Tuesday, March 9, 2010

NXT Recap (3/9/10)

The show starts off with a tag match between Truth & Otunga vs Bryan Danielson (I refuse to call him by his WWE slave name) and The Miz. The US champion called the American Dragon out on his win-loss record (0-2) and told him if he lost the match tonight, the Miz would get him kicked off NXT. When did the Miz become friends with HHH?

The match itself was actually good. From the very first week, it was obvious that David Otunga had a presence and charisma to go along with it. By the material, they provided him, it was also obvious that creative and the WWE brass was behind him as well. The only remaining concern was whether he could go in the ring. Those concerns were amplified when Otunga botched a Spinebuster against Darren Young in his first match. I think this match showed that the guy is a capable in ring performer. He got the pin on Miz. Otunga has a very bright future ahead of him in the WWE as long as he doesn't screw up.

Of course, this match also featured more problems with the Bryan/Miz relationship. It looked like Danielson had the match won, but the Miz tagged himself in, and then proceeded to lose once Danielson slapped him in retaliation and R-Truth kicked him. This is a significant development in the feud, since this is the first time, we have seen Danielson retaliate. The crowd (which chanted Danielson's slave WWE name during the match) went wild when Danielson slapped him, and did it again when Danielson looked like he was about to attack the Miz post match. I have gotta give the WWE booking team a lot of credit for this feud and getting the former ROH champion over. As much as I love Danielson, even I'm willing to admit that he is not the most charismatic guy. By pairing him with Miz, hiding his shortcomings, and having this feud develop slowly, and showcasing his in ring work, they are getting Danielson over as a face. It's certainly working as he is most over in the NXT rookies. Thank you for not fucking this up.

Matt Hardy and Justin Gabriel had a segment backstage with Chris Jericho and Wade Barrett. I think Justin Gabriel might the guy who has the most raw talent within the NXT roster. Why they would assign him to Matt Hardy (who can't even keep in shape) is beyond me. What is he going to learn from Matt Hardy? How to eat unhealthy, lose your girlfriend, have a mediocre singles career, or play second fiddle to your screw up of a brother.

Heath Slater came out and I had anger bubble inside of me. This guy is just a more homo version of the Brian Kendrick except he is not anywhere near as good as TBK. He beat Carlito in what can be described as an average match. I hate Slater's gimmick, his stupid hair flip, and the fact that he is paired with Christian, who should not be wasting his sage advice on this future jobber.

Darren Young had a backstage segment with the Straight Edge Society. At first, our savior completely ignored Young and his sinful lifestyle. However, the Pastor of Purity just couldn't stand by and let this young wrestler destroy his life. Our Straight Edge Savior told Darren Young that Straight Edge lifestyle could make everyone better. In other words, you better accept it or else. It's no secret that I love CM Punk, but he is just so damn skilled that it's impossible not to like him on some level. Anyway, I think Darren Young might be the 4th member of the Straight Edge Society. I think everyone wants to see his ridiculous hair get shaven. Plus, it would fit in with Punk's cult leader character.

After the recap of Raw, and plugging of Wrestlemania matches, the main even began. Before we do that, I want to commend the WWE production on the their video packages for Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker. they are absolutely amazing even by the WWE productions team's high standards. The choice of music is excellent as well. Whoever made the decision of using Aint No Grave by Johny Cash should be saluted. Hell, even the Placibo's cover of Running Up That Hill was a good choice for the equally excellent first package.

Alright back to the main event, and honestly there isn't much to say, since it only lasted 3 minutes. I can't really tell a lot except for saying Gabriel's 450 Splash is sweet. The best part of this match was Chris Jericho. He felt the need to go over to the announcer's table and tell everyone that Barrett's dismantling of Gabriel was his influence. He also told Michael Cole, he could do a much better job that him on commentary. I immediately marked out.

Seriously, Jericho could wrestle on Raw, Smackdown, Superstars, NXT, do commentary on Raw, NXT and still finish the sequel to his first book. He is just that awesome. Speaking of awesome, it was announced on NXT that the after a two year hiatus, the Highlight Reel will make it's return with Edge as the guest.

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