Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bill Golberg in Negotiations with the WWE

Reports are coming in that Bill Goldberg is in negotiations to resign with the WWE. In fact, Bill Goldberg confirmed on his twitter account that he is attempting to make a comeback to the WWE with the following tweets:

YES.. I am in negotiations with the WWE. Looks like 'ole Hogan and TNA missed the boat. Shame for the fans they didn't even try.

Truth is I never thought I'd even consider it........then came my son

No one said I'd wrestle but the door is open
Honestly, this news is pretty surprising considering that both the WWE and Goldberg have ripped Goldberg's career in the WWE. WWE actually admitted that they piped in the "Goldberg" chants during Bill's tenure in the WWE. Goldberg responded in kind referring to the WWE as that "that crappy place" and he didn't exactly have the kindest things to say about Vince either. In 2009, Goldberg was asked whether he would consider getting in the ring again, and his response was:

"Indies I would do in a heartbeat, but I wouldn't work for Vince McMahon if he was the last motherfucker on earth".
Goldberg never clarified what his exact role in the company would, but Good Ol' JR sheds some light on it on his blog :

Bill Goldberg reports that he is negotiating with WWE but my best guess is that it's not about a return to the ring. Bill is a smart entrepreneur and the former Tulsa Edison and University of Georgia football star likely is looking at doing a marketing deal with WWE that might include video games, possible WWE HOF Induction next year in Atlanta, and merchandise sales. It sounds like a win/win for both parties. I really don't know what the potential deal is as I found out about it from reading the internet which reported Goldberg's Twitter statement. Nonetheless after being involved in several of these type deals, I can see where both parties can benefit from an arrangement. Goldberg gets the opportunity to earn additional cash without putting his body thru hell and he gets some nice exposure for his various TV vehicles. The WWE could monetize Goldberg's likeness in a variety of ways. Is it possible for Goldberg to come back and perform in a "farewell bout" in the Georgia Dome next year at WM27? It's possible one has to assume.

Whether he steps into the ring or not, one thing is for sure, Bret Hart needs to watch himself.

Let's take a look back at Bill Goldberg's career in the WWE

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