Tuesday, March 30, 2010

NXT Recap (3/30/10)

The last couple of NXT's had been pretty weak since the show was pretty much being used as extended advertisement for Wrestlemania 26. This week promised to be better as the Pros voted on the NXT Rookie Rankings. Did the show deliver on that promise? Read on to find out.

The show started off with Matt Striker in the ring and he welcomed and he called the rookies out, so they could get their rankings. Nice, we actually get the rankings out of the way early, I figured they would make us wait till the end of the show. The Rookies came out to the extremely annoying NXT theme. Our host (who recently got ripped a new asshole by popular ESPN writer, Bill Simmons) revealed that the Rookie, who eventually won NXT would get to face any champion of their choice. Furthermore, there would be another vote after six weeks, and whoever comes in last then, would be told to Get The Fuck Out. Politely, of course...

The Pro Rankings of the Rookie actually ended up being very surprising.
  1. Daniel Bryan
  2. Wade Barrett
  3. Justin Gabriel
  4. Heath Slater
  5. David Otunga
  6. Skip Sheffield
  7. Michael Tarver
  8. Darren Young
After finding out that he was listed as #8, Darren Young blamed it on his Pro CM Punk, and promised that the WWE Universe would see what he was about. Either Young has to accept the Straight Edge lifestyle or he won't be on NXT for much longer. I cannot wait for Punk and the SES to shave that awful hairdo, Darren is sporting.

Daniel Bryan was understandably ecstatic about ranked #1, but he also took the opportunity to call out Cole for his bullshit criticism of the American Dragon. He wasn't done either, since he took a shot at Otunga for not being able to wrestle, and only being on the show because his fiance (Jennifer Hudson) is famous. This is the best Danielson has been on mic in NXT, but it still wasn't that good. The guy just comes off as awkward on the mic, and the WWE should try to limit his mic time now and in the future.

I like these rankings, since they are progressing three storylines with these rankings. Darren Young is going to get increasingly desperate about getting kicked off, and is going to be forced to join the SES. Otunga feels slighted, and is going to work his ass off to prove, he is better than #5, and the MIz betetr watch out because Bryan is coming for that US Title soon. All this doesn't bode well for Skip Sheffield since he is going to "Yep Yep What It do" his ass out of NXT next time there is a vote.

Next up, there was a 8 man tag match featuring all the Pros. The Raw Pros featured Christian, The Miz, Carlito, Regal (has he been seen on Raw?) went against the Smackdown Pros who had CM Punk, R-Truth, Matt Hardy, and Chris Jericho. However, Jericho replaced himself with his rookie Wade Barrett, and joined Cole and Matthews on commentary. Hilarity followed as Chris Jericho ripped Michael Cole a new asshole with lines like "Your mediocrity won't rub off on me, Cole". He also put over Danielson, and Barrett, Miz, R-Truth, Christian and Punk while retaining his heel character. Seriously is there anything that this man is not capable of?

Also, Jericho seems a lot looser on the NXT commentary, and if you are fan of his comedy or the Y2J incarnation of his character, or you like listening to Cole getting ripped a new asshole (This is not a reference to Heidenreich's rape of Michael Cole, you sick fucks) you probably want to watch this match and listen to Jericho's excellence and his utter dismantling of Cole.

Christian, The Miz, Carlito, Regal vs. CM Punk, R-Truth, Matt Hardy, Wade Barrett
Surprisingly, this match went on for 16 minutes, and it was extremely entertaining. Regal got tagged into the match against the Straight Edge Savior, and actually got on his knees and begged for Punk to switch Rookies with him. I laughed.... a lot. This match also had Christian/Punk (easily the best part of the match) action in, which might or might not have led me to jizz in my pants. Look, if I have to put with all the other shit that the WWE puts out, I don't think it's too much to ask for a Christian vs Punk feud. Anyway, the ending saw Wade Barrett pin Christian after the World Heavyweight Champion distracted him. This was an entertaining match, which was improved by Jericho's commentary, so if you have a chance to check NXT out, do it.

Winners - CM Punk, R-Truth, Matt Hardy, Wade Barrett

The next segment saw a Raw recap with another excellent video package from Adam of Stanford. This was around HBK's farewell address, and once again Adam did a fantastic job. If TNA was smart, they would throw a boatload of cash Adam's way. Their production absolutely stinks, and Adam would go a long way in rectifying that.

8 Man Battle Royal featuring all the Rookies (Winner gets to host Raw next week) - I got excited when Christian's music hit, then I was disgusted when Heath Slater came out. No one should ever be excited to see that douche even under false pretenses. Once all the Rookies made it out, the math began. In a logical move (shocking isn't it?) the NXT rookies teamed up to eliminate Wade Barret, who had just upset Christian, and probably put himself on the fast track to # 1. During the commercial break, Skip Sheffield and Darren Young were eliminated. Once we came from commercials, Heath Slater took himself and Daniel Bryan out of the Battle Royal. Gabriel and Otunga faced off for a little while, but Gabriel got the upper hand, and followed it up with a 450 Splash. Unfortunately, he couldn't eliminate Otunga, in time. Jennifer Hudson's fiance rakes the eyes and threw Gabriel out. He will be hosting Monday Night Raw next week.

Winner - David Otunga

Otunga is a decent choice to host Raw
, but I feel Bryan would have been a better choice even with his problems on the mic.

A) His pro actually wrestles on Raw, which would have allowed him to fuck with the Miz (maybe something with the Hart Dynasty) and progressed their storyline.

B) If they are going with Bryan for US Championship angle (and it appears so) then he needs to get some exposure with the Raw audience, this would have been a good opportunity.

This was a far better outing for NXT then previous weeks. In fact, if you get the chance, I would actually suggest watching it.

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