feuds in 2008 and spawned the reincarnation of Jericho from partying Ayatollah of Rock n Rolla to "Our Savior." Jericho also beat Austin for the Undisputed Championship. Plus, they main evented No Way Out 02...the night the NWO returned to the wrestling scene. HBK, Jericho, and Austin are certified Hall of Famers.

Batista vs. Cena is the millennium's version of Austin vs. Rock.

As much as Lawler phones it in these days, he had a gem about Batista when he said, "you know how an animal reacts when he smells blood."

Sheamus will dethrone "The King of Kings" at WrestleMania. First a loss to the Ultimate Warrior, and now a loss to the Celtic Warrior.

The divas still suck. TNA utilizes their Knockouts way better. Expect a blog about that in the future.

Legacy will be owned by Orton at WrestleMania. Their legends will be killed before they ever began.

Gorgeous George is extremely deserving of induction into the Hall of Fame. Most people complain that Bruno not being in is a travesty, but now I realize that George's exclusion was the real travesty. He was a pioneer, inspired Muhammed Ali, and sold more TV sets than Milton Berle. If his "Gorgeous Schlong" was as big as Berle's was said to be, than George deserves his own wing in the Hall of Fame.

Stu Hart is also deserving of induction into the Hall of Fame. He has trained a Hall of Fame worthy list including Abdullah the Butcher, Chris Benoit, Dynamite Kid, "Superstar" Billy Graham, and the Hart Family. Expect a blog dedicated to the Hall of Fame real soon.

The contract signing....AWESOME. Austin pumped up the crowd and defended Stu's honor. Vince delivered his stinging remarks in a short and sweet sauce. Bret returned with some verbal jousts. Although there were no stunners, watching Bret swerve Vince satisfied by stunner craving. Bret finally blasted Vince and will get his revenge at Mania. 13 days away! Bret has waited 13 years for revenge! 13 years of having to watch Vince embrace success from Bret's misfortune. Bret's youngest brother Owen died under that greedy circus barker's watch. Vince tore the Hart Family apart. And in just 13 days, just 13 days, Bret Hart will return to WrestleMania to avenge 13 years of turmoil, pain, anguish, and misery. Bret coming back was no chance in hell, well Vince, hell hath no fury like the Hitman's scorn!


  1. They better not have 3 on 2 match with Legacy w Sheamus vs Triple H and Orton. For the love of God, Orton symbolically raped Stephanie in front of a national audience, and Triple H is just fine gonna be fine with that all of a sudden. As much as I disliked their feud, you have still gotta have some semblance of respect for your company's history.

    If they want to have Sheamus become the leader of Legacy, I'm fine with that. It gives three young guys the chance to establish themselves with the help of a stable. They can probably feud with Orton, who is gonna be working as a face, and it will be good. But they really shouldn't put Orton and Hunter together, yet I get the felling that's exactly what they will do.

    Legacy and Sheamus and Orton will take out Triple (who wants time off) and Orton will ve left to fend for himself against Legacy and their new leader; Sheamus.

  2. Orton and Triple H forming an alliance would be make their feud come full circle. Since Orton sat under The Game's learning tree in Evolution, they can always trace their roots. I had a hunch that Kofi would save Orton from a beat down, but I guess you would be more livid that Kofi would help Orton despite their history.