Tuesday, March 9, 2010


This is my intro to Vintage blogs, Ill keep it short and sweet. I enjoy watching wrestling because it is entertaining, not because I think it is real. For all the people that feel obligated to constantly remind wrestling fans that it is fake, they know for God sake, so i would like to take that opportunity to say go jump in a frozen lake. Some of the topics I plan on addressing are the potential of stars such as the controlled frenzy and my personal favorite wrestler, Kofi Kingston, the Friday Night Delight, John Morrison, and of course who could forget the awesomeness of The Miz, and a few others. Also, I unlike the other two scumbags that write for this blog, like John Cena, and can not understand why people hate him so much. Also, the inability of the WWE to correctly push people. Furthermore I will tell you right now that, even though TNA is getting more talent and a new Monday night show, they still stand no chance against the behemoth that is the WWE. I will also discuss a range of other topics sporadically, so sit back and enjoy the ride.

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